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Friday Feast: New Lunch Menu at the Green Cabin Room

I’ve spent the past week at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort having what was probably the best vacation I’ve ever been on.  It was our 2nd annual Disney Beach House vacation full of fun adventures, some sun, great friends, laughs and good food.  That’s what life is all about right?


One of my favorite places to eat while at the resort is The Green Cabin Room.  The food is pretty good, but it’s this view that makes it one of my favorite locations. Stunning…


We had eaten there on our last visit (read my review here) and gotten a few appetizers to share with the group.  My friend Rick had mentioned that they recently changed the menu, so B and I decided to check it out for lunch.  Here’s the new menu:



The draft beer selection is pretty limited there with Miller Light and Yuengling being the only two options.  I went with the Yuengling and a glass of water.  Check out the paper straws they use here, just like the ones at Animal Kingdom.  Conservation is huge at this resort and I like that!


I had been craving a turkey club sandwich that day and was beside myself with excitement when I saw it on the menu.  YES PLEASE!  B decided to go with the Fish & Chips which I was happy about because that would’ve been my next choice.  I opted for the House-made Kettle Chips with my sandwich and also ate B’s Crunchy Slaw…win-win.



That is one good Turkey Club!!  I highly recommend it and I even went back the next day for another one! B liked his Fish & Chips, but thought the breading was too thick.  It was actually still a bit raw in some parts, but the fish was cooked through and tasted great.

I really like the changes they made to the menu, but the one thing I was disappointed they took off were the Crispy Pork Wings.  I was looking forward to trying those.  No matter what the menu is, I will always eat there or at least have a cocktail when I’m at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort.

Have you eaten at The Green Cabin Room?   What do you think?

Friday Feast: Landscape of Flavors

Walt Disney World’s newest resort, Art of Animation, has received a lot of praise for it’s affordable family suites, detailed theming and giant pools, all of which are amazing.  But today, I want to focus on the food there.  It’s no secret that I prefer table service meals to giant food courts, but the unique offerings at Landscape of Flavors sucked me in!


B and I went for lunch one afternoon and as is typical for a value resort food court, it was crowded and loud!  I thought B was going to turn around and run from the restaurant.  But since he’s such an awesome husband, he stayed so I could take all of these awesome photos for you 🙂

The dining room is vast and has 4 different themed areas based on the 4 areas featured at the resort: Cars, Finding Nemo, The Lion King and The Little Mermaid.  The space is quite beautiful, so make sure to take some time to look around…especially check out the light fixtures!

Finding Nemo Dining Area

Finding Nemo Dining Area

There are four main food stations set up for lunch and dinner and the choices are quite overwhelming.  I have to say that it took us a while to finally decide what we were getting…everything looked so good!

Salads & Sandwiches


Compared to other WDW sandwich offerings, these looked to be a step above the rest.  I think this mainly had to do with the bread.  The ciabatta for the caprese looked delicious!  The salad bar is huge and gives a TON of ingredients to choose from.

Create-Your-Own-Salad Bar

Create-Your-Own Salad Bar

And don’t forget the homemade kettle chips.  Oh man do I love me some kettle chips!

Mmmmmm...Kettle Chips!

Mmmmmm…Kettle Chips!

Pizza & Pasta


Being from the Northeast, I tend to skip over all WDW pizza, but the Create-Your-Own Pasta bar looked intriguing.  Here you choose your pasta, add other ingredients like shrimp, chicken sausage, or veggies, and then you have it mixed all together with either pesto, tomato or Alfredo sauce (or all three!).

The Disney Food Blog has been raving about the Cheesy Pesto Bread at this station lately.  This is more of that yummy ciabatta bread simply topped with pesto and mozzarella.  You really can’t go wrong with that!  And it’s a great value at $4.99 or for 1 snack credit if you’re on the dining plan.  I’m going to have to try this next time.

Cheesy Pesto Bread Photo Source: Disney Food Blog

Cheesy Pesto Bread
Photo Source: Disney Food Blog



I love that you can customize your burgers here!  Avocado on a burger…where else can you get that on WDW property?!  There are also come interesting options here including the Surf and Surf Burger, which is a crab cake topped with popcorn shrimp.  That’s a whole bunch of fried deliciousness.  Or you can try the pastrami cheeseburger, but make sure to schedule an angioplasty for the following week 😉

Oh so many burgers...

Oh so many burgers…

B ordered just a basic cheeseburger topped with tomato.  He said the burger was nice and charred, but I’m more impressed with that bun.  Seriously, I think I have a bread obsession…

Burger & Fries

Burger & Fries

And if the fries weren’t enough, B also got an order of kettle chips…I mean really, how could you pass those up?!



Tandoori & Mongolian Grill

LoF_Grill1LoF_Grill Menu2

Now this is the station I was looking forward to!!  I was just having a serious problem deciding what to get.  I originally ordered the chicken thighs, but then switched to the fish.  I don’t recall what the actual fish was, but it was a light, white fish with a butter sauce.  This comes with a choice of rice, I went with the multigrain, naan bread and a choice of one side.  I chose lentils for my side and also got an extra dish of spinach paneer (indian cheese), which is one of my favorite dishes.  Some other options are cauliflower, steamed veggies or acorn squash.

Mongolian Fish and Sides

Mongolian Fish and Sides

Spinach Paneer

Spinach Paneer

As with everything here, this was made fresh to order so I had to wait around 10 minutes for everything to be complete.  So worth the wait!  This was seriously one of the best meals that I have had on property, signature dining included!  Now I just wish the dining room wasn’t so loud so I could’ve savored it.

Desserts & Beverages

There are TONS of grab-and-go desserts here.  Cupcakes, pastries, mini-cheesecakses…you name it!


Pastries and Cookies

Wall O Cupcakes!!

Wall O Cupcakes!!

Assorted Cheesecake Bites

Assorted Cheesecake Bites

There is also a gelato bar here…that’s right, a gelato bar!!  This seriously kicks this counter service us a notch.

Gelato Bar!

Gelato Bar!

On top of the usual fountain beverage station, there are also many unique beers and wines you can choose from.  A great option if you’re looking to relax by the pool.

Beer & Wine Selection

Beer & Wine Selection

Smoothie Bar

And now my favorite thing about Landscape of Flavors…the smoothie bar.  I love smoothies!  I have one everyday for breakfast, so you can just imagine how excited I was when I discovered this.  This was the perfect fuel when I ran the Wine & Dine Half Marathon last year.  You can be sure I will be back for another one this year!

Smoothie Bar!

Smoothie Bar!

Smoothie Ingredients

Smoothie Ingredients

Mango, Blueberry, Banana Deliciousness!

Mango, Blueberry, Banana Deliciousness!

And lastly, I don’t want to forget the staff.  They were all very helpful in answering questions about the dishes (particularly at the Tandoori station) and I just love the colorful costumes 🙂


I know I will definitely be back for more Mongolian fish and spinach paneer, but it will be hard to convince B to go with me.  The place is VERY chaotic, so just be prepared for that.

Have you been to Landscape of Flavors?  What’s your favorite dish?