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2014 Fit for a Princess Health & Fitness Expo

I’m very excited to welcome Heather to Running at Disney!  I’ve known Heather for quite some time in the Disney community and it has great to grow together as Disney runners over the years.  Today she has a great recap of the Fit for a Princess Expo with a lot of really fun photo ops!  Enjoy 🙂


Princess Half Marathon Weekend was my fourth runDisney race weekend.  I ran the 5k and 10k, so this was my 4th and 5th race! The corresponding expo seems to run smoother each race weekend. Last year’s Disney Fit for a Princess Expo was held at the Coronado Springs resort, which was a nightmare. The lines were insane, even for the buses to get into the resort! This year, it was thankfully back at ESPN Wide World of Sports, and I didn’t encounter any long lines or other issues.  I attended the first day of the expo on Thursday.


Staying at a host resort (which was every resort on property this weekend) makes getting to the expo easy. runDisney is really good with having signs up in the resorts and at the bus stops (even having signs directing you TO the correct bus stop), so you can’t miss it. The sign also has the times the expo takes place and the times when the first bus will run for both the expo and the races.


There’s also a volunteer at the bus stop if you have other questions. The same volunteer at Pop was there EVERY time I passed by, no matter the day or time. When I got on the bus for the 10k, I joked with her, asking if they ever let her sleep…and she was there when I got off the bus after the race too. A reminder to always thank the great volunteers during race weekends!

The buses seem to run pretty smoothly, and there’s usually not much of a wait for the next bus. The buses are all labeled with a number and the resorts it stops at, so you can’t miss it!


Soon enough, you’ll pull up to ESPN Wide World of Sports.


I love all the signs that runDisney has up for the different races ESPN Wide World of Sports. Everyone likes to take a picture with the sign for the race they will be running! And if you’re at the expo alone, don’t be shy in asking someone to take that picture for you! Everyone is just as excited as you are. 🙂



There’s also general signs up, with the schedule for the weekend.



They split up where you pick up your bibs and race shirts, so first I headed to the HP Field House to pick up my bibs.


I love the silhouettes on this screen when entering the building.


The overview of the floor. Pretty empty, other than the long line (which thankfully moves quickly enough) for official runDisney merchandise.


Picking up your packet is easy. Just have your signed waiver and ID, and find the correct line based on your bib number. In January, I left my printed waiver in the room (of course I remembered the second the bus started pulling away), but they have computers there to print your waiver. So no worries!


Around the official merchandise area, they have large panels with the race courses. I should have taken a picture with this one!


On one wall, they have a banner with all the runDisney WDW races throughout the year.


And there’s lots of other fun backdrops to take pictures in front of.


Two princesses were meeting in a corner of the floor, in front of cute backdrops. You meet both after standing in just one line. For a character hunter like me, the line wasn’t too bad. On the day I went, Jasmine and Belle switched out with Snow White and Mulan. On the other days, a really cute Princess Minnie was in the rotation (I almost went back to the expo on Saturday just to meet her!) I had a fun interaction with both princesses, and I was glad to see they weren’t rushing you!



Then it was time to go to the Jostens Center to get the race shirts and check out the vendors.


One of Cinderella’s Coachmen was by the entrance (other times during the weekend, you could meet 2!) In the past, the coachmen met in front of Cinderella’s Coach, and it was a great photo spot. Since last year’s expo was at Coronado, they met inside in front of a fake castle backdrop that was a little cheesy. I was hoping the coach would be back this year, but sadly no. I still never turn down a chance at meeting a fun character. 🙂


After walking on a red carpet, you go downstairs to pick up your race shirt. Usually the 5k shirts aren’t that great, but I loved the one this year! It’s probably the best design of any of the runDisney shirts I own. The 10k shirt was a tech shirt, but it is white, so it’s kind of see through. This was also the first time I exchanged a shirt for size at the expo, and it was a really easy process. I just brought it over to a practically empty stand, and they exchanged it for me. And if that still wasn’t the right size, they said I could keep exchanging. So no more worries about entering the wrong size when registering for a race!

I then checked out the official runDisney merchandise. Both buildings have a runDisney official merchandise area, and the one at the HP Field House is usually less crowded than the one on the main floor at the Jostens Center. Some merchandise, including the “I did it!” shirts, is only at the Jostens Center, though. Of course I didn’t realize this included some pins I wanted, so after buying a few things at the HP Field House, I got to stand in a runDisney official merchandise checkout line twice. I think that deserves a medal itself! 😉

Here’s all my runDisney goodies, including the 5k and 10k shirts I mentioned. I ended up only getting a few pins and the cute medal for the runDisney vinyl I bought in January. I’m looking forward to adding several more medals to that vinyl by the end of the year!


The shirt they sold for the WDW 10k in January was much cuter than the Enchanted 10k shirt. I bought the WDW 10k shirt without a second thought, but passed up on the Enchanted 10k one. And I’m not one to pass on something like that! The “I did it” shirts for the half and glass slipper were both cute.


I really liked all the Glass Slipper Challenge merchandise. Good thing I wasn’t doing the challenge. I would have wanted too much of the merchandise, so I saved a lot of money! I’m in trouble if I do the challenge next year, though!


Now that all the “official” stuff was out of the way, it was time to check out all the vendors!


The first thing I did when I got to the expo was to try to sign up to buy the runDisney New Balance shoes. I had tried to sign up online at 6am, but it kept giving me an error and then said it was sold out after 3 minutes. So I went to their booth to ask if there were still spots available, and was told yes, and to go outside and sign up.


Of course once I got there, they told me the line had just closed (this was around 10:30a.) I chatted with them a bit, trying to decide if it would be worth trying to go back to the expo immediately after the 5k or 10k over the next few days. Did I really need the shoes that badly? (Silly question, they are Disney AND they are pink!) It seemed like too close of a call so I figured I probably would be trying for them at a later runDisney race expo. But while roaming around the vendor booths, a friend asked if I still wanted the shoes. Uh, of course! She had a friend that wasn’t going to make it, so she was able to give me her confirmation number. I was so excited…until I saw on the board that they didn’t have my size in the Minnie shoes. I signed in anyway, just in case, and was taken to a super cute bench inside the New Balance area.


The New Balance worker was very nice, and double checked in both the store and on the truck, but they didn’t have my size. But then he said a kids size 4.5 or 5 is comparable to a womens size 7, and asked if I wanted to try. I asked if there was any difference between the adult and kids shoes, and he said the kids version just had more pink on it (bonus!!) I figured I had nothing to lose…and they fit! He was very patient when I couldn’t decide between the two sizes, and let me walk around the expo floor for a bit trying them out. When I finally decided on which size to get, I got a second bonus…the kids shoes were $50 cheaper than the adult shoes! So YAY for them not having my size! I can’t wait until we finally are rid of snow and ice so I can wear them (I’m not about to wear them through the slush to mess them up!)


The area by the registers has more fun photo spots, though I think Cindy should be wearing her running shoes here!


Though these glass slipper sneakers probably aren’t as comfortable as my favorite pair of running shoes.


After acquiring my beloved pink Minnie shoes (after everything, carrying around the New Balance bag felt like a badge of honor!), I headed over to the Sparkle Athletic booth to get a sparkle skirt for the 5k. Kelly was so helpful when I was trying to decide on my first sparkle skirt at the expo on January, I decided to ask for a picture this time. I have to laugh at the girl’s face behind me though!


I always seem to miss the Chiquita Banana lady at the expo, but I caught her this time! They were also giving out free bananas or apple slices after getting your picture. Since I hadn’t eaten all day, the apple slices tasted delicious!


I’ve never taken a picture with my bib before the race, so I finally did that in front of a nice photo spot of the castle.


