CSA Saturday (Sunday): Week 1

Apologies for getting this out a little late due to the craziness of my week, which you will hear about later in my weekly review.  Now on to the veggies!!

Last week was full of delicious salads from that GIANT head of lettuce I received for our preview week.  It was delicious and I knew this year’s CSA was not going to disappoint.  The great thing about my farm is that they send out weekly emails about what to expect in your baskets this week and also include recipes on how to use your items.  This is so helpful when you are faced with something you are not familiar with.  Here was a small part of the email from this week:

Week one kicks off with a slightly smaller basket than future weeks will yield but “the fields” have dictated we start a week earlier than expected. You can look forward to a fairly “green” week as most of the early summer crop produces a share rich in greens. We’ve included a few recipes to get you started. Get your “Italian” out because broccoli rabe and escarole are coming to dinner.

Ok, smaller basket.  I figured that was great since I wasn’t going to be home all weekend.  But that’s not what I found when I arrived to pick up my veggies on Friday.  Look at the size of this!

Broccoli Rabe, Escarole, Lacinato Kale, Spinach, Red Leaf Lettuce

The photo doesn’t do justice to the size of the escarole.  It’s roughly the size of a large dinner platter you would serve your Thanksgiving turkey on!

I’ve very thankful for the recipes this week since I’m not very familiar with escarole or what to do with it.  I know it’s slightly bitter and good in soups…that is all.  The recipes included were:

  • Fusilli Pasta with Broccoli Rabe, Garlic and Tomato Wine Sauce
  • Italian Sausage with Farfalle Pasta and Broccoli Rabe
  • Classic Escarole and Beans
  • Old World Escarole and Beans
  • Dad’s Escarole and Bean Soup

I think I’m going to try the Old World Escarole and Beans because it includes bacon and everything is better with bacon.  The broccoli rabe with definitely be paired with some sausage, either on a pizza or with pasta.  Not sure about the kale yet, but I’m thinking soup.  I have this great recipe for a chicken, kale and almond butter soup.  Yes, I know it sounds strange, but it is absolutely delicious.  The spinach will find its way into many dishes.  Omelets, smoothies, sautés…you name it!  And then of course there will be more salads with the lettuce.

I’m so excited about my first week and I can’t wait to start cooking!!

What would you make with this basket?

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