RAD Reads & Weekly Review: May 27, 2012

It’s been an amazing week.  Our vacation at Vero Beach was absolutely amazing!  Just look at the view from our cottage!

Paradise in Vero Beach

It was a great place to relax and catch up on some reading.  I found some of these RAD Reads while I was there that I hope you will enjoy.

Running Posts
Meals & Moves shares an inspiring guest post from Kristen who underwent an amazing 12 week transformation.  

Dr. Rachel Runs had a great run at the Navigant Credit Union Cherry Tree Running Festival.  There was pizza at the finish line!

Sweat Once a Day is training for an Ultra.  You go girl!

Disney Posts
Studios Central gives an awesome comparison of Star Wars Weekends and Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival….two of my favorite events!

Walt Disney World for Grown Ups reveals the possibility of a nighttime safari at Animal Kingdom.  This would be so fun!

The Disney Food Blog provides great tips on how to enjoy the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.  It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

Weekly Review
Well, the best plans sometimes never work out.  I had every intention of keeping up with my training while on vacation, but much needed relaxation and fun with my friends got in the way.  But I did get in some exercise in the form of swimming, which is new for me.  That undercurrent is STRONG in the Atlantic and after and hour in the water on our first day at Vero Beach, I was exhausted.  What a great full body work out!

Here is my week in training:
Sunday: Rest
Monday: Swimming in the ocean – 1 hour…serious cardio
Tuesday: Swimming in the ocean – 30 minutes…light cardio
Wednesday: Walking around WDW – approx. 1 mile
Thursday: Spinning – 1 hour
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest
(In an effort to get these posts out earlier in the day, I’m going to cover my training from Sunday to Saturday going forward.)

Yes, I know there is a lot of rest in there.  Motivation has been an issue coming off of vacation.  I also have the Virginia Wine County Half Marathon next weekend.  I am really worried about injuring myself before the race, which I think is a main reason for my lack of training.  Probably not the best idea right?  I ran my last race injured and I want to run this one strong.  I’ve been keeping my cardio up with Spinning, but I know that’s no substitute for running.  I will definitely be going out for a run tomorrow, and the goal is somewhere between 8 and 10 miles.  Fingers crossed it goes well 🙂

Today I visited a new running store called Sound Runner in Branford, CT and had a fantastic experience!  Everyone in the store was very friendly and helpful.  I was in search of calf compression sleeves because my calves seem to take the longest to recovery after long runs.  It took about 5 days to get back to normal after the Princess Half in February and I don’t want to go through that pain again next weekend.  I tried on numerous brands and settled on the Zoot Ultra CompressRx.  They were about twice the price of the other brands, but the compression is AMAZING!  The others I tried on felt like regular knee socks after wearing these.  I’m excited to see how they work out!

While at the store, a pair of flip flops caught my eye.  I’ve never seen the brand OluKai before, but my life was changed once I put a pair on.  These are the most amazingly comfortable sandals I have ever worn.  The foot bed is made of memory foam and are based on their wet sand principle where the shoe supports and contours to your foot.  The arch support on these sandals is also incredible, something that is hard to find in your regular flip flop.  I think the combination of the compression sleeves and these sandals will make for optimal recovery after next week’s half.  I’m sure it will be an attractive look, so I will make sure to post some pics 😉

So in next week’s review I will hopefully have a glowing report from Virginia.  Wish me luck and I’ll see ya at the finish line!

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  • That is the running store I go to all the time. They are aqesime there! Preston, Julie , Gretchen (i think is her name). they are all super nice and love to run. they have group runs that leave from their store and run through Branford as well. I haven’t done that yet since I like to run from my front door. You will love your compression socks.

  • I love those flip flops! I went to Sound Runner yesterday and told them you were there and recommended them. I also told them you mentioned them in your blog! The shoes are great!

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