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We Survived Sandy…Now Give Me My Power Back!

Well that was an interesting 24 hours.  Insane wind gusts, trees down, massive flooding and power outages are widespread here in CT.  We lost power yesterday afternoon and are still sitting here in the dark…yay for air cards and external batteries!  B is going totally stir crazy and is actually outside raking leaves out of boredom.  Last night we did have fun putting glow bracelets on the cats…Neala is such a trooper 🙂 This morning we ventured outside to assess the damage.  There are quite a few trees down on our street and from what we hear numerous transformers are blown.

Here’s the tree that took out our power…split in half!

Tree farther down the road

The shoreline is a mess.  The road is ripped up from the water and I’ve never seen such large waves in the Long Island Sound.  Looks like I won’t be going out on my favorite running spot for quite some time…

Excuse my fingers…

Compare some of these to yesterday morning and you can see the major damage…

Look at the foam flying through the air!


In the grand scheme of things, we are VERY lucky.  I’ve been so worried about my family and friends in NY and NJ, but thankfully most of you have checked in…if you haven’t PLEASE text me!!!  So much of the city that I love and my old home of Hoboken is underwater…it breaks my heart to see what all of you are going through.  I’m sure my old basement apartment on 12th & Park is completely underwater 🙁

My Dad is in Monmouth County NJ and had 10 trees down at his house with one in the pool.  By some miracle, nothing hit the house or the cars.  But they are without power and the street and driveway are blocked by trees.  I couldn’t be more thankful that they are ok!

Dad’s in NJ

So B and I are safe and sound.  Luckily the nearby Dunkin Donuts had power, so we were able to get some coffee this morning.  Everyone else in town had the same idea…

My plan for the rest of the day is to enjoy the daylight while we have it and read a book while covered in cats…there’s not much else we can do but wait.

Covered in Cats

Thank you to everyone for your concern over text, Twitter and Facebook…you have no idea how much that means to me.  My thoughts will continue to be with everyone who has been hit by this storm and that recovery is swift.  And to UI…please hurry up and get my power restored.  I don’t want to lose all my homemade sauce in the freezer!  Plus, B is getting really antsy without his computer and it’s starting to drive me nuts!! 🙂

Scenes from a Saturday Run: October 13, 2012

It was chilly in the Northeast today!  We kicked on the pellet stove and commenced winter hibernation this morning.

Pellet Stove in Action

It got to about 50 degrees by 1 pm, so I decided it was a good time to head out for a run.  My goal was to try for 10 miles, but I wasn’t sure how I’d do since I haven’t done much running since the Tower of Terror 10-Miler.  Once I got out into the cool air, I knew I’d have no problem hitting that distance.  As much as I don’t enjoy the winters here in the Northeast, it makes for really good training weather!  Here’s a quick photo recap of my run…

Cinderella in CT???

GIANT Hill…this picture doesn’t do it justice! Yes, I ran up the whole thing 🙂

First view of the Long Island Sound around Mile 5

Mile 7 Stretch Break


I got the full 10 miles in and then some!  I even cut 8:30 off of my Tower of Terror 10-Miler time from 2 weeks ago!  It’s amazing what cooler temperatures and no humidity will do for you.  I had some shin splint issues in the beginning and tight calves towards the end, but overall I felt really strong and was super happy with my performance.

So how do I celebrate a 10 mile training run??  With Mexican food of course!

Love Boat Margarita…yes, that is a lime full of tequila

Chicken Mole Enchiladas YUM!

Did you get a long run in this Saturday?  How did it go?

Chilly Morning Run

Well after my guilt ridden post yesterday, I kept up with my plan and went out for a run this morning.  I was up at 5:40 am and made myself a mini whole wheat pita with peanut butter and banana.  I caught up on some blogs while I munched and then checked the weather.  I had a feeling it was going to be chilly since the heat in the house kicked on, but I wasn’t thrilled when I saw 45 as the current temperature.  I thought I had retired my cold weather gear until the fall!   I pulled out my favorite UA long sleeve (with thumb holes!) and geared up for the chill.

Sadly, this is not me in this pic 😉

I got in a good 3.2 miles along the CT shoreline.  The sun was just coming up over Long Island Sound and I saw 3 beautiful cranes fishing for breakfast.  I’m actually really happy that I waited to run this morning because the scenery was much more enjoyable.  The only downside was that it was low tide, which isn’t very pleasant when your breathing heavy during a run.  It reminded me of what the Bog of Eternal Stench would smell like from Labyrinth.  If you’ve never seen Labyrinth, you need to do that…NOW!


I tried out my new Injinji socks this morning.  Not so good.  They are much thinner than the Balegas that I usually wear and I now have the makings of a blister on my little toe.  This toe is prone to blisters on long runs, but never for 3 miles.  I thought these socks would prevent blisters because they isolate the toes, but I guess I need to just stick with what works and find a blister solution for longer runs.  Any suggestions?  Good thing my friend Amanda loves these socks, so it’s not a total waste.

Toesocks = Blisters

I wanted to share this great image that I found yesterday on the blog Dimples Does It.  This got me through my run this morning and is something I will continually have in the back of my head going forward.  I’m by no means fast, but I’m out there and I’m moving! That’s more than I can say about myself from a year ago and for many people who think I’m crazy for this journey I’m on.  Even if you’re walking, you’re not on the couch!

Thank you for all of the words of encouragement from yesterday’s pity party.  I know I need to be easier on myself when I veer from my schedule.  It’s a flaw of mine and I’m well aware of it…but there’s always room for improvement, right?!

How do you feel about cold weather runs?  What kind of socks to you wear?