It’s always fun to check out the runDisney booth. In January, this is where I got a picture with Jeff Galloway and talked with him for a while. It was a huge boost to someone like me who has just started running. I also love how they have the medals for past races. I will be doing my first half marathon at Wine & Dine, and just seeing this medal made it all the more real!


You can see in that picture the new buttons runDisney had this year. One said “my first 1/2 marathon” and another said “I’m celebrating.” Hopefully they’ll have these at every expo, because I didn’t even think to pick up the “first half marathon” one for the future!

I’m hoping to get all these medals next year (yes, I haven’t even done my first half, and I’m already looking towards my 2nd and 3rd! runDisney is some addiction.)


I’m holding off buying a fun rack for my medals until after I finish my first half. I can’t wait!


One more fun picture before leaving the expo. They provided the tiara and wand. 🙂


And runDisney wishing all runners good luck on the way out.


It was kind of funny to hear some people complaining about the long walk back to the buses after the expo. You’re going to be walking or running at least 3 miles during the weekend…this is nothing! 😉


I always end up spending a lot longer at the expo than I expect. There’s so much to see, take pictures of, and buy! I’m already looking forward to my next race weekend and expo in August at Disneyland!


Heather is an annual passholder that loves coming up with excuses to take a trip to the World. She started doing runDisney races for the characters, but then found out she actually loved running. Visit her website, I Love Characters, to see pictures of the over 200 characters she’s met at Disney World and Disneyland. Follow her adventures at Disney on twitter and instagram.

2014 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Race Recap

I’m so excited to have Kinnereth back for her second recap!  If you remember, she recapped the 2013 Wine & Dine Half Marathon with her fiance Andy and since Disneyland is her home park, I knew she had to do a Tink recap for me as well!  Take it away Kinnereth!


Hi RAD readers!  This is Kinnereth, I am happy to contribute a second time to Sarah’s blog.  I know that reading all the race recaps helps me before a race.  I like to know what to expect and how to prepare. I consider the Tinker Bell Half Marathon “my race”. My very good friend ran it with me.  It was a first for both of us when we ran in 2012.  We have since participated in many races together, including Tink each year.  It has been something we look forward to running and we try to beat our time each year. We drove down Saturday from Northern California with our fiancées, leaving at 2 am!  We arrived at the park at 7:30 am and watched the 10K finishers before trying to check-in to our hotel.  It was exciting to think the next day we would be running too!  Both of us felt a little twinge of “I wish I had signed up for the 10K as well”.  We hadn’t because there was no challenge offered and those registration fees add up quickly 😉 The expo didn’t open until 10 am on Saturday, so we headed over to Disney’s California Adventure park for a few hours.  We had lots of fun riding a few attractions before taking a break to pick up our race packets.


Thankfully the expo experience went very smoothly.  We quickly went downstairs at the Disneyland hotel to grab our bibs then headed back upstairs to get the goodies.  I loved the shirts they gave this year, much more silky material than previous races!  Plus they are a pretty magenta color.


We spent about an hour wandering around the expo, getting some KT tape questions answered and stocking up on Cliff Shot Blocks.  I was VERY tempted to buy the NB Cinderella shoes…  The only drawback to the expo was the lack of official merchandise left.  We were there shortly after it opened Saturday and we didn’t see much Coast to Coast merchandise and there were no “I did it” shirts left.  Definitely get to the expo early if you want to purchase souvenir merch.


After the expo we spent more time in Disneyland and ate some pasta at Pizza Port in the park.  Then it was early to bed for us 3:45 am was a very early wake up call come Sunday morning. We woke up, quickly dressed and headed across the street to the corrals.  I highly recommend staying close for the CA races, other hotels provide shuttles but I would think there are long lines.  We stayed at the Anabella Resort and were able to walk 2 min to the start line!!!  Both of us started in Corral C and we wanted to be up at the front to avoid as many crowds as possible.  It seemed like seconds before we were sprinkled with virtual pixie dust and we were off!

