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The Inaugural Glass Slipper Challenge Part I – Disney Enchanted 10K


When your flight gets indefinitely delayed the afternoon before you are about to take on a back to back race challenge, the panic begins to set in.  Will I make it?  Will I have to forego my registration for the first race?  Most importantly…will my vacation be cut short?!?

I found myself in this exact predicament on the Friday before I was about to take on the Glass Slipper Challenge during Princess Half Marathon Weekend.  A thick fog had rolled into White Plains, NY and no planes were landing or taking off from our tiny little airport.  Our plane was diverted to Syracuse and we were patiently waiting for the fog to clear so it could come pick us up and take us to warmer climates.  Sigh…  After about 5 hours of waiting at the airport and frantic texts to Amanda who was waiting patiently to pick us up in Orlando, B and I finally got on the plane and headed south.

By the time we landed, grabbed a bite to eat, got to our hotel, unpacked and settled in, it was about 11:30 pm…MUCH later than I would’ve liked given that my alarm was set to go off at 3:30 am the next morning for the Enchanted 10K.  Luckily we had thought ahead and I had Amanda pick up my race packet earlier that day…phew!

We wearily rolled out of bed, got dressed in record time and headed over to Epcot for day 1 of the Glass Slipper Challenge.  Because we didn’t have time to stop at the store the night before, I didn’t have any food to fuel up with that morning and I was starving.  Thankfully there were food trucks!  I grabbed a banana and was good to go…I don’t know how that egg and cheese bagel would’ve sat during a 10K!

01 Enchanted 10K

03 Enchanted 10K

02 Enchanted 10K

We arrived very close to the start time so after inhaling the banana and making a quick pit stop, we headed into our corral.  I have to admit, I wasn’t feeling great about this race.  I had hoped to be better rested, but things don’t always go as planned.  So we decided that we were going to tackle the Inaugural Enchanted 10K with smiles on our faces no matter what!

All of a sudden, our corral was moving, fireworks were going off and the race had begun!

05 Enchanted 10K

The first half of the course was boooooooring.  These are always the most difficult miles for me as I get moving and all I kept thinking about was how I couldn’t wait to get into World Showcase.  However we did see Elsa from Frozen soon we left the starting line…

06 Enchanted 10K

And the sight of  thousands of runners pouring out of the Epcot toll booths was pretty cool…

07 Enchanted 10K

But that was about it until…

08 Enchanted 10K

Yay!  World Showcase Lagoon!  Can you see the humidity in the air?  Yowza

From here on, the race was a blast!  There were sights to see and characters everywhere.

09 Enchanted 10K

010 Enchanted 10K

011 Enchanted 10K

012 Enchanted 10K

I even snuck in a photo with my favorite character Marie without standing in line!  Amanda has all the tricks 😉

A quick tour around the Boardwalk and Crescent Lake made for very tempting pit stops…

013 Enchanted 10K

I said hi to a few friends, including my girl Cindy, in front of the Beach Club before heading back into Epcot and back out into the parking lot for the big finish.

014 Enchanted 10K

And like that we were done!  It started sprinkling very soon after we crossed the finish line, so we grabbed our medals and made a bee line for the car.

015 Enchanted 10K

This was my first 10K at Walt Disney World and I really do love the distance.  I’m so glad that they have added this to many of the race weekends.  It’s challenging and can be completed fairly quickly, but there really needs to be some sort of entertainment added to Epcot Center Drive…that long stretch was painfully boring.  Plus with the shorter distance, you still have a fair amount of energy left over to get some good park touring in after the race.  I headed over to Animal Kingdom for a few hours to say hi to some animals and get in some fun character time.



Later that day we headed to the Osceola County Fair to support Amanda’s daughter at the steer auction.  It was actually a really fun experience for this Northeast city girl!  The big bonus was that I got to hold her 2 week old goat!!  I look like a crazy person…


After the fair we went to Splitsville for dinner where the service was severely lacking, but the food was good.  We also stopped in the new Fit2Run store in Downtown Disney for some KT Tape.  That place is nice…definitely check it out next time you are in the area.

Day 1 of the Glass Slipper Challenge complete!  We headed to bed fairly early to get ready for day 2…my 3rd Princess Half Marathon!

Disclosure: I was invited to attend the entire weekend as media.  My hotel expenses were provided by Disney.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own and I am 100% obsessed with runDisney events.

