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First Look at the 2015 runDisney New Balance Shoes!


New Balance and runDisney have released the new design for the 2015 shoes today and there is something definitely missing…color!  Well that is on purpost you see…  This limited edition 990v3 design features Retro Mickey and Minnie inspired by Steamboat Willie and celebrates the classic heritage of Disney and New Balance.  This is a lighter weight, stability shoe that provides support and superior cushioning.

The men’s shoe is black and features and images of Mickey Mouse as Steamboat Willie on the heel along with his signature.


The women’s shoe is grey and features a classic image of Minnie Mouse and her signature as well.


These shoes will be available beginning tomorrow, January 7th at the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Health & Fitness Expo at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex via the New Balance Virtual Queue.  Runners can sign up at using your bib number starting Wednesday, January 7 at 6:00 am.  All other guests can sign up Thursday, January 8 at 6:00 am.  Set your alarms!

If you are into more colorful shoes on your feet, fear not because the 2014 designs will also be available at the Expo.


And for all of you West Coasters running during Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend, these will be available at that Health & Fitness Expo as well.

So what do you think??  Do you like the new retro design??

Personally, I’m a big fan!  One of the things that I love about New Balance shoes are they’re retro looks.  In fact, I even own black and grey pairs of the classic 574s!  So to incorporate runDisney into a similar shoe is pretty rad in my book.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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A Celebration for the Final Finishers

A common fear that many runners have is not finishing a race.  We are always worried about staying on pace and occasionally look over our shoulders for the dreaded “Balloon Ladies” and sweeper vans.  What you may not know is that finishing last in a runDisney race is often as big of a celebration (if not bigger!) as it is for the winners!

Since race spectators mean so much to me, I often like to stay after I complete a race and cheer on the runners that are still coming in.  Well that’s if there is enough time left after I finish!  After the 2014 Princess Half Marathon, I made a point to spend some time cheering the runners on and I really wanted to see the last few come in.  I’ve heard they do something special and I wanted to see if for myself.

It was SO inspiring to see these final runners coming in.  You could see that many of them were struggling, but pushing through the pain.  Many had tears in their eyes and huge smiles on their faces as they saw the finish line in the distance.  And of course, Mickey, Minnie and Goofy were there in their regal attire to give them that last little push!




I just LOVE how Mickey is bowing to the Princesses coming by!  The woman below had hurt her knee and was wearing a brace, but man was she determined to finish.


Then came the final finishers.  I overheard that the woman in the center had recently lost her 2 children in a fire and she was completing this race for them.  She was arm in arm with her 2 friends and you could just see the mix of emotions on their faces…joy and sorrow.  It was incredibly emotional.  The characters ran to meet them and they all walked to the finish line together.




The strength she showed was simply amazing and bravo to runDisney for highlighting that.  A half marathon is a TOUGH journey and no matter how long it takes you to complete one, it should be celebrated.  Those final runners show incredible perseverance and deserve that medal as much as the first place finisher.

Have you ever seen the final finishers at a runDisney race?  What have you overcome to finish a race? 

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Registration Information for the 2015 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

Registration for the 2015 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend opens today at noon!  How did this get here so quickly?!?


The festivities take place January 7 – 11, 2014 with over 50,000 runners converging on Walt Disney World.  This race weekend is the ultimate runner’s family vacation.  There is something for everyone!  From the youngest in the family to the Dopiest of runners, you are sure to find an event for you.  Registration opens today at noon and you can click here to register for any (or all) of the events.   

Most races saw a 5-6% increase in pricing this year.  The prices are as follows:

Dopey Challenge

  • $530 by June 24, 2014
  • $560 between June 25 and August 19, 2014
  • $590 on or after August 20, 2014

Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge

  • $360 by June 24, 2014
  • $380 between June 25 and August 19, 2014
  • $400 on or after August 20, 2014

Walt Disney World Marathon

  • $170 by June 24, 2014
  • $185 between June 25 and August 19, 2014
  • $200 on or after August 20, 2014

Walt Disney World Half Marathon

  • $170 by June 24, 2014
  • $185 between June 25 and August 19, 2014
  • $200 on or after August 20, 2014

Walt Disney World 10K

  • $105 by June 24, 2014
  • $120 between June 25 and August 19, 2014
  • $135 on or after August 20, 2014

Disney Family Fun Run 5K

  • $60 per participant by September 23, 2014
  • $70 on or after September 24, 2014

runDisney Kids’ Races

  • $15 per child by September 23, 2014
  • $20 on or after September 24, 2014

Mickey Mile

  • $30 per child by September 23, 2014
  • $35 on or after September 24, 2014

Race Retreat Packages

  • $120 Full Marathon
  • $120 Half Marathon
  • $225 Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge
  • $225 Dopey Challenge

Pasta in the Park Parties

  • $54 per adult
  • $30 per child

Don’t forget that DVC members receive a discount on runDisney events!  Make sure to visit your member page to obtain the discount codes.

As usual for most runDisney events, packet pick-up will be required at the Health & Fitness Expo held at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex beginning Wednesday, January 7th.  There are so many other great events over the weekend, like the Pasta in the Park Party, Cool Down Party and more!  Visit the runDisney event page for more information on all of the events taking place that weekend.

