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RAD Recap for September 14, 2014

This is always a crappy week for me.  13 years have gone by and that one day still continues to have such a strong impact in my life.  Each year gets better but it’s never easy.  Much love to all my family and friends out there who have supported me through the years <3


Moving on to the lighter topics of Disney news.  WTF is up with this Frozen attraction replacing Maelstrom business??  This is making me slightly irate!  I love Frozen….no seriously, it’s one of my favorite Disney movies ever.  Awkward Anna is like me in character form.  However, a character based ride like this does NOT belong in the World Showcase.  First, World Showcase is supposed to “showcase” (hence the name!) the culture of the countries…I’m pretty sure Arendelle is not a real place, so no.  Second, can you imagine the bottleneck traffic this is going to cause?!?!?!  Norway is not a large pavilion and Maelstrom even has queues that go out into the square.  Can you imagine this business?!?  Blech.  This belongs in Fantasyland, NOT World Showcase.

OK, clearly I need to move on from my frustrations because I could go on for days!  Let’s talk about the Disneyland Half Marathon!  This week I featured 2 great recaps of the 2014 Disneyland Half Marathon.  The first was from a back of the packer (like me!) who made some amazing friendships along the way.  And the second was from a first time runDisney runner AND half marathoner…so fun to see this race through her eyes!

feris wheel-2014-Disneyland-Half-Marathon

It’s hard to believe that it’s now less than two weeks until the Disney Fit Challenge.  I’m going a little crazy that the WODs haven’t been announced yet, but hopefully that will happen in the next few days.  In the meantime, to clearly NOT prepare, I’ve been indulging in some local food and drink.  Yesterday, B and I went on another super fun Taste of New Haven tour where we sampled food and drink from some of New Haven’s best establishments, as well as learned a lot about the city’s rich history along the way.  Oh and of course I had to take a photo with one of the locals…


Lastly, I want to hear from you.  First, what Disney Parks Transportation would you Kill, Refurb or Marry? Any idea on where the monorail falls in my picks?


Then, I want to know how how you stay fit on vacation.  My friend John LOVED the fitness centers at the Animal Kingdom Lodge during his most recent trip.  I want to know what you do!


I also want to know who is excited about the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival!  I know I sure am…it’s my favorite time of the year!!  I’ve been studying the DFB Guide to the 2014 International Food & Wine Festival in preparation for my trip in 2 weeks and it is making me SO excited for all the new stuff I can try this year.  Have you checked it out yet?


Make sure to come back this week as I will have more coverage of the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend and Hannah will have more tips from her Mission to Marathon series!  Oh and I might have some Food & Wine Festival tips…I just can’t help myself but talk about all the foodie awesomeness!!

Have a great week!

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The Inaugural Glass Slipper Challenge Part I – Disney Enchanted 10K


When your flight gets indefinitely delayed the afternoon before you are about to take on a back to back race challenge, the panic begins to set in.  Will I make it?  Will I have to forego my registration for the first race?  Most importantly…will my vacation be cut short?!?

I found myself in this exact predicament on the Friday before I was about to take on the Glass Slipper Challenge during Princess Half Marathon Weekend.  A thick fog had rolled into White Plains, NY and no planes were landing or taking off from our tiny little airport.  Our plane was diverted to Syