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RAD Reads & Weekly Review: May 27, 2012

It’s been an amazing week.  Our vacation at Vero Beach was absolutely amazing!  Just look at the view from our cottage!

Paradise in Vero Beach

It was a great place to relax and catch up on some reading.  I found some of these RAD Reads while I was there that I hope you will enjoy.

Running Posts
Meals & Moves shares an inspiring guest post from Kristen who underwent an amazing 12 week transformation.  

Dr. Rachel Runs had a great run at the Navigant Credit Union Cherry Tree Running Festival.  There was pizza at the finish line!

Sweat Once a Day is training for an Ultra.  You go girl!

Disney Posts
Studios Central gives an awesome comparison of Star Wars Weekends and Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival….two of my favorite events!

Walt Disney World for Grown Ups reveals the possibility of a nighttime safari at Animal Kingdom.  This would be so fun!

The Disney Food Blog provides great tips on how to enjoy the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.  It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

Weekly Review
Well, the best plans sometimes never work out.  I had every intention of keeping up with my training while on vacation, but much needed relaxation and fun with my friends got in the way.  But I did get in some exercise in the form of swimming, which is new for me.  That undercurrent is STRONG in the Atlantic and after and hour in the water on our first day at Vero Beach, I was exhausted.  What a great full body work out!

Here is my week in training:
Sunday: Rest
Monday: Swimming in the ocean – 1 hour…serious cardio
Tuesday: Swimming in the ocean – 30 minutes…light cardio
Wednesday: Walking around WDW – approx. 1 mile
Thursday: Spinning – 1 hour
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest
(In an effort to get these posts out earlier in the day, I’m going to cover my training from Sunday to Saturday going forward.)

Yes, I know there is a lot of rest in there.  Motivation has been an issue coming off of vacation.  I also have the Virginia Wine County Half Marathon next weekend.  I am really worried about injuring myself before the race, which I think is a main reason for my lack of training.  Probably not the best idea right?  I ran my last race injured and I want to run this one strong.  I’ve been keeping my cardio up with Spinning, but I know that’s no substitute for running.  I will definitely be going out for a run tomorrow, and the goal is somewhere between 8 and 10 miles.  Fingers crossed it goes well 🙂

Today I visited a new running store called Sound Runner in Branford, CT and had a fantastic experience!  Everyone in the store was very friendly and helpful.  I was in search of calf compression sleeves because my calves seem to take the longest to recovery after long runs.  It took about 5 days to get back to normal after the Princess Half in February and I don’t want to go through that pain again next weekend.  I tried on numerous brands and settled on the Zoot Ultra CompressRx.  They were about twice the price of the other brands, but the compression is AMAZING!  The others I tried on felt like regular knee socks after wearing these.  I’m excited to see how they work out!

While at the store, a pair of flip flops caught my eye.  I’ve never seen the brand OluKai before, but my life was changed once I put a pair on.  These are the most amazingly comfortable sandals I have ever worn.  The foot bed is made of memory foam and are based on their wet sand principle where the shoe supports and contours to your foot.  The arch support on these sandals is also incredible, something that is hard to find in your regular flip flop.  I think the combination of the compression sleeves and these sandals will make for optimal recovery after next week’s half.  I’m sure it will be an attractive look, so I will make sure to post some pics 😉

So in next week’s review I will hopefully have a glowing report from Virginia.  Wish me luck and I’ll see ya at the finish line!

RAD Reads & Weekly Review – May 13, 2012

First things first.  I’d like to send out a HUGE congratulations to my beloved New York Rangers who won a killer game 7 over the Washington Capitals last night to move on to the Eastern Conference finals!!  Next come the New Jersey Devils for a repeat of the 1994 matchup…bring it!!

Let’s Go Rangers!

Now on to some RAD Reads!  There were some great posts out in the blogoshere this week…check ’em out!

Running Posts
Meals and Miles gives and excellent recap of the Flying Pig Marathon.  Congrats on your PR Meghann!!

