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Friday Feast: Omission Gluten-Free Beer

Gluten FreeFor the past 4 months, I have eliminated gluten from my diet in order to see if it is having any effect on the recurring inflammation in my body (more on inflammation next week…it’s a doozy!).  So far I’ve noticed a difference in being less bloated, but to be honest I haven’t noticed much of a change in terms of inflammation or with my colitis.  But I’m going to try to stick with it for a while because it can’t hurt.

Making the transition was difficult, but I was able to find many substitutes that helped to fill the void of that gluteny goodness.  The most difficult thing to replace was beer.  I’m not a huge beer drinker, but I do enjoy a nice craft brew here and there.  Sadly, I do like wheat beers a lot which is now a serious no no.  I tried cider, but I’m really not a fan of the sweetness.  Plus when I want a beer, cider doesn’t fill that void.

My good friend Estelle and her hubs James came to visit for New Year’s Eve and they were thoughtful enough to bring me some gluten-free beer!  They are beer connoisseurs and took the time to research a good one for me!  I hadn’t pursued these options that much because I didn’t want to be disappointed and end up ruining my meal, etc…  Silly, I know.

They went with Omission Lager by Widmer Brothers Brewing.  I was hesitant to try it as I am with all new gluten-free products.  I have this idea in my mind that they will taste overly process or just have no taste at all, but I was pleasantly surprised.  This beer is REALLY GOOD!  It tastes like a good classic lager with a hint of sweetness.  Who knew a gluten-free could taste so good!

Omission Lager

Omission Lager

They also have a Pale Ale that Omission describes at “bold and hoppy.”  I’ve read many great reviews about this beer, but I’m not a big fan of pale ales (too hoppy for me!) so I’m not sure I’d try this one.  Maybe just for research purposes 🙂

Great news from a RAD reader, Bizzi, she had Omission Lager in the Territory Lounge at the Wilderness Lodge just a few weeks ago after the WDW Half Marathon!  So glad to hear this can be found on property.  Does anyone know of other locations that Omission can be found on WDW property?  

Ok I know what you’re thinking…Sarah, didn’t you have a giant beer after the WDW marathon??  Yes, yes I did.  I threw all restrictions out the window after the marathon.  I ran 26.2 miles and deserved a beer damn it!  But I’m glad to know that there are options for me and other gluten-free guests when visiting WDW in the future.  Disney is so accommodating with their food menus, it was only a matter of time before the beverages followed suit.

Have you tried Omission?  Do you have a favorite gluten-free beer?


UPDATE: Thanks to Beers and Ears for informing us that Omission is on the standard bar menu in Walt Disney World!  Click here for a list of all of the locations it can be found 🙂

Walt Disney World Running Trails

Walt Disney World has some fantastic areas to run while you are on vacation.  You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your training schedule while in the most magical place on earth!  Almost all of the resort hotels have an area to run and each is very unique.  There will always be something new around the corner to keep your attention.  Two of my favorites are the trail between Fort Wilderness and Wilderness Lodge, and the trail around the Epcot Resorts and down to Hollywood Studios.

Today, runDisney released a great video showcasing these trails.  Lori Lovell from the Walt Disney World Mom’s Panel takes us though a few on the best trails and also provides great tips on running at the resort and in the typically hot Florida weather.  Check it out!


Next time you’re in Walt Disney World ask for a map of the jogging trails at your resort’s front desk or visit my Disney Running Trails section here on RAD for maps and additional information.  Hope to see you out there!

Friday Feast: Whispering Canyon Cafe, A RAD Tradition

After my first 5K in 2010, myself and a large group of other Disney runners headed over to Whispering Canyon Cafe for a post race breakfast.  It has now become a tradition and this is the go to place to refuel after all Disney 5Ks.  What’s better than an all you can eat breakfast skillet after a run, right???  Um…nothing!

Whispering Canyon Cafe is located just off the lobby of the Wilderness Lodge Resort.  It’s a fairly large restaurant and is great for big groups.  Just be aware that you may be split up into multiple tables, especially if it’s crowded.  It’s also a wonderful location if you have to wait a bit for a table because you can explore the lobby of the Wilderness Lodge, which is absolutely breathtaking.

The breakfast menu has some interesting offerings.  There is the Barbecue Eggs Benedict, which is a play on the traditional.  Two poached eggs on an english muffin with Tasso pork, which is similar to ham but smokey and spicy, and a barbecue hollandaise served with roasted red potatoes….YUM!  For a lighter option, there is the Egg White Omelet with spinach, goat cheese and chipotle pico served with fresh fruit and a biscuit.

While these options sound really good and I would love to try the Barbecue Eggs Benedict some day, I am always pulled in by the Canyon Skillet.  This all-you-care-to-enjoy wonder is flowing with scrambled eggs, roasted red potatoes, bacon, sausage, Mickey waffles, buttermilk biscuits and sausage gravy.  Oh my!  Talk about a fabulous post-race meal – carbs and protein galor!  Yes, I know there is quite a bit of fat, but remember there are no calories or unhealthy foods in Walt Disney World 😉

Post 5k Double Skillet!

Skillet Offerings

I don't think we have enough syrup or butter...

Now you might think that the $16.49 per person price tag is a big expensive for breakfast and I would normally agree with you, but remember that this is all-you-care-to-enjoy.  Your server will refill that skillet as many times as you’d like, or if you would just like a few more waffles and some bacon you can get that too.  Speaking of waffles, I read over on the Disney Food Blog a few months ago that you can get chocolate chip waffles here.  I’m not sure if they’re still offering it, but it never hurts to ask.  That would be a nice addition to any skillet.  Oh, and don’t forget about that gravy…it will change your life!  As a northerner, I’ve never really had biscuits and gravy before, but I am now hooked!