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Inaugural Walt Disney World Minnie Mouse 10K Race Recap

10Ks are a great race distance.  More challenging than a 5K, but not as big of a commitment as a half marathon.  It’s a great next step for beginner runners who are looking to take it up a notch.  I’m so glad runDisney added this distance to the race roster and Ashley is here to give us a recap of the inaugural Walt Disney World 10K over Marathon Weekend.  It looked like it was a great time and I love those Minnie medals!


Soon after running the Disney Princess Half Marathon, I started signing up for more-and-more long-distance races, and I nervously signed up to run the 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon. At the same time, I was excited to see that the weekend was featuring an inaugural 10k spotlighting Minnie Mouse herself! I knew I had to do it. (Hubby and I each picked 2 races for the weekend. He chose to train for the Goofy Challenge.)

I was looking forward to every aspect of our trip: the flight, the Expo, the 10k, Magic Kingdom, the half, Downtown Disney, the full, and a celebratory dinner at ‘Ohana, all of which I’ll be recapping on my blog, Running MOMmentum. Check back for updates!

{What I ate} Although we had made 3 ADRs for our trip, we didn’t really have plans for dinner Thursday night other than finding something at our resort, Pop Century. After a full day of traveling and walking around ESPN for the Expo, we were ravenous! As luck would have it, Wide World of Sports was offering a runners’ special of chicken alfredo penne pasta with a side of bread – just steps outside of Expo in the HP Field House and where Jeff Galloway was speaking! The food was quick, yummy, affordable, and the perfect carb-load! On Friday morning, I opted for a Zone bar and some Gatorade that my husband had whipped up from an airport-friendly powder mix.

{What I wore} I bought a new hot pink tank from Lululemon and paired it with purple C9 running shorts that I found on clearance at Target just in time for the race! I also sported a purple SweatyBand thin glittery headband, pearl earrings, hot pink Mizuno Wave Inspire 9s, a black and hot pink SPIBelt, and Brooks running socks. Oh and loads of (pink) KT tape on my feet.

Call me crazy, but I woke up at 2:30 on race morning to STRAIGHTEN MY HAIR. If you have curly hair like me, you can relate. (But of course, in the humid Florida air, it was curly again by the time the race started!)

Catching the shuttle from Pop Century to Epcot was no problem – I was at Epcot by 4:07 AM. I’m not sure how they assigned the corrals for this race, but I found mine pretty easily (there were only 5, A-E). My sister was in a different corral with her friends, and I headed over to wish them luck before the race. I ended up deciding to tag along with them for the run, knowing that they wanted to take it super easy before the marathon on Sunday. I knew it’d be more fun to run this race in a group.

Picture 1 - Minnie 10k - Ashley

Just before it was our turn to run at 6 AM, I got a phone call from the superintendent of the school system where I work as a School Counselor. He was calling to notify us that schools were on a 2-hour delay due to icy roads! I had to laugh to myself, as I wore my shorts and tank top.

Picture 2 - Minnie 10k - Ashley

True to the character of runDisney, each corral started with a beautiful crisscross of shimmery fireworks.

We were off and running! The group was taking it slowly to save energy for the marathon, so I took their cue and used the time to enjoy the race. I ran holding a camera in each hand – my Canon S90 in my right hand, my iPhone in my left. These helped me remember specific details, mile markers, and times.

Picture 3 - Minnie 10k - Ashley

Despite holding two cameras, there wasn’t much to photograph until Mile 3 at Epcot. Most of the race before Epcot was all highway, with one photo stop with Peter Pan and Wendy that we skipped. Soon we were entering World Showcase, which was a photo op in-and-of itself! We stopped to admire the gorgeous golden lights reflecting from World Showcase onto the lagoon.

Picture 4 - Minnie 10k - Ashley

Picture 5 - Minnie 10k - Ashley

France is still one of my favorite backdrops in World Showcase. I remember stopping there for chocolate croissants last year with my family and then-7-month-old son, whom I nursed on a park bench outside the patisserie. I just love the fountains!

Picture 6 - Minnie 10k - Ashley

Goofy was positioned soon after, but we didn’t stop to wait in line. He was, oddly enough, wearing a football uniform. (Reason?) After finishing Mile 5, I scoped out the Epcot resorts sprinkled around the boardwalk, toeing the sand and once again not believing my luck that I was not back in icy Virginia!

