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2015 Princess Weekend Merchandise & runDisney New Balance Shoes

Probably the best part about runDisney race weekends is all of the exclusive merchandise available at the Health & Fitness Expo.  There’s nothing like having some great commemorative items to take home with you to remember your big accomplishment!

Princess Half Marathon Weekend is right around the corner and there are some great new items you’ll be able to pick up.  Let’s check them out!


Frozen has taken over as the main theme of the weekend and you can find snowflakes and characters on many of the items.  There is also the addition of a pink runDisney Magic Band to go with the blue design that was introduced over Marathon weekend.


This is the 2nd year for the Glass Slipper Challenge and they have knocked it out of the park with these turquoise and black designs.  I just LOVE that wine glass!


Ahhh BondiBands…my running must have!  Look at all of designs you’ll have to choose from!


Another new addition to the race merchandise are these fun phone cases…looks like they can be customized too!


And of course, no Princess Weekend would be complete without the ultimate accessory, a Disney Dooney & Bourke purse!  These new Princess designs are whimsical and fun…perfect for this royal event.


Earlier today, New Balance released NEW design in their runDisney collection that will be release over Princess Half Marathon weekend.  Over Marathon Weekend the new Steamboat Willie inspired 990v3 shoes and now they are introducing 860v5’s in similar designs and capturing the spirit of the Sorcerer Mickey and Pink Polka Dot Minnie designs from the 2014 collection.



The shoes will only be available at Health and Fitness Expos during the runDisney event weekend. To minimize waiting in line for shoes, New Balance has created a virtual queue to let you know when it’s your turn to be fitted and make your purchase. Starting on Thursday, February 19, starting at 6 a.m. runners can sign up at using their bib number. Non-runners can sign up daily, pending inventory.



Are you excited about the new designs or are they leaving you feeling a little grey??

As a reminder the Fit for a Princess Expo will be held at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and the hours are as follows:

  • Thursday, February 19th, 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Friday, February 20th, 9:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Saturday, February 21st, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

If you are an AP holder or DVC member you may be eligible for discounts at the Expo, so don’t forget to bring your cards and always ask!  New Balance shoes generally do not get discounts.

What are you looking forward to getting this year?? 

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First Look at the 2015 runDisney New Balance Shoes!


New Balance and runDisney have released the new design for the 2015 shoes today and there is something definitely missing…color!  Well that is on purpost you see…  This limited edition 990v3 design features Retro Mickey and Minnie inspired by Steamboat Willie and celebrates the classic heritage of Disney and New Balance.  This is a lighter weight, stability shoe that provides support and superior cushioning.

The men’s shoe is black and features and images of Mickey Mouse as Steamboat Willie on the heel along with his signature.


The women’s shoe is grey and features a classic image of Minnie Mouse and her signature as well.


These shoes will be available beginning tomorrow, January 7th at the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Health & Fitness Expo at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex via the New Balance Virtual Queue.  Runners can sign up at using your bib number starting Wednesday, January 7 at 6:00 am.  All other guests can sign up Thursday, January 8 at 6:00 am.  Set your alarms!

If you are into more colorful shoes on your feet, fear not because the 2014 designs will also be available at the Expo.


And for all of you West Coasters running during Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend, these will be available at that Health & Fitness Expo as well.

So what do you think??  Do you like the new retro design??

Personally, I’m a big fan!  One of the things that I love about New Balance shoes are they’re retro looks.  In fact, I even own black and grey pairs of the classic 574s!  So to incorporate runDisney into a similar shoe is pretty rad in my book.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Anaheim Antics: Running Gear 101

When you first start running you think any old outfit and a pair of “comfy” sneakers from your local athletic chain will do the trick.  Then the chafing and blisters set in.  You quickly realize that running might entail a bit more than putting one foot in front of the other.  John is breaking all of this down for you today with a look at apparel (especially for you guys!), accessories and also some unneeded items.


