Even though I no longer live in New Jersey, I will never forget the many New York Giants games I attended in my youth in the swamps of NJ.  My dad is a die hard fan and the Big Blue have been in my blood since birth.  Last night’s game was a tension convention, but they pulled through and once again beat the Patriots!

And what better place for Eli Manning, the game MVP, to celebrate his victory than at Walt Disney World!?!  This year marked the 25th anniversary of the famous “I’m Going to Disney World” commercial that always airs after the Super Bowl featuring the MVP.  Most fitting is that the first commercial aired in 1987 featuring Phil Simms after the Giants first ever Super Bowl win.  Manning was honored in a special afternoon parade today down Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom that was surrounded by much fanfare.

Here’s wishing a big congratulations to the New York Giants and Eli Manning for their HUGE win against the New England Patriots!!  Oh, and a I’d also like to congratulate my Dad on all of his years of dedicated fandom and for making it through the game without passing out 🙂

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