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CrossFit Games Northeast Regionals – Part 1


Wow.  This was by far was one of the best sporting events I have ever been to.  The athleticism and determination displayed was beyond inspiring.  But probably the coolest thing, was to get to see the team from my box, CrossFit Milford (CFM), compete.  These were my coaches and people I see train everyday competing among the fittest in the Northeast.  Pretty cool!

In order to qualify for the CrossFit Games Regional competition, all athletes took part in the Open which took place from March 6 – April 7 which consisted of 5 workouts.  The cool thing about the Open is that anyone can compete…anyone…even me if I dared (which I didn’t!).  The top 30 teams and individuals in each region then moved on to the Regional competition.  And last weekend was the Northeast’s turn to take the stage.

The competition began on Friday, May 17th, but I wasn’t able to get up there that day due to work and other obligations.  So Saturday morning, me and 4 of my CFM girls woke up at the crack of dawn and headed up to Canton, MA to cheer on our team and have a little fun on days 2 & 3 of the competition.  The event was held at the Reebok World Headquarters, which was quite the venue!  Unfortunately we missed the team competition that morning, but we arrived just as Event 4 of the Individual Women’s Competition was beginning.  This event was intense:

  • 100 Wall Balls (20#/14# to a 10′ target)
  • 100 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
  • 100 One-legged squats, alternating
  • 100 One-armed dumbbell snatches (75#/50#)

The event was to be completed for time with a 25 minute cap.

Wall Balls

Wall Balls

Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Bloody Pull-up Bars

Bloody Pull-up Bars!

One-legged Squats

One-legged Squats

I was exhausted from watching this and seriously needed some food 🙂  So after the women finished, we headed out to the grounds to grab some lunch and check out some of the vendors.  I have to say this was some of the best “festival” food I’ve ever had…amazing paleo options!  I don’t think there would be any other event where you could get grilled meat with a ton of avocado and bacon on top?!

06 CFRG_Grounds

Ashley & I :)

Ashley & I 🙂

Event 5 was up next and we were finally able to see the teams compete.  One man and one woman from each team had to complete the following for time:

Man completes 21-15-9 reps of:

  • 275# deadlift
  • 30″ box jump

Then, woman completes 21-15-9 reps of:

  • 185# deadlift
  • 24″ box jump

No big deal right??  Ugh…

08 CFRG_Event5Team

Dead lifts & box jumps!

We watched all the teams compete and here is where I found my most favorite team to watch…

07 CFRG_Event5Team

I mean really, how can you not love them??  I also really enjoyed watching Team CrossFit One who where incredibly inspiring and just seemed to enjoy every moment of the competition.  We were convinced these two are in love…who knows??

09 CFRG_Event5TeamTeam CFM was in the final heat and we were all so excited to finally get to cheer our team on.  Ryan and Katie took this stage for this event…

010 CFRG_Event5TeamCFM

They did an awesome job and finished 10th for the event.  I can’t even jump on a 24″ box so I was completely in awe.  The individuals were up next and the event was increased to the following weights:

  • 305#/205# deadlift
  • 30″/24″ box jumps

It was amazing to watch, but I think my favorite part about it was the set up.  For some reason, the way the weights came racing around the corner was extremely entertaining!

013 CFRG_WeightsBut by far, the best part of the competition and the CrossFit community in general is the camaraderie.  My favorite thing was to watch how the the competitors who had finished went right over to those who were still finishing up and cheered them on.  Some were clearly struggling to get through the WOD and I can only imagine how much that helped get them through the end.  Pure awesome.

011 CFRG_Team Cheer012 CFRG_Team CheerDay 2 of the games wrapped up and we headed back to our hotel some dinner and a night of shenanigans.  Sorry…but what happens in Canton, stays in Canton 😉  All I can say is we had a lot of laughs and were psyched to see what day 3 had to bring.

See Part 2 of the CrossFit Games Northeast Regionals HERE!


Yesterday I met Helen…and she was a bitch.

Helen is a CrossFit benchmark WOD (workout of the day).  The benchmarks consist of “The Girls” and “The Heroes” which are named after fallen soldiers who were fellow CrossFitters.  These WODs are meant to be done a few times a year to see how your fitness has improved over time.  This was my first benchmark WOD and it was TOUGH.

Helen consists of 3 rounds for time of:

  • 400 meter run
  • 21 kettle bell swings (55#/35#)
  • 12 pull ups


Now I didn’t do this as RXed (prescribed) because 1. 35# kettle bell swings are how a hurt my neck a few months ago and I don’t feel I’m ready for that yet, and 2. I can’t do a pull up.  So I modified the WOD to a 20# kettle bell and jumping pull ups.  Jumping pull ups are where you stand on a box and jump to assist in doing a pull up.  Don’t be fooled, these are still difficult.

Jumping Pull Ups

My first 400 m run was at a little over an 8 min/mile pace.  That is SUPER fast for me.  Yes it’s only a quarter of a mile, but for someone who’s pace averages around 12:20, that’s fast.  My runs got slower each time, but I don’t think it got over 9 min/mile pace…still crazy.  It’s amazing how having a group of people around you will help to push you harder.  The kb swings and pull ups were fine, but definitely more difficult after the runs.

There were a few other factors that made the runs difficult.  It’s getting dark in the Northeast around 4:45 pm these days, so it was pitch black for my 5:30 class.  I was unsure of my footing and actually stopped to find the curb a few times.  A friend of mine actually fell and scrapped her arm pretty bad!  It was also 40 degrees out, so my lungs were burning at the end!   I finished with a time of 11:42, which I’m actually really happy with considering this was my first time and all of the other factors.  I also wasn’t the last to finish, which is always a bonus 🙂

My goal for the next time we do Helen is to do the RX kettle bell weight and band assisted pull ups.  I know it will be a long time until I get to the point where I can do an actual pull up, so I’ll be working my way up.  I’d also like to come in sub-11 minutes.  Can I do it????

Check out this crazy video of a guy finishing Helen in sub-7 minutes…so inspiring!

Have you completed Helen?  What’s your favorite benchmark WOD?