Running attire. Whenever those words creep into my vocabulary, I immediately know my wallet will shrink. I remember my first “real” run, three years ago, the Brea 8k. There I was, donned in basketball shorts and the obligatory white cotton tee emblazoned with the event logo and a $30 pair of sneakers. Looking back, I might as well have held up a sign that said “I’m a rank amateur and have no idea what I’m doing”. And I would have been right. By the end of the race, I was hot, uncomfortable, and my feet hurt. I learned very quickly that effective running requires effective attire.   There are some “must have” items, some “like to have” items, and some “oh, heavens no” items. My caveat here is that I’m referring mostly to men’s attire. Reviewing women’s attire would have been a little creepy. Not to mention, the fit wouldn’t be quite right. But I digress… Let’s dive into our closets and see what’s what:


Running Shirt – Toss the generic cotton tee. They’re heavy, absorb sweat, and don’t breathe well. Invest in a quality tech fabric shirt. Sure, they’ll set you back anywhere from $25 to $60, but they’re worth every penny. They’re lightweight, breathe very well, wick moisture away, and keep you cool. Thankfully, a lot of race organizers are dropping their give-away cotton tees in favor of a tech fabric shirt option. Although cheaper in quality, they still do the job better than a cotton tee, and are great for extra gym attire.

Running Shorts – Say goodbye to generic athletic shorts, and get a bona fide pair of running shorts.   They’re lightweight, don’t require undergarments (yep, I really went there. I could “box” around that, but instead I’ll be “brief”), fit better, breathe better, feel better, and, well, when it comes to, um, the family jewels, they treat you better (hey, this is a family friendly column, isn’t it?).

Running Shoes – The worst thing a runner can do is wear cheap shoes. If you don’t spend money anywhere else, spend your money here. Here in the OC, there are several fitness retailers that offer biometric measuring of your feet as part of their service. Quality running shoes will set you back $100 or more. But your shoes will be lighter, last longer, and you’ll feel like you’re running on air. Top those off with a pair of running socks, and your feet will thank you for the investment.


Photos Courtesy of Nike & Under Armour


Headgear – This is strictly a matter of preference. Some love them, some hate them. If you’re like me, you’ll need something to keep the sweat off the brow. Although I’m not a fan of cotton in running attire, I found that a simple cotton baseball cap worked well. I recently upgraded to a dri-weave baseball cap with the Disney “D” logo, and it’s served me even better.

Sunglasses – This is where form must follow function. Your pair of aviators or wayfarers just won’t cut it, regardless of the expensive logo on the side. You’ll need a lightweight, contoured pair of sunglasses designed for running. There’s not much worse than a pair of sunglasses sliding down your nose or fogging up during your run. Thankfully, they won’t cost an arm or a leg. My local shop has styles ranging from $30 to $110. I managed to find mine at a runDisney expo for a mere $20.

Music Device Armband – Everyone needs a place to put their iPhone, right? This is where prices and styles are as diverse as the day is long. Colors, band types, configuration, and materials are all over the place. For me, I kept it simple. I purchased an inexpensive armband off eBay for $6, and it’s suited me well for over a year.

Earphones – This is where it gets personal. I’m a big fan of the new Apple Earpods, but after 2 miles, they start falling out. For about $10, I found a product called the Eadbudi, which consists of over-the-ear clips that attach to your existing ear buds. This is a better alternative to having to ditch your favorite ear buds. But if you decide to do so, I recommend splurging with pair of Bluetooth headphones. No more wire between your head and your arm. Although they can range anywhere from $40 to $100, doing some homework and online searching will often net you a pair for less. Mine only set me back about $35, and the audio quality is superior. Be sure to consider features and battery life when making your decision. Nothing is more irritating that running 10k and having your headphones shut off at mile 4.

Waist belts – This is where I get particular. At a recent runDisney expo, I was searching high and low for just the right waist item to carry a few essentials. I stumbled upon the FlipBelt, and was hooked. The FlipBelt is a tubular waistband that is perfect for holding items such as your car keys, wallet, and cell phone. Unlike other waist packs, the FlipBelt contours to your attire. Its spandex-lycra fabric wicks moisture and fits snugly. Best of all, the FlipBelt is machine washable so you can just toss it in the washer with your workout attire. They run slightly small, though. I normally wear a medium, but I purchased a large. The reps at the FlipBelt booth were very accommodating, and encouraged you to try the different sizes and colors on. Reasonably priced, it only set me back about $30, and it by far the most versatile accessory I’ve purchased.


Photo Courtesy of FlipBelt, Motorola, and EARBUDi


Full-size & noise canceling headphones – I’ve seen these on runners and they’re just a bad idea, because they block sound around you. A runner needs to be able to hear his runners around him, as well as listen for the uncommon but necessary on-course announcements. I’ve seen more than one near-collision because a runner did not hear someone coming up alongside.