Women’s Running Magazine lists the Murphy’s Law for Running.  These are so funny and sadly so true!

Fit2Flex recaps the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Atlanta.  This looks like a blast!

Disney Posts
Mice Chat features George Taylor from ImagiNERDing who takes us back in time to The Top of the World at the Contemporary Resort.  There are some fantastic pictures from the 70s in here that you must see!

Touring Plans contributor Kristen Helmstetter recaps the Expedition Everest Challenge…her first 5K!  Way to go girl!

Disney Every Day shares the cutest cupcakes from the most beloved Disney movie scenes!  I LOVE the Aristocats one!

Disney Bound shows us how to dress like Duchess, my all time favorite Disney character!

Disney Parks Blog released some very funny promotional videos for Star Wars Weekends.  I can’t wait to go to my first one next week!!

Travel With Rick features the World Showcase Players in the UK Pavilion in Epcot.  This show is hysterical and shouldn’t be missed on your next visit!

Weekly Review
Last weekend started with a sore throat that turned into a horrible hacking cough during the course of the week.  I’ve had trouble sleeping and the cough has produced a terrible headache that I’ve had most days.  I had no congestion and the cough was more of a tickle in the back of my throat that wouldn’t go away.  Things hadden improved by Friday, so I finally decided to go to the doctor.  Good news, it’s not infectious, bad news, I have allergies.  I’ve never had allergies before so this is all new to me.  I left the doctor’s office with some Nasonex and orders to get some Claritin.  After taking both, I feel much better.  The coughing has died down a bit, which my body is very happy about.

I didn’t get in much exercise this week because I have either been hacking or extremely tired from a lack of sleep due to hacking.  Lovely.  However, I did FINALLY start doing some toning exercises again.  Even if it was only once, it was something.

Here is my week in training:
Monday: 2.15 mile run & 20 minutes arm toning
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Spinning – 1 hour
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 4.65 mile run

This week I need to pick it back up again for 2 reasons.

1. The Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon is only 3 weeks away.  This seemed to really sneak up on me!  I feel confident and strong that I can finish this, but probably not without some struggles along the way.  I’m hoping to finish in under 3 hours for this one!

2. I’m going to Florida at the end of the week, which will probably mean a lack in training for a few days.  Good news I’ll be walking around Walt Disney World for one day, which is usually at least 5 miles.  Then we head to Vero Beach for some relaxation.  There is a 10 mile bike excursion on Pelican Island that I’m looking forward to and maybe I’ll try to get in some runs along the beach.

So here’s to a great week…hope you all enjoy it!

RAD Reads & Weekly Review – May 6, 2012

Who’s ready for some RAD Reads?!

Running Posts
Lindsay’s List welcomes guest blogger Katie from Peace, Love & Oats who discusses how she bagan running and how running is quality time with ME!

Meals and Moves Blog provide some great insight on Three Tip Thursday.

Fit2Flex created a killer at home workout.  Remember, sweat is your fat crying 😉

Sweat Once a Day shares her recent marathon PR!  Oh and I should mention this is only 5 months after breaking her foot…amazing!

Disney Posts
Eating WDW takes us to the opening of Italy’s New Tutto Gusto Wine Bar.  The photos are amazing and it has exceeded my expectations.  I’m making this a priority in 2 weeks!

Main St. Gazette hosts a fun blogger roundtable and asks the question: What do you do in Walt Disney World when you need a night away from the parks?

Touring Plans provides a first looks at X-Pass that begin testing this week in the Magic Kingdom.

SamLand tells us what he would do with the Magic Kingdom if he was king.

Disney Avenue takes a look back at the ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter that includes some fantastic videos.

Weekly Review
Well it’s been a lackluster week of exercise and training for my next half.  My goal for yesterday was to get a 9 mile run in, but I woke up with a wicked sore throat that still hasn’t gone away…booooo.  So I haven’t been doing much in terms of exercise this weekend.

Here is my week in training:
Monday: Spinning – 1 hour
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 2 mile run
Thursday: Spinning – 1 hour
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Sore throat induced rest 🙁
Sunday: Gardening?