You can also check out some posts from the past few WDW Marathon Weekends to get you excited!



So what race will you be running over Marathon Weekend?  

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On The Road To Disney Parks: runDisney Visits Atlanta!

I’ve been a HUGE fan of the Be Our Guest Podcast for at least 4 years now.  Not only is the show a great way to fill that Disney void between trips, but the community is like nothing else!  Everyone is beyond friendly and supportive, and there are a bunch of runners in the community as well!  So when I saw that one of the hosts of the show, Rikki Niblett, was lucky enough to get into the first runDisney Meet Up on the road in Atlanta, I reached out to her to see if she’d cover the event for RAD.  I’m so glad she agreed because she wrote up this awesome recap of the event.  This got me so excited for future runDisney events around the country!  Take it away Rikki!

I am not a runner.  I don’t pretend to be.  Running has never been something that I’ve been interested in.  Matter of fact, I’ve always said that I don’t run unless someone is chasing me.  At Disney races, I’ve always been a member of the chEAR squad. I love to support the real runners, but that’s as far as I like to take things.  (Heck, I even married a runner and while he was out doing “fun” runs around the neighborhood, I would sit at home happily on the couch with my iPad in my hands and the TV on.)

So, I bet you’re asking yourself…how did this non-runner get signed up to attend the first stop in the runDisney On The Road To Disney Parks Atlanta meet up?

For that story, we have to go back two years ago, back to 2011.  You see, a friend of mine’s daughter was supposed to run the (then) Disney Halloween 5K, which was tied to the Wine and Dine Half Marathon.  With no training, what-so-ever, I said I would run it, did so, and thus started my running relationship with runDisney.

2011 Race

I hadn’t done a race since then, at least until this past July.  My best friends are all runDisney participants, so when we were all onboard the Disney Dream, they wanted to run the Castaway Cay 5k.  I begrudgingly got up early to go run around the island.  Run…heck…I walked it…came in last, but I still got my medal!  So, here’s this non-runner that’s now two runDisney events.

Castaway Cay 5k

Which brings me to a couple of weeks ago.  My one bestie told me that she’d seen that Disney was going to bring their first ever On The Road To Disney Parks events to my city, Atlanta!  I decided to stalk the website with every intention of just signing up my husband.  Once we sent his email off to be entered to be chosen for the event, I thought about it and decided…you know…it’s only two miles…I’d just done three a couple of months ago…I should sign up too.  So, I did.

A few hours later, the list of names was announced and we were both on it.  Which is when panic mode set it.  Um…I was going to have to do this two mile fun run.

So, I logged onto my Pinterest account where I’d recently and ironically saved information on the Couch To 5k method.  I better start “practicing,” as I like to call it.  So, out I went, every day for practice runs.  I went from someone who could barely run 2 minutes to being able to get in 7 full minutes of running right before the event took place!  I’d officially run a little over a mile in my neighborhood during my practices and…I was kind of liking it.  I was ready for the event!


The On the Road To Disney Parks event took place on Saturday, November 16.  My husband and I got super up early and drove down to Turner Field, where the Atlanta Braves play.  Check in started at 6:15 am and as soon as we walked in, we could see the large runDisney logo emblazoned on the video screen.  We checked in, got our shirts with the awesome logo on the back and waited, snapping pictures and meeting up with friends, both new and old.


The event started off with an introduction from Michael Cain, who represented the ESPN Wide World of Sports.  Then we learned about Good Form Running from Brian with New Balance.  After that, Mickey Mouse came out to help cheer us on as it was now time to run!

Mickey's Here to ChEAR!

Mickey’s Here to ChEAR!

They split us up into two groups.  Group one was full of the runners, where as group two would be going out with Mr. Jeff Galloway himself to try out the 20/20 running method.  (Running for 20 seconds/walking for 20 seconds.)  I of course, chose the Galloway method, since I certainly couldn’t run the whole time.  Group two would also feature the 2008/2012 British Olympian Barbara Parker! (Who I kind of ran with for a few minutes during the event…how cool?  I can now say that I’ve run with an Olympian!)

Running With Jeff Galloway ©Disney

Running with Jeff Galloway!

I will admit, personally, this fun run was really hard for me.  It could be because of a couple of reasons.  One was that I’d never trained like that, so it was difficult for me to get a handle on it.  The second reason why I had a hard time doing the 20/20 method is because the majority of the runners participating in the event were also doing this method.  This meant that there was quite a large crowd all running together and by the time the front runners were starting running, we were just starting to walk…it was incredibly difficult to keep the correct pace.  I’m not knocking the method.  I’m sure it’s a wonderful one to use.  But for me, a new runner, it was incredibly difficult to get the hang of.  (Maybe I need to go outside and practice with it around my neighborhood to get the real sense of how it’s supposed to work.)