Backpack – I’ve seen a few of these, and I’ve never understood the appeal. First, you’re carrying weight, and weight is the enemy of the runner.   Second, they cover a runner’s back, interfering with the body’s thermoregulation. If anyone can explain the reasoning behind the backpacks, as we say at Disney, I’m all ears.

Water bottles – Maybe it’s not a huge deal on a 5k, but if you’re running a 10k or more, ditch the water bottles. Water is heavy. a 16oz container of water weighs over a pound, which can require you to use up to 80 additional calories per mile. Great while you’re trying to lose weight, but a bad idea when trying to endure a half marathon. Just rely on the on-course water stations. They’ll be plenty.

Outerwear jackets – A lot of runs start early in the morning, when temperatures are still nippy. It’s natural to want to put on an extra layer to keep warm. But the moment your cross that starting line, your body will do fine keeping warm on its own. When I ran the Knott’s Coaster Run, it was cold and raining. I was miserable, until about mile 2. By then, I was warm and comfortable, even though it was barely 60 degrees out. Less is more. Any additional layer makes it easier for your body to overheat. During my last 10k, I counted no less than 6 jackets abandoned on the side of the course in various spots. Be sure to leave your outwear behind.


Photo Courtesy of runDisney

Being a huge Disney fan, I’m a great lover of the Red Car Trolleys at Disney California Adventure. The Red Car motto is Comfort-Speed-Safety. This should be the motto when choosing running attire. Quality attire will be comfortable, will contribute to your running speed, and won’t compromise your on-course safety. Enjoy shopping, and I’ll see you on the next course!


Photo Courtesy of Disney

RADically Yours,



John grew up in the Orange County area of California, always living in the shadow of the Disneyland Resort.  Known as the consummate storyteller to his friends, he has had an admiration of Disney since childhood, and is most interested in the Company’s history and heritage.  His favorite memory to date is setting foot in Walt’s apartment over the Main Street Firehouse.  John lives by what he calls the three F’s: faith, fun, and fitness.   Being healthy isn’t about adding years to your life; it’s about adding life to your years.  Nothing sums that up more than making Disney races a goal in every fitness plan.

Mission to Marathon: Dressed to the Nines (Dressing for the Weather)

When I first started running, I never considered the amount on gear I would need.  Running is just slapping on a pair of sneakers, right?  Nope!  There are things needed for every season and every type of weather.  Feeling overwhelmed?  Well Hannah here is break it all down for you!


Note: We are “mid-move” from our house to shacking up with my in-laws for a few months while we look for a new house (our’s sold in a record 4.5 days). I had intended to take photos of most of the stuff mentioned in this post, but as about half of my clothing is in miscellaneous bins at my in-laws its just not possible. I am including some links to help, but can’t personally vouch for some of the items because they vary from what I own and use.

Planning your race-day gear can be complicated. As they say “no new is good new” on race day, and I definitely second that. You need to try out your clothing before hand to make sure nothing will be rubbing in weird places or shifting to reveal things you don’t want to reveal. And most importantly, DO NOT wear new shoes for a race…especially anything longer than a 5k. If you want to complicate matters even more, try planning for a destination race where you aren’t personally familiar with the climate. How do you even plan for that? Oh, and the Disney Marathon weekend…forget about planning months in advance because the weather can turn in a day down there.  I’ll talk a bit more in a few months about actually packing for the Disney Marathon Weekend, but here are some general destination race tips for hot and cold temperatures.

Running in hot weather:

1 – Stay Hydrated. I know this isn’t a clothing associated suggestion, but its definitely something to think about and that I like to mention as often as possible. Drink up the day before, the day of, during, after, and the day after. Yeah…stay hydrated! And not just water…make sure you aren’t losing too many electrolytes! Sports drinks, sports cubes/gels, coconut water, etc are all good ways to keep hydrated and keep your electrolytes up.

2 – Say bye-bye to cotton. Cotton is a wonderfully glorious fabric that I love dearly. But do I run in it? No. Especially not in hot weather. Cotton will soak up your sweat and then cling to you like no other. Try some moisture-wicking fabrics. If you can’t afford the “big brands” try picking up some up at Target (they carry C9 by Champion). I have scored some great clothes from the clearance rack in Target!

My favorite running capris are Under Armour Heat Gear. They suck you in like no other and they are wonderful in keeping me cook and keeping me sweat free. I highly recommend.