I guess I got a little exercise in today as I planted my vegetable garden.  I planted carrots, green bell peppers, and 4 varieties of tomatoes including Sun Golds and the heirloom variety Mr. Stripey.  I love that name 🙂

My Garden

Yes, I know it looks like a fortress, but I have some very persistent birds that I need to keep away from the veggies.  We also had to set netting up around our blueberry bushes, which are starting to come in nicely.  I can’t wait for fresh picked blueberries!

Bird-proofed Blueberry Bush

I’d also like to congratulate everyone who ran the Expedition Everest Challenge last night.  It looked like everyone had a wonderful race and I’m so proud of everyone who finished!

Here’s hoping this sore throat goes away quickly.  Have a wonderful week!

A Lack of Motivation…The Guilt

It’s one of those days.  You know, the one where you wake up with the best of intentions and things don’t turn out as planned.  The days where the motivation to exercise simply doesn’t exist.  We all have them and today was my day.  After a long day of meetings and planning for two conferences I have coming up, I was spent.  Plus I didn’t have my afternoon green tea, which usually gets me through evening exercises.  Oh and I had to go grocery shopping…blech.

By the time I got home, the last thing I wanted to do was run the 3 miles I had planned.  The whole drive home I kept telling myself “you  have to go run, you’re training for a half marathon.”  But that didn’t seem to matter, my body was not having it.  All I wanted to do was get in my comfy clothes and make an awesome dinner, which is something that always relaxes me.  Oh the guilt.  I’m part Irish so I do guilt well, even if it’s against myself.  I feel like I let myself down.

My next half marathon is 5 1/2 weeks away and I don’t have time to waste.  Training needs to be a priority.  How do I get motivated on days like this?!  I know, I know…I shouldn’t beat myself up about it.  I look back at myself from 7 months ago and I wouldn’t have event considered going out for a walk any day of the week, let alone a run!  And it’s not like I’ve been a total slacker, my last rest day was Friday after all.  So why do I still feel so guilty?!

I want to hear from you.  How do you stay motivated?  Do you experience “the guilt”?  What things do you do to keep your energy and drive intact?     

So my new goal is to go to bed early and get those 3 miles in tomorrow morning before work.  I can totally do that!  I hope…

On the bright side, I did make this fab dinner tonight.  Spinach stuffed chicken with tomato eggplant sauce and roasted broccoli…YUM!

Why does it seem like RAD is turning into a food blog?? 😉

I’m Afraid That I’m Injured

This is a bit of a “woe is me” post as I continue to struggle with my training.  I’m scared, concerned and nervous about the upcoming half marathon, especially now with the pain I’m in.

Crescent Lake

As I mentioned, I was in Walt Disney World this past weekend for a fun and relaxing trip.  While I was down there, I was able to run two of the amazing running trails WDW has to offer.  On Sunday, I ran the trail around Crescent Lake and down to Hollywood Studios.  This is where my left leg started bothering me and then proceeded to get worse throughout the day.  The pain was in my entire upper left leg on the first day.  Sitting, standing and walking were all excruciating.  I have no idea what I did.  I don’t recall twisting it or stepping the wrong way.  I did however run at a faster pace than I ever have, which I’m assuming was due to my excitement and the atmosphere of running in WDW.  I also stopped short numerous times to take pictures along the way.  Maybe all of the additional walking around the parks was just too much for my system on top of my training.

The next day was a bit better, but the pain now seemed to be focused where my leg meets my hip and walking was still painful.  It is now three days later and the pain persists.  I am writing this with a heating pad wrapped around my leg and I haven’t trained since Sunday.

This is seriously freaking me out.  I am only 3 ½ weeks away from my first half marathon and I don’t have time to rest.  I was planning on getting 9 miles in this weekend and at this rate I’m not sure I can even do 1 mile.  I don’t want to aggravate this and completely ruin my chances of running in the race.  Fingers crossed this is temporary and I will be able to start running again soon!