Expedition Everest Challenge

Tonight is the Expedition Everest Challenge!  This is a race like no other at Walt Disney World.  One that I have yet to run and can’t wait to experience one day!

This is a unique experience as it combines a 5K with obstacles and a scavenger hunt.  Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt?!  Oh wait…I’m having flashbacks to the sweatfest otherwise know as the Destination D Scavenger Hunt of 2011.  No one loved that event.

Anyways, this race is a night race which gives a very unique perspective on Animal Kingdom.  The park isn’t open at night very often and is something I’ve always wanted to see.

Tree of Life at night…Gorgeous!

What makes this race different from a normal 5k is that it incorporates obstacles along the way.  Prior years have included hay bale hurdles, a tire run and a rope climb.  They aren’t too difficult as this is a family event, but just give a little extra challenge.

Expedition Everest Challenge Map
click for larger version

One of the coolest aspects of this race are the medals.  I think this is probably the best race medal I’ve ever seen and spectacular for a 5K.  It’s an actual compass!!

I want one of these!

After the race and the scavenger hunt, Animal Kingdom stays open until 1:00 am for a post-race party!  Family and friends can celebrate with the racers and experience favorite attractions.  Dinosaur, Kali River Rapids (to wash off the sweat) and of course Expedition Everest will all be open.

Only Disney could provide such a fun and unique race experience.  For a great recap of last year’s race, check out my friend Amanda’s experience.

Good luck to all the racers tonight, especially my friends Cindy and Kristen who are running their first 5K!  Hopefully I’ll be able to join you next year.  Oh and beware of the Yeti!

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