SIDE NOTE: In general, you should NOT wear cotton socks…ever. It took me forever to convince my sister-in-law to “pony up” and buy good socks and it made a world of difference. If you want blisters, be my guest, get some cotton socks…otherwise, find some other ones. I am partial to under armour’s, but Target’s C9 has come good ones and Thorlos is a brand I know many people love.


3 – Wear less. I don’t care what you look like in a bikini or bathing suit or naked…don’t think you’re going out in the hot, humid weather in sweats and a hoodie. No one cares. I promise you. And if they do…well…you know what they can do. Seriously though, you should have different clothes for different seasons. I am not a huge fan of shorts or tank tops but I do keep them in my drawer for those really hot days.


4 – Sunglasses.  A MUST for sunny days. You can find cheap ones or high-end ones. Just make sure they are comfortable and do what YOU need them to do. I have a pair that I wear for races that have a yellow lens and are polarized to reduce glare. I personally have issues with my eyes and have a really difficult time with glare so the glare reduction is important for me. I also like a light lens. But that’s just me. You need to try on different ones and find a pair that works for you.


5 – Know your gear. You may need to switch up your gear and accoutrements based on the season. I cut back on my running belt and anything on my wrist when its really hot. I also wear a wider headband (I love sparkly soul) because it keeps all my wispy hairs out of my face better when I’m sweating up a storm. Know your gear and know what’s going to bother you if you get hot and sweaty.


Running in Cold Weather:

1 – Layer, but don’t layer too much. You do not need the same number or type of layers that you do if you’re going for a walk as you do for a run. You will warm up once you start moving, I promise. This year we had record snow fall in Pennsylvania and it was bitter cold. And, I still shoveled our walk and parking spaces in a hoodie and sweats…in below zero. When you are moving you will warm up. If you are running a race, I highly suggest the “garbage bag” as your top layer. It will keep you warm (really warm) and you don’t need to worry about getting it back or carrying it through a race. Just remember to cut holes.

I have heard the tip to dress as if it is 20 degrees warmer than it actually is. If that works for you, go for it. I just kind of eye-ball it and wear stuff I can unzip or stuff in a pocket.

My layering basics:


Base Layer (must be moisture-wicking). I actually like to run in Under Armour Heat Gear as a base-layer. But on really cold days I’ll switch and wear their cold-gear. I personally like a tee at my base, but whatever you are most comfortable with works best for you. For bottoms I wear a pair of long tights. For colder days you can get lined tights that are even warmer. I find I don’t really need this.

Layer 1 (top only). For me its a long-sleeve shirt or jacket. Again, I like moisture-wicking. If this is my top layer, I like a jacket with some wind resistance.

Layer 2 (top only). For colder days I’ll do a long-sleeve tech shirt and a jacket on top.

Layer 3 (top and bottom). For those below zero days…run inside? No, I’m only kidding… I’ll add a sweatshirt in between the long sleeve shirt and the jacket. And, if necessary throw a pair of looser pants on top of my running tights…sometimes even a pair of shorts on top will help.

Accessories: I wear a Lululemon headband and a pair of mittens. Sometimes I’ll throw gloves under the mittens if its really cold. And the hoodie helps on top of the headband. I get HOT fast so the gloves, mittens and headband often get pulled off and throw in my jacket pockets after about a mile. I have also pulled the headband down and run with it as a neck warmer when my head gets hot.


NOTE: If you are discarding clothing during a race, make sure you pack extra clothes in your gear back or pick up a thermal sheet after the race. You will cool down quickly and need to put layers back on shortly after you finish.

2 – I meant it when I said, say goodbye to cotton. Look, cotton is fine for an exterior layer in the winter, but make sure you have a wicking fabric next to your body. You will get warm and you will sweat and cotton could actually be bad if you cool down and then the moisture it is holding cools down and before you know it you’re at risk of frost bite or hyperthermia. You need something that is going to keep moisture away. And, definitely keep away from the cotton socks even in winter. I have seen people layer cotton over something else in the winter…that’s fine if you like layering socks. But, I tend to wear my normal socks, or a slightly thicker pair. Many people swear by smartwool, but I do not personally own any of them.


3 – Wind is the enemy. So is precipitation. You think its cold? Its going to feel much colder with the wind chill. I suggest your top layer have some sort of wind-breaking ability. For snowing/sleeting/raining, like we get here in Pennsylvania, something that blocks moisture  (water resistant) is helpful as well. I really like Under Armour’s storm gear for shorter runs where I’m not as concerned with wind-blocking. I wear a jacket from Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS) for wind protection.