The course between miles 2 and 6 is in the parks and some parts are very narrow.  I liked the changes this year; instead of running into the park and to the right where Tomorrowland is, we ran left through the castle initially.  Some may not realize that the back of the castle is what you see on Main St. USA so I guess we were running the correct direction this year! Ha! It was about mile 3 that my friend had some tummy trouble.  She said she was going to just take it easy and enjoy the race and that I should go on ahead.  I was feeling great and hoping for a PR so I took off.  As I passed It’s A Small World the clock was striking 6:00 am and the characters were out.  I love this part of the race and I’m so happy that practically half of the race is in the parks. When we got out to the streets of Anaheim I was able to jog/run the whole 13.1, I took water about every other stop.  It seemed to me that there weren’t as many cheerleaders and bands as in years past.  I also noticed the new “Shhh… neighbors sleeping” signs.  I wonder if residents complained?


Miles 8 – 11 were more monotonous, we entered the back lot of DCA at mile 12 and I texted my fiancée that he should start looking for me. Plus, he is an expert photographer and managed to snap a pic as I flew ran by.


I was so happy when I crossed that finish line and got my text with my time!  PR by 6 minutes – the rest of the day I was grinning.


We waited for my friend to finish and by that time it was almost 8:30, so we figured we could head over to Disneyland park for opening at 9.  The Fantasyland rides become so crowded after the initial park opening and we wanted to ride Peter Pan and visit Tink with our medals.  We lined up for rope drop with many families who asked us what in the world was going on that morning!  We assume everyone at the park was there for the race, not so!

2014-Tink-Recap6   2014-Tink-Recap7

Despite a change of plans for her, we both love this race and we are so thankful that we can run it together each year.  See ya’ May 2015 Tink!

Sarah’s Note: I want to congratulate Kinnereth & Andy on their wedding next week!!  You two are a great couple and I wish you a lifetime of happiness!


I’m Kinnereth from sunny CA. Currently living and working in Napa with my fiancé, Andy (we’re getting married in 11 days!!!). I teach high school Spanish and work at a winery on the weekends. Both Andy & I love running Disney races, I’m also training for my first full marathon. I’ll be running the Napa Valley Marathon in March. Other than that our little Doxie keeps us busy.

Merchandise for 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend!

The Health & Fitness Expo for Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend opens tomorrow at 10:00 am!  Are you ready to see some of the goodies you’ll be able to get??  I have to say…some of the new designs are pretty cool!  Let’s take a look!

Race Specific Shirts






Race Weekend Apparel





Seriously, how cute is that onsie?!?!

Race Keepsakes







runDisney Dooney & Bourke Bags!


2014-WDW-Marathon-Merch-Dooney2 2014-WDW-Marathon-Merch-Dooney1

Apparently, this is just SOME of what you will find this weekend at the Expo.  I hope you have your wallets ready for some shopping!  Here is what would be on my list:

  • BondiBand
  • Pins
  • Pint Glass
  • Vinylmation
  • Race Weekend Track Jacket
  • Dooney Tote!

Don’t forget that if you are a WDW Passholder, DVC Member or Cast Member, you can use your discount at the Expo!

So what is on your list of must haves?

RAD Signature 100x75

New runDisney Merchandise on!

Nothing gets us Disney fans excited like new merchandise!  Well it looks like runDisney has released some new design and new items in on…one of which I’m VERY excited about!  Here are some of my new favorites:

Women's Jacket ($76.95)

Women’s Jacket ($76.95)

Adult Hoodie ($49.95)

Adult Hoodie ($49.95)

Women's Pants ($69.95)

Women’s Pants ($69.95)

Sweaty Band ($13.95)

Sweaty Band ($13.95)


runDisney Medal Holder ($59.95)

runDisney Medal Holder ($59.95)

Oh man, how perfect is that medal holder for all your runDisney bling?!?  They also have a few new 2014 “In Training” shirts for WDW Marathon Weekend….perfect to kick that training into high gear.

What do you think of the new merchandise?  Is there anything you MUST HAVE?

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