Friday Feast: Tutto Gusto

When I heard a new wine bar was opening in Epcot I was very excited.  Barry and I love this kind of food.  There are many nights that we will have a simple meal of bread, cheese, various meats and salad.  So I knew that eating here was a definite priority on my last trip to the World.

We had been at Star Wars Weekends since 7:30 am, so we were hungry before lunch time.  We headed over to Tutto Gusto a little before they open at 11:30 am.

The restaurant is very dark and the decor is rustic Italian like something you would expect to find in a small village in Tuscany.  My favorite feature was the chandelier over the bar that was made out of numerous wine bottles.  It’s stunning.

Main Dining Area
Wine Bottle Chandelier

Ok, now let’s get to the food.  The deliciously simple food.  When you first walk into the restaurant, you will see the the glowing case of veggies, cheese, cured meats, and mouth watering desserts.  What to choose??

Display Case of Goodness
Cold Antipasto Options

We were the first people there, so we had our choice of table.  We ordered a glass of wine and agonized over the menu.  Everything we saw in the display case was on the menu, along with a few pasta dishes and paninis (mini sandwiches, not the grilled sandwiches).  After much agonizing, we opted for the Chef’s Selection of Four meats and cheeses, the Bufala Mozzarella & Pomodoro panini, the Robiolo & White Truffle Crema panini, and Asparagi Bianchi (white asparagus).

Everything was fantastic.  The asparagus was perfectly tender and was tossed with parmesan, parsley, lemon and olive oil.  So simple, but so flavorful.

White Asparagus with Parmesan

The paninis didn’t skimp on the cheese, but the bread was a little strange.  There was a lot of excess on the sides.  My favorite was the Robiola, which I love.  It’s a creamy, flavorful cheese.  There was supposed to be a white truffle crema on the panini, but I didn’t taste it.  Maybe the cheese is too strong for subtle white truffles.  The one thing that disappointed me about this dish was the salad.  The menu said it came with an arugula salad, which would’ve been a nice accompaniment simply tossed with lemon.  Instead, the salad was romaine with a heavy dressing and was nothing spectacular.


Lastly was the Chef’s Selection of meats and cheeses which came with Prosciutto di Parma, Salametto (a hard salami), Parmagiano-Reggiano, and Fior di Latte (fresh mozzarella).  This plate offered a nice variety of flavors, but I would’ve opted for a different cheese than the Parmagiano-Reggiano.  It is a very strong cheese and they give you a large quantity.  We had a lot left over at the end of the meal.

Chef’s Selection of Meats & Cheeses

And let’s not forget about the dessert…oh the dessert!  This was the highlight of the meal.  We ordered the Tiramisu and a Cannoli.  Both were phenomenal.  The tiramisu was light and just melted in my mouth.  The cannoli was the clear winner!  The shell was crisp and the creamy filling had the perfect tang from the marscapone and a nice sweetness from the chocolate chips inside.  I could’ve eaten 5 more!

Cannoli & Tiramisu

Tutto Gusto will definitely be on my must do list for future trips to Walt Disney World.  I love the small plates and the ability to have tastes of numerous items.  And then there are the cannolis, you will dream about them.  This is a fantastic addition to the World Showcase restaurants in Epcot and I hope Disney continues to revamp the other restaurants with the same quality as Tutto Gusto.

Have you visited Tutto Gusto?  What is your favorite dish?

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