20th Walt Disney World Marathon Course Released!

runDisney just released the new course map for the 20th Walt Disney World Marathon on January 13, 2013!  This is a brand new course and it looks so fun!  Check out this AMAZING video that was just released that virtually takes you through the course!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q26awn-I_Xc&w=560&h=315]

As in every year, the race will take you through all 4 theme parks, but there are some new additions to the 2013 course!

  • Enter the Magic Kingdom Earlier.  In past year’s, runners would go through Epcot first on one of two courses and then meet back up on Epcot Center Drive before heading to the Magic Kingdom.  Now it looks like you will be heading straight there, similar to the Half Marathon course.
  • Walt Disney World Speedway.  For the first time ever, runners will get to run through the speedway and be right on the race track.  We’ve been assured there will be no cars out during the race 🙂
  • ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.  Following in the footsteps of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler, the marathon will also be running through the many stadiums and fields of the complex.
  • 20-Mile Spectacular.  Taking place at Champion Stadium at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, this promises to be amazing.  Disney is famous for their entertainment on the course and I’m sure they will be going all out for the 20-mile celebration for the 20th anniversary!

Here is an image of the actual map:

2013 Walt Disney World Marathon Course

To compare, here is the 2012 map:

2012 Walt Disney World Marathon Course

I’ve been debating for some time now on if I should make this race my first marathon.  The 20 year celebration is drawing me in and this video just got me really excited!  I’m going to see how my next half goes in 2 weeks and then I will make my decision.

What do you think of the new course?  Are you running in 2013?

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  • OMG! I just came home from Disney yesterday and the whole time I was there I was looking at the roads and parks and thinking that I really need to run a race here. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do the half marathon at marathon weekend or a Princess Half in February. Now I am torn to want to do the full in January instead!

  • This course looks awesome! Running my first marathon in NYC in November, and going Goofy for 2013, so I don’t know what to expect, either. I did the half and the relay in January and I was totally jealous of all of the Goofy medals I saw. LOL!

    Do it!!! Can’t think of a better place to run your first, right? Plus, I think a lot of people are picking this year to do their first WDW Marathon since it’s the anniversary. Good luck!

  • This will be my third WDW Goofy and I have to say that I am so excited about the changes in this course. No more going through Epcot twice, running the speedway and WWoS…Love that Animal Kingdom is the half way point now – maybe I’ll be able to enjoy this park more now.


  • I had heard that the new course was cutting out Animal Kingdom and Disney Hollywood Studios and was so sad! Looks like it does still go through those parks! Was debating 2014 but may try to do 2013 for the 20th 🙂 Also debating goofy (eek!)

    • That would be really sad if they cut out those 2 parks, but it looks like they are still there! I hope to see you in January…that 20th medal is what pushed me to do it 🙂

  • I’m in for 2013 Goofy!! Did WDW Marathon in 2010 and it is still by far my most fun marathon to date….looking forward to the new route and being part of the 20th!!

  • HI, I came across your site looking for the date for Disney 2014 – I am planning it for my 50th bday. I am looking for all the info needed as I am sending this out to many people to join me. Any help will be appreciated! and good luck on your run!

    • What a great way to celebrate your 50th birthday!
      While actually dates have not been confirmed or announced yet, I would assume that WDW Marathon weekend will take place January 10-13, 2014 based on prior years. Right now I would familiarize yourself with all of the various happenings that go on during race weekend. You can find this on http://www.rundisney.com and I will definitely be providing all of the details here on RAD. 2013 will be my first time participating in the full WDW Marathon so there will be a lot of info leading up to the race, and I will definitely have recaps afterwards.

  • Just ran across your blog looking for past marathon courses. Everyone says Disney puts on a great race. But can anyone tell me how/why that is? I love all things Disney, but I’m fearful of those late miles in the marathon! Bad experience from a previous race! 😉 just looking for info from people who’ve run Disney races!

    • Hey Carrie! Welcome to RAD 🙂
      I think what makes runDisney races stand out from other races is the entertainment. They know how to keep you occupied and moving forward during those difficult miles. The volunteers are also amazing and know how to support all of the runners. If you’re a Disney lover, you will definitely enjoy running through the parks and seeing many of the backstage areas.
      There is a lot of information here on RAD and make sure to read the comments on many of the posts for feedback from other runners. Also check out my Facebook page for more interaction!

  • Is there a course elevation available anywhere? What parts are “hilly”? Its my first 26.2 and I have chosen to initiate with Disney. Can’t wait!!

  • love the disney races. Have done 10+ marathons there. Including 1st goofy. I do remember back in the late ’90 we did run the race track. I was sad when it stopped as it was a fun part. I guess they can do Magic Kindom earlier with the staggered start. Hope not too busy as best part. see you there in a few days

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