Picture 7 - Minnie 10k - Ashley

The race path took us under the monorail line and behind a photo spot with Chip ‘n Dale, whom we’d see after both the half and full marathons later that weekend. Spaceship Earth came into perfect view and Mile 5 turned into Mile 6 right afterward.

Picture 8 - Minnie 10k - Ashley

At that point, I recognized the large puppets from the Princess Half, which were leftover from the Mile 20 celebration at Disney Marathon Weekend 2013. I spotted Genie and Lumiere, but not Sebastian. The gospel choir was also conspicuously missing from the 10k, although they reappeared for the longer races.

Picture 9 - Minnie 10 - Ashley

I’m always excited to see the finish line, but Disney races are so exciting that it’s also sad for them to be over! We began the final 0.2 mile stretch toward the finish line and decided to cross all together in a straight line. And finish we did! We were handed our medals, which felt very unceremonious to me.

Picture 10 - Minnie 10k - Ashley

Picture 11 - Minnie 10k - Ashley

We met the rest of our boys at the finish line – they had found each other after finishing the 10k leg of Dopey. runDisney had food for us – bananas, a food box (with handles!), water, and Powerade. The food box selections remained identical for every race over the four-day race weekend. It contained: Ocean Spray Craisins, a FreshNap wipe, a tub of Hickory Farms White Cheddar, Skittles (almost my whole bag was yellow!), a Builder’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar, almond pops with blueberries, and sea salt corn chips.

Picture 12 - Minnie 10k - Ashley

I took one picture of Minnie after the race but decided to bypass her line, since I knew I’d see her at Magic Kingdom later that day. We soon hopped onto our shuttle back to Pop Century so that we could shower and snack a bit before reapplying our sunscreen and heading out to Magic Kingdom for the day!

Picture 13 - Minnie 10k - Ashley


I’m so excited to be writing a race recap for Running at Disney today! I’m Ashley, and I blog over at Running MOMentum. I’m an elementary school counselor by day, but when I am home, I’m a cloth-diapering, nursing, babywearing mommy to my sweet boy. My husband and I are living in a toddler’s world! Blogging is my way of processing and reflecting on my experiences and relishing in the loves of my life – my faith, my family, my friends, and my experiences!

I ran cross country in high school but took a hiatus after a spinal fusion, and only recently returned to running about a year before my son was born. My favorite races have been at Disney – the 2013 Princess Half Marathon, the 2014 Inaugural Minnie 10k, and the 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon! You might also catch me taking pictures, writing, finding freebies, attempting to cook, attending Bible study, scouring Pinterest, and scrolling through Bloglovin. Virginia has always been home to me, my husband, our son, and our sprightly Jack Russell Terrier, Scout.

2013 Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Race Recap: A West Coast Point of View

I was lucky to get to know Kinnereth Jory, a California native and Disneyland regular, as I was getting ready for the Disneyland Half Marathon this year.  She had some GREAT tips for touring Disneyland for me!  So I was happy to return the favor when she was coming with her fiancee Andy to WDW for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon.  Kinnereth and Andy put together this fun Hers & His recap of the race…check it out!

Hello, readers of Running At Disney! Sarah asked us to share our race recap from a “Disneyland goer” point of view and we are so happy to share with all of you.

Kinnereth & Andy

Kinnereth & Andy!

Overall Impressions

Hers:  Disney World is so large!  I had been for the 2012 Princess Half Marathon (my second half and first Coast to Coast) but I forgot how large the property is in general.  We always tried to allow at least 20 minutes for shuttles (we stayed on property) and an hour to arrive at our destination (including possible walking).

We arrived from CA Saturday morning (I do NOT recommend this).  We were able to check in and nap before heading to the expo. runDisney in FL was very organized.  We were able to get to the expo on Saturday afternoon, change Andy’s corral, and exchange my shirt—all in less than an hour!  We lunched and rested for a bit before heading to the race start.

I had done extensive research by reading race recaps from prior years so that we would know what to expect.  I think this really helped us be prepared! Here are the tips we appreciated most: eat lunch and then lighter snacks leading up to race, be sure to rest and nap the day of the race, pack a check-bag with dry clothes for the after party, pack baby wipes for said changing.

