A Lack of Motivation…The Guilt

It’s one of those days.  You know, the one where you wake up with the best of intentions and things don’t turn out as planned.  The days where the motivation to exercise simply doesn’t exist.  We all have them and today was my day.  After a long day of meetings and planning for two conferences I have coming up, I was spent.  Plus I didn’t have my afternoon green tea, which usually gets me through evening exercises.  Oh and I had to go grocery shopping…blech.

By the time I got home, the last thing I wanted to do was run the 3 miles I had planned.  The whole drive home I kept telling myself “you  have to go run, you’re training for a half marathon.”  But that didn’t seem to matter, my body was not having it.  All I wanted to do was get in my comfy clothes and make an awesome dinner, which is something that always relaxes me.  Oh the guilt.  I’m part Irish so I do guilt well, even if it’s against myself.  I feel like I let myself down.

My next half marathon is 5 1/2 weeks away and I don’t have time to waste.  Training needs to be a priority.  How do I get motivated on days like this?!  I know, I know…I shouldn’t beat myself up about it.  I look back at myself from 7 months ago and I wouldn’t have event considered going out for a walk any day of the week, let alone a run!  And it’s not like I’ve been a total slacker, my last rest day was Friday after all.  So why do I still feel so guilty?!

I want to hear from you.  How do you stay motivated?  Do you experience “the guilt”?  What things do you do to keep your energy and drive intact?     

So my new goal is to go to bed early and get those 3 miles in tomorrow morning before work.  I can totally do that!  I hope…

On the bright side, I did make this fab dinner tonight.  Spinach stuffed chicken with tomato eggplant sauce and roasted broccoli…YUM!

Why does it seem like RAD is turning into a food blog?? 😉

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  • It never hurts to have a rest evening. Enjoy and start again tomorrow. I take at least one night a week off for rest.

  • Hi Sarah! I am pretty diligent about keeping up with my schedule, so unless I am feeling really crappy I usually push myself to get out there anyway. Once I am dressed and have my shoes on and start moving, I do get more energy and then feel better overall that I did accomplish something. However, sometimes you need to listen to your body; which is something that I am also learning how to do. You have your focus and you know what you have to do because you did sign up for a race so I believe you won’t skip work outs all the time. So go easy on yourself.

  • I do guilt well too, but sometimes life takes over or I just have one of those days as well. If I can’t give my all to the workout it can be better to skip it because I’ll end up frustrated with myself in the end.

    Motivation is something I am struggling with right now as I’m having a tough time with the work situation and other things and I’m just trying to figure out how to get back on track.

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