4 – Fluorescence and reflective clothing are your friend. When its cold out, its usually dark out later and earlier (duh…). If you’re running before or after work, there is a chance you’ll be running before its fully daylight. Wear clothing that will catch the eye of other runners, bikers and especially drivers!  Reflective is best, but fluorescence is helpful as well.  I don’t personally own a lot of this stuff so I keep to running during the daylight hours, or run take it to a treadmill if I need to run while its dark out.


5 – Switch up your shoes. I don’t do this. But it may be helpful to have a second pair of shoes made for wet running (that have gore-tex or at least less mesh). This is especially important if you’re doing long runs in the cold, wet weather. If you’re keeping your runs shorter and aren’t worried about your feet getting cold/wet during the run, it can also be helpful to have a second pair of shoes available if you want to run back-to-back days. DO NOT put your running shoes in the dryer. Let them dry naturally. I actually have about four pairs of running shoes, but I also own like…40 pairs of shoes. If you aren’t a shoe hoarder like me (I swear I wear them all!) try to get at least one extra pair of shoes  to have on hand. As a general rule, its not a bad idea to rotate your shoes to keep help each pair last longer.


Here’s my tip for buying shoes:

Visit your local running store to get fitted and buy your first pair. Then, either hold out until they are having a sale (usually when new styles come out) and buy a second pair. Or, go online and find your shoes for cheaper. Sometimes you can find last year’s model for half price. I love to support my local running store, but holy cow sneakers are expensive! I did not pay full price for all four of my pairs. I think I paid full price for one pair and then got the rest discounted.  Oh! Don’t forget to ask if there is a discount for being a member of a running group (our local store gives a discount to Team in Training runners) or for teachers/students. You never know!

Running in unpredictable weather:

1 – Plan multiple outfits.

2 – Pack layers. And extra layers. Seriously…fork over the dough for the baggage fees and make sure you have what you need.

3 – Take an extra pair of shoes if running multiple days.

4 – Scoop out the expo (know what will be on sale and from what brands) or nearby running/sporting good stores.

5 –  Check the weather, then check it again. Oh, and check it again. Wait, one more time. Last year I was checking the weather about twice a day for the 10 days leading up to our trip to Disney.

NOTE: This is important so I’m including it, and will likely mention it about sixteen million more times. I WEAR my running shoes on the airplane and pack all my running gear in my carry-on. I WILL NOT have my stuff get lost if my bag goes missing.

Here’s my September Running Train Plan! Thanks Jeff Galloway for an awesome plan for FREE. :o)

10 – Week Sept 1: Tuesday and Thursday 45 mins; Saturday 11 miles

11 – Week Sept 8: Tuesday and Thursday 1 hour; Saturday 3 miles

12 – Week Sept 15: Tuesday and Thursday 45 mins; Saturday 4 miles walk; Sunday 13 miles

13 – Week Sept 22: Tuesday and Thursday 1 hour; Saturday 3 miles

14 – Week Sept 29: Tuesday and Thursday 45 mins; Saturday 5.5 miles; Sunday 15 miles


Hannah is an attorney from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She started running in 2011 while preparing for the Bar Exam as a means of helping her focus on her studying. Hannah completed her first half marathon in October 2011 at the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco. In 2013 she completed 13 running events including 5 half marathons, 2 10ks, 3 5ks and 3 fun races (2 color runs and a zombie run).  She enjoys setting goals and crossing things off of her “bucket list.” Follow Hannah at, where she blogs about her everyday goals and challenges.

Reebok Maleficent Giveaway Pack

Maleficent**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.**

I saw this giveaway and HAD to share it!  Now through August 20th, Reebok is having a giveaway for a super cool Maleficent Prize Pack.  Five lucky winners will have the chance to win a bunch of goodies that are wickedly perfect for all those kiddos heading back to school.  Here’s what you can win:

Limited Edition Maleficent Top Down Sneakers


A Disney Maleficent Backpack & Beanie


A $100 Gift Card


How cool is that?!  Remember, the contest ends this Wednesday, August 20th, so get your entry in today! GOOD LUCK!!

And while you’re back-to-school shopping, don’t forget to check out all of the Disney-themed Reebok shoes to find this year’s new favorite pair for your little ones!

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