Despite how hard the running ended up being for me, I had an absolute blast!  It was kind of a chilly and foggy morning, but none of that mattered once we got on the road!  We started by running through the streets of Atlanta, going through a portion of the area that was used in the 1996 Olympics and past the Olympic Rings (with an Olympian!  Crazy!).  We then made it to the Capitol building, running all around it, then circling back to Turner Field.


running through rings

Once we made it into Braves country, we started to run inside the stadium, through the back tunnels.  This was fun!  Then, we turned a corner and saw the light, literally, as we could see our path lead us to the field.  Once we got on the field, we started taking photos in the dugout (I’m a diehard St. Louis Cardinals fan, so I made a joke about the Braves postseason run…though can’t say we’re the champions either…) and then we got to meet up with Miss Minnie Mouse herself.

in the dugout

with Minnie

We ran the rest of the way, around the warning track and made our way back to the main entryway for the park.  Here, runDisney had a fantastic breakfast for us that featured yogurt, cereal, a spinach and egg quiche, coffee, fruit, and water.

Once settled in, the guest speakers series started.  First off, Tammy Jacobson, marketing area manager for runDisney talked about a new hashtag that will be introduced called #WhyIRunDisney.  People will be encouraged to submit their own stories of why they run Disney and they may just want to share your story.

Jeff Galloway then discussed his run/walk method and gave encouragement that truly anyone can run in the big races.  Diet Diva Tara, runDisney’s nutritionist, got on stage to discuss proper nutrition and the importance of fueling up for runners.  She talked about how gaining wait while training can happen if you over indulge because you know you ran.

Diet Diva Tara

Diet Diva Tara

After that was the part that most of the crowd was excited for…the representatives from New Balance.  While they didn’t show the actual shoe, they did give us a sneak peek at which Disney character would be featured on the heel.  (Sorcerer Mickey will be on the men’s version, and pretty in pink Minnie will be on the women’s option.)  The shoes will be the same model, but an updated version of the 360.  Also announced was that there would be a kids shoe that would correspond with the adult version.

2014 Men's Shoe Design

2014 Men’s Shoe Design

2014 Women's Shoe Design

2014 Women’s Shoe Design

Olympian Barbara Parker then got up and spoke about what it’s like to train for the Olympics and she also announced that she was pregnant during the race that day.  She shared a few tips on how to properly run while expecting.

Barbara Parker & New Balance

Olympian Barbara Parker & New Balance

Finally, from Runner’s World, Warren Greene discussed that they are bringing back their challenge to the 2015 runDisney events.

Warren Greene from Runner's World

Warren Greene from Runner’s World

We all then got to take photos with Mickey and Minnie together!  Once it was over, we received some awesome swag bags, with a water bottle, Cliff and Luna bars, a gift card for Puma, and more.

With Mickey and Minnie

It was a truly awesome event that I am so, so glad I got to participate in.  If one of the One The Road To Disney Parks events comes near you, I strongly suggest you try to sign up!  They did a phenomenal job.

Personally, I believe I am living proof of what runDisney’s mantra is.  That anyone can run.  While I still wouldn’t call myself a runner, I have to say, I am excited to get out and go running now.  I can’t say that I’ll be doing the next Disney race I can sign up for, but I can say that I’m ready to get more active, a Disney race may be in the cards though.  You never know.  As for right now, I think I’m going to head for a run.  Thanks runDisney!  You officially worked your magic on me!

Thanks so much Rikki for this great recap!  I love to hear when someone else gets inspired to get out there and get fit from a runDisney event…that’s what it’s all about!

Where do you want to see the next On The Road To Disney Parks event ?

runDisney Rings

In my weekly perusing of the Disney Store website (ok, maybe it’s more than weekly), I came across some new items in the runDisney store.  Check out these new runDisney rings made by Jostens!

Mickey Mouse runDisney Ring Available for Men & Women

Mickey Mouse runDisney Ring
Available for Men & Women

Tinker Bell runDisney Ring Available for Women Only

Tinker Bell runDisney Ring
Available for Women Only

Mickey Mouse & Walt Disney (Coast to Coast) runDisney Ring Available for Men & Women

Mickey Mouse & Walt Disney (Coast to Coast Challenge) runDisney Ring
Available for Men & Women

Right now these are the only 3 rings available, but it can be assumed (like the new vinylmation medals) that in the future there will be rings available for all races and that the Coast to Coast ring will feature other race logos.

Rings include engraving of up to 3 initials on the inside of the ring and the base metal comes in 4 different varieties: 10 kt. gold, White Lustrium (a durable non-precious white metal), Solaris Elite (a yellow non-plated metal), and Silver Elite (A precious metal alloy composed of 76% silver, 10% platinum, and 14% other metal).  Prices vary based on the metal you choose and are as follows:

Men’s Rings 

  • White Lustrium – $399
  • Silver Elite – $499
  • Solaris Elite – $899
  • 10 kt. Gold – $1,399

Women’s Rings

  • White Lustrium – $399
  • Silver Elite – $499
  • Solaris Elite – $699
  • 10 kt. Gold – $1,099

These are a bit pricey, but that is to be expected coming from Jostens.  Maybe that’s why I never bought a class ring…

What do you think of the runDisney rings?  Will you be getting one for your next race?

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