His:  I’m originally from Ohio, so I had been to WDW more than Disneyland up until a year or so ago… but that was back in 1985 or so when there was just Magic Kingdom and EPCOT (which was only a few years old at that point). As a kid I didn’t realize the enormity of WDW and each of its parks. I’ve heard Disneyland is 300 acres… and WDW is 30,000 acres! Wow. That is huge.

We flew into Orlando on a red-eye flight from CA. I don’t sleep well on planes, so I barely had about 3 hours sleep the entire night when we arrived at our hotel—All-Star Movies—(which I’m glad we stayed at because my fiancee knows how into movies I am). After getting everything set with our reservation they found a room that we could stay at immediately! That pretty much made my day. So we went to the room and I crashed for a few hours.

After that we waited for the bus to ESPN… but the bus never arrived. In the span of about 20 minutes FOUR Hollywood Studios buses came by (stopping at the same area we were standing at), which was very teasing for us. We enquired about the Event buses we kept seeing go by (which never stopped at the bus stops). We discovered that they stopped around the other side of the building. While waiting for one of the Event buses, we finally saw an ESPN bus go by and ran to catch it.

Race Differences

Hers:  runDisney in CA needs to take a page from runDisney in FL and host a better race expo.  I loved the expo at the ESPN Wide World of Sports.  It was so easy to navigate and we hardly waited in any lines!  I hope that the Tinker Bell half I run January 2014 goes as smoothly 🙂

02 W&D_Expo

In Disneyland I am used to walking to the starting line of the race from my hotel.  I have run four half marathons there and we easily have about 45 minutes to get ready and walk over. I was scared to be late to this nighttime race, so I made us arrive to the shuttle by 7:20pm!  We had NO problems getting on the shuttle right away and arriving quickly at the starting area.  My packet was missing the wrist band for entering the after party, so we popped in to the info booth and they gave me one (so easy – thanks runDisney), next we checked our bags and used the restrooms.  We looked at our watches and it was only 8pm.  So we sat on the grass and took pictures… do you like our signs?

03 W&D_K&A

The starting line and corral system seemed very similar to me.  I think there were more corrals in WDW, partly because there is more room!  This helped the race to be less congested.

Course: We ran on the highway first, then entered Animal Kingdom for a bit and back out to the road.  At mile 9 we ran through Hollywood studios, this time for about 1 whole mile, then on to some road by a resort before we reached Epcot.  Running the later miles in the parks was nice.  The west coast races have anywhere from 4-6 miles in the parks, then a looong time out in the neighborhoods of Anaheim (it does get boring) before heading back to the [same] parks for the last 1.5 mile.

04 W&D_Osborne

His:  Getting all the race stuff at WDW is a WAAAAY easier experience than at Disneyland. At Disneyland they don’t really have any space to hold the expo. They hold it in the bottom of the Disneyland Hotel, which is teeny-tiny and gets completely jam-packed with lines of people, often criss-crossing each other in the middle of the space. Ridiculous!

By contrast, at WDW there’s so much space that getting your bib and race bag is quick and simple. I was amazed at the difference. Back to the hotel we went for another nap to catch up on the sleep we hadn’t gotten on the plane.

We awoke at 5:30 pm, got dressed, caught a bus (quickly this time), and headed back over to ESPN to wait for the race to begin. We checked in a bag with a whole set of clean clothes for after the race, as well as a baggy of baby wipes so that we could at least get somewhat clean after the race. We stretched or sat on the grass waiting with everyone else and talked to some nice people while waiting.

We heard the call to line up and plodded along with all the other people into our correct corral. There we waited another 30 minutes or so for Corral A to begin the race. We were in Corral F so it was even later for us to begin. Finally we were off!

05 W&D_Fireworks

Race highlights

Hers:  I loved the nighttime race!  I loved all the time spent running through the different parks.  I loved hearing the “Congratulations” & “Good Luck” from fellow runners who read the signs on our backs 😉

The after party!  What a fun idea!  We zoomed past the changing tents and missed the comped beverage in order to sit down and stretch.  Then in Epcot we changed to dry clothes, purchased a glass of champagne and tried food from Hawaii, Greece, and Morroco.  All delicious!  We even had time to ride Maelstrom and Test Track before heading to bed at 4am.

His:  We started at a slow pace so that we wouldn’t get tired early. I hadn’t been keeping up on my training so I’d only done one long run (8 miles) since the Disneyland Half Marathon two months before. Not a great idea by any means, but life gets in the way of training… at least for me.