Whispering Canyon Cafe is a fun place for kids and families alike.  It’s loud, high energy and full of fun.  There are pony races and sing alongs all throughout the day, which are fun for big groups to participate in.  While there make sure to order your drinks in either a small or large size and always ask for ketchup, even if you don’t really want it.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!  But overall, make sure to behave or you might end up in jail like my friend Aurora.  Tsk tsk!

Aurora in Jail 🙁

So now you know where to find me after any Disney 5K.  This September I’m not running in the 5K during the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler weekend, but I will be there with those who did and fueling for my race that night!

Do you have any post race meal traditions?

Wilderness Lodge & Fort Wilderness Exercise Trail

Last week during our stay at the Villas at the Wilderness Lodge, I got up early one morning and went for a run on the exercise trail.  It starts at the Wilderness Lodge and goes over to the Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground.  This was definitely one of the major perks of staying at the Wilderness Lodge and I had been looking forward to this run in the weeks leading up to the trip.  When we checked into the hotel, I asked for a map of the exercise trail so I could get familiar with where I was going.  I haven’t spent much time in Fort Wilderness, so I didn’t want to be running in circles.

Fort Wilderness Exercise Trail

Fort Wilderness Recreation Map

It was a cool, foggy morning and I went out just after sunrise.  Guests were coming back to the Villas with fresh cups of coffee and breakfast from Roaring Fork, and the buses were just beginning to roll in.  I had been on this trail once before when hubs and I did the Wilderness Back Trail Adventure Segway Tour on our honeymoon, but being out this early in the morning was just breathtaking.  The sun was just peeking through the trees and trying to burn off the morning fog.  It was a little eerie, yet beautiful at the same time. 

On my way over to Fort Wilderness, I saw some pretty amazing things.  Near the beginning of the trail, I saw a grouping of pinecones out of the corner of my eye.  On closer inspection, I realized they were in the shape of Mickey Mouse!  What a cool hidden mickey find.  I sent the picture to Steve Barrett, the Hidden Mickey Guy, and even he hadn’t seen that one.  Another great thing about this trail is all of the wildlife.  I saw more squirrels and birds than I could count, and I even saw a woodpecker.  But the best wildlife sighting was a mother and a baby deer out for breakfast.  It was like Disney planted them there.

Pinecone Hidden Mickey

Mama & Baby Deer in the Distance

When I entered Fort Wilderness, I stayed to the right and headed down Fort Wilderness Trail.  The first thing I saw was a huge trailer that I think was larger than my house, all decked out for Valentine’s Day.  It’s so great how the residents in the Campground get very festive for all of the holidays.  I loved this part of my run.  There was so much to look at and the sidewalk wound in and out of the trees.  The only difficult part were all of the delicious breakfast smells that were coming from the trailers!  It was really making me hungry.

Valentine's Trailer

Even after looking at the map before my run, I still was unsure of where I was going.  I didn’t know the name of the road I had to turn down to head back to the main exercise trail.  Luckily there were a few bus stops along the way that had maps of the resort so I could figure out where I was.  I found Big Pine Drive and headed back up towards the Settlement Trading Post, all the while watching for chipmunks along the way. 

When I got back up to the Settlement Trading Post, I noticed a sandy nature trail off to the right.  I remembered taking this trail on our Segway tour and that is offers a great view of Bay Lake, so I took off down the trail.  As I got closer to the lake, the sand got a bit deeper so I took it easy because I didn’t want to twist my ankle since I had a lot of park touring to do that day!  When I got to the end of the trail, I was greeted by a phenomenal view of Bay Lake with Space Mountain and the Contemporary Resort in the distance.  This was also a great place to enjoy the peace and quiet for a few minutes and stretch a little bit.

Nature Trail to Bay Lake

Before I headed back to the Lodge, I took a detour past Pioneer Hall and over to the Tri-Circle D Ranch to say hi to the horses.

According to my Garmin, round trip my total run was 3.5 miles.  At that time of day, there weren’t many other people out on the trail.  I think I saw about 8 other runners.  Later in the day, I’m sure it gets a bit more crowded with bikes, Segways and even horses.  I just can’t say enough good things about this trail.  The whole run was incredibly peaceful and there was so much to see along the way.  If I had a trail like this at home to run on, I think I would train more frequently!  You definitely need to check out this trail next time you’re in Walt Disney World.  Even if you aren’t staying at either resort, it is worth taking a trip over just to take in the scenery.

I’m Going to Walt Disney World!

I’m writing this 38,000 feet up in the air en route to Walt Disney World for a much needed break from the cold weather of the Northeast.  Most of my trips are very hectic with meets, activities and meals planned from dawn until the wee hours of the night.  This will be the first trip that I will actually be taking time to relax and enjoy some down time with my husband and our amazing friends.  There will be mass amounts of food and vino consumed.  It could get ugly…you may not want to watch.  But you know you’ll want too.

I’m also hoping to get a few runs in while I’m down there.  Due to my usual busy schedule on other trips, this has been completely out of the question, so I’m planning on taking full advantage this trip.  We’re staying at the Villas at the Wilderness Lodge, which has probably the best running trail on all of WDW property.  A beautifully wooded trail winding through the Florida “wilderness” takes you past Bay Lake and over to the Fort Wilderness campground.  From maps I’ve seen, the distance should be about 2.5 miles round trip.  Perfect for a good morning run before heading to the parks!

I’m also hoping to check out a few other running trails while I’m down there.  Possibly the one running along the Sassagoula River past the Port Orleans resorts, or Crescent Lake and down to the Studios.  Wherever I make it to, be sure to check back for reviews of the trails when I get back.

Make sure to follow me on Twitter at both @RunningAtDisney and @Duchess_99 while I’m in WDW for updates on the resort and many, many photos!