I Made It Through The Magic Kingdom!

Today was my farthest run to date…6.5 miles!  This is just about the halfway point for a half marathon, so needless to say it’s a huge accomplishment for me.  It was cold and very windy today.  On the way out I had the wind at my back and unfortunately this meant the wind was in my face for the trip home.  It was like being in one of those pools where the water rushes at you and you swim stationary, except it was piercingly cold and uncomfortable.  I also don’t think it helped that the majority of my run was right along the Connecticut shoreline, so the wind was whipping off the Long Island Sound.  But it sure was beautiful.

When I got home I had to check the course map for the Princess Half Marathon and guess what…today I made it through the Magic Kingdom!  From the looking at the map, I think I’ve made it just to the water station between miles 6 and 7.  Unbelievable! 

If you would’ve asked me 3 months ago today when I was running the Disney Halloween 5K if I’d ever make it to 6.5 miles, I would’ve laughed in your face.  I struggled though every second of that race and felt that there was no way I could run more than 3.1 miles.  I thought everyone running the Wine & Dine Half Marathon that night was crazy!  That was until I saw my good friends Amanda & Sarah-Irene cross the finish line.  They inspired me to start this journey and keep motivating me to run farther.  Now look at me,  I’ve made it through Cinderella’s Castle and I couldn’t be more excited!  All that lies ahead is World Drive to Epcot.  Long long long World Drive…

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