Anywho, we were running and I was feeling pretty good. My best race was a 10K around San Francisco a few months ago and I was able to do so well because of the weather. I don’t know about most people but weather means pretty much everything to me. I cannot stand being hot while I run or to have the sun in my eyes. As such I almost always run after it gets dark. I know that this is the opposite of most runners, who love to run in the morning, but that’s the way it goes.

So I was very excited that the Wine&Dine Half was being held at night. I had such a hellacious time at the Disneyland Half in September because after about a half hour of running the sun was up, it quickly got to about 90 degrees, and the humidity was something like 75% (which people from other states may not think is bad, but CA usually has extremely LOW humidity, being the semi-arid region that it is). Anyway, running the Wine&Dine Half was a much nicer experience for me because it was dark and the humidity was low, especially for FL.

WineDine Race from Website

I felt pretty good in the first few miles. We made a quick potty stop at mile 3, then kept on truckin’. My fiancee is a much better runner than I am, faster and with no complaining, while I bitch pretty much the entire time because everything hurts. But I was doing pretty good keeping up with her. We would go for two miles, take a 1-2 minute walk break, repeat. I was feeling so good in fact that I ran this way for the first 9 miles, which is saying a lot for me.  During the Disneyland Half I basically had to stop running after the 6th mile because any time I tried to start up again my quads would seize up and was incredibly painful.

But again, running at the Wine&Dine Half was a MUCH better experience for me.

Race Struggles

Hers:  Thankfully, I didn’t have any physical struggles this race.  I finally feel like I am getting into a running “grove”.  This was half marathon #8 for me, and I am currently training for my very first full, the Napa Valley Marathon 2014!!!  Ahhh!  I do think the higher mileage has helped me, personally.

What I did struggle with was a few spots on the course that seemed disorienting or dangerous.  When we got into Animal Kingdom the smell of the animal pens hit me (phew!), but it was also darker there and the paths were very narrow.  It was tough to really run my own pace with all the people and the fact that I was looking down to be sure of my footing.

Then in Hollywood Studios we passed through a tunnel that was filled with fog and disco lights – really!!!  I cannot stand disco lights or strobe lights, I get headaches and avoid them at all costs.  I really wanted to run with my eyes closed during this section.  The fog on top of humidity I’m not used to made it hard to breath.  Thankfully this stretch seemed to end quickly!

I enjoyed this race so much.  All of the great things outweigh the few negative experiences.  I hope to come back and race this one again.  Maybe on an anniversary year?

His:  From mile 9 to the end I had a lot more problems. I started getting the same quad pains that I did at the Disneyland Half (although to a much lesser extent). I had to stop to walk after each mile (it’s a good idea to walk through the water stops btw because it’s hard to drink whilst running).

From mile 9 to the end I also had to run a lot slower. Up until Mile 9 we were running around 11-minute miles. Because of all the walking that I had to do, Mile 13 apparently took me around 20 minutes, but I was so exhausted and in so much pain that there was no way I could have done any better. All I was shooting for was to get under 3 hours, which I did!

Official Time: 2:58:05

WineDine Race Results Me and Kinner

Thanks for sticking with us and happy running!

08 W&D_Medals

runDisney 2013 Wine & Dine Meet Up!

My running buddy Jim DeMarco was one of the lucky few who got into the very first runDisney Meet Up to be held at night over Disney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend.  He was awesome enough to recap the whole event for RAD and it looks like it was a blast!  Take it away Jim…  

Well, it was my third Wine and Dine Half Marathon weekend, and I was extremely excited (and nervous) as the time got closer.   The week before the race though, something great happened…I was one of only 125 people lucky enough to be chosen for the runDisney Wine & Dine Meet Up!!!   This was my second meet up (first one was in Disneyland in August), but this was also the first nighttime meet up!

The meet up took place the Thursday before the race.   Check in was in front of Epcot at 7:00 pm, where we received a great maroon runDisney shirt, as well as a Fast Pass for Test Track!  Something to do until we had to reconvene at 8:45 pm!   What was at 8:45 pm you may ask?   Exclusive priority viewing for Illuminations!!!!   I haven’t seen Illuminations in years, and boy, did I miss it!  All 125 of us got to mingle for a few minutes before 9:00 pm and the main show took place!

01 W&D MeetUp

After Illuminations ended and cleared out, we all marched over to the American Garden Pavilion to have some vegan chicken skewers, cookies and vegan wine (who knew there was vegan wine?  Not me!!!).

After we all got to nosh on some food, we sat down for the main presentation.   Darrell Fry, Sports Media Director at Walt Disney World, acted as MC to introduce the main guests!

02 W&D MeetUp

First up was Jeff Galloway and Diet Diva Tara Gidus (Fitness Consultant for runDisney).   They offered some great tips for fitness, and how to have the best run possible!

03 W&D MeetUp

After Jeff and Tara, we were treated to a presentation by two of the chefs and a wine connoisseur for Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival!   They talked about their favorite foods and wines, and even guided us on what vegan wine actually was!

04 W&D MeetUp

Then came my favorite part – the New Balance folks took the stage to talk about the 2014 runDisney running shoes!   While we didn’t get to actually see the sneakers, we did get to see a video, which showcased new running shoe inserts coming in 2014.  The inserts will commemorate the races of those special weekends!   Even the box that the shoes will come in has been redesigned for 2014, featuring Mickey on the cover!!!  (Get a sneak peak of the new shoe designs here!)

05 W&D MeetUp

After the New Balance presentation, we got to have pictures taken with the BIG CHEESE!!!   (here’s one of me and the head honcho!).

06 W&D MeetUp

Now it was officially time to do some running!   We were split into two groups, straight running and the other group was Run/Walk (Jeff Galloway method).   We did one and ½ loops around World Showcase and then headed to the big fountain in Future World for a group photo (BIG GROUP!!!)

07 W&D MeetUp

Well, the clock was about to strike midnight…and what does one do during the Wine & Dine half weekend at midnight?  Have a champagne toast!

08 W&D MeetUp

Overall, it was a great meet up, got to meet some great people and see old friends, and spark the flame for the weekend!    runDisney meet ups are amazing!  If you ever have the lucky opportunity to attend one, get pumped for some fun and surprises!!!    Cheers!

RAD Reads and Weekly Review: August 4, 2013

Did you see that the course maps were released this week for Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend??  I LOVE LOVE LOVE how most of the 10K course takes place in the two parks.  This is going to be such a FUN race!

Disneyland 10K and 5K Course Map

Disneyland 10K and 5K Course Map

I FINALLY booked my hotel room for the trip and now all I have to do is show up!  Let’s not talk about those flights yet…sigh.

In case you missed it, here’s what’s new on Running at Disney this week:

And here’s what’s been happening over on RAD Living:

Now on to some RAD Reads!

Running & Fitness Posts
300 Pounds and Running was featured on the local news here in CT! He is SO inspiring!

Just A One Girl Revolution shares how she found happiness through her health and fitness routine.

Live, Run, Grow is trying to improve her pushups…something I need to work on as well!

Run Stronger Every Day is training outside of the zone!

Disney Posts
Travel with Rick covers the announcement of the booth and menu items for the 2013 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.

Imagineering Disney compares photos of Walt Disney from the 1960s to Saving Mr. Banks.

This Happy Place and Mouse on the Mind do another fun Kill, Refrub Marry, this time of World Showcase.  Make sure to check out both Estelle and Melissa‘s picks!

Food, Fitness, Fantasy visits Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort.

The Disney Food Blog reveals some changes coming to Tables in Wonderland in 2014…not too happy about some of this.

Da Mouse has a new photo update of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train construction.

Weekly Review
It took me a few days to recoup from my mom’s visit and our trip to Foxwoods in particular.  I overindulged in food and drink…so worth it, but it knocked all the energy out of me! So the beginning of my week was lackluster, but the end of the week sure made up for it! To view a complete list of WODs, visit my dailymile page.

Sunday: Rest
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: CrossFit: Push Jerk, Row, Air Dyne
Thursday: CrossFit: Sled Push, Wall Balls, Air Dyne
Friday: CrossFit: All the Squats!
Saturday: Rest

My legs were shot after 3 days of tough lower body WODs at CrossFit.  I could hardly walk yesterday.  I think our coach is trying to kill us after returning from the CrossFit Games!  But I’m looking forward to what’s in store this week…guess I’m a glutton for punishment 🙂

Have a great week and remember to Be RAD!

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