RAD Reads & Weekly Review – April 15, 2012

For my 50th post (how did I get to 50 already?!), I wanted to introduce a new weekly column!  Not only am I a blogger, but I’m an avid blog reader.  There are so many fascinating bloggers out there and I want YOU to know about them!  So I’ve decided to start RAD Reads to fill you in on some of the great contributions from both the running and the Disney communities.  I hope you will find them all as insightful as I do!
Every Sunday, you will also find my Weekly Review which will cover my week in terms of training, nutrition, etc…  I’ve found that the best way to stay motivated is to be held accountable for what I do.  What better way to be accountable than to post it out here on the internets?!  Feel free to yell at me for slacking…

It’s tax day…the most dreaded day of the year!  So why not turn that frown upside down with some RAD Reads from this week?!

Running Posts
Ben Does Life talks about his running journey.  It is truly inspirational!  Yes, this isn’t exactly from this week, but you NEED to read this.

Dr. Rachel Runs has some requests from the back of the pack.  This is something I  (and I know many of you) relate to 100%.

Eat. Sleep. Run. Disney. provides a great recap of the marathon portion of her Goofy/Dopey journey in January 2012.  Makes me want to sign up for 2013!

Adventures with Alexandra recaps her recent Color Run!  This race looks so fun, but so bad for your sinuses.

The Wannabe Athlete talks about how to get your running mojo back.  Advice I need on a regular basis.

Disney Posts
This Happy Place Blog has been dedicating this month to Animal Kingdom Appreciation!  This week they spend 8 hours in Animal Kingdom with a great 1, 2, 3 part series!

Studios Central discusses Guest Automation at Walt Disney World.  A very insightful look at how Disney manipulates the crowds.

Disney Hipster Blog celebrates their 200th post with a fantastic display of original Disney content.

Walt Disney World for Grownups shares some great Disney apps for your iPhone.

Disney Parks Blog shows us an awesome time lapse video of the Fantasyland expansion.  Can’t wait!

Weekly Review
So now on to the weekly review…hmmm what to say about this week.  All cardio, all the time??  If you’ve followed my training on DailyMile, you’ll know that I find weight training insanely boring.  I know it’s necessary, but ugh I just couldn’t get it done this week.  I even set my alarm on Friday to get up early for arms & core exercises, then promptly reset the alarm went it went off.  How do you spice up a toning workout??  Help!

So here is my week in training:
Monday: Spinning – 1 hour
Tuesday: 3.1 mile run
Wednesday: Spinning – 1 hour
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Unplanned rest…fail!
Saturday: 5.1 mile run
Sunday: 1.5 hours of yard work

What an amazing weekend for a run!  The temperature was in the 60s and 70s with a light breeze that kept me cool.  I ran past the farm where my CSA is to check on the progress of my veggies.  Lettuce is coming in…I will be eating a lot of that soon!

Baby Lettuce at Robert Treat Farm

I ran for about a mile along the shoreline.  Every time I see this view, I feel so fortunate to live in this gorgeous area.  I love the CT Shoreline!

My goal for the coming week is to really focus on my nutrition.  I’m pretty good with staying healthy during the week, but my weekends fall to the wayside.  This weekend I had Mexican, homemade pizza, and chocolate chip cookies…not so healthy.  But it sure was good 🙂

Chicken Enchilada & Beef Taco with Rice & Beans
Sausage, Broccoli Rabe & Fresh Ricotta Pizza...YUM!
Hope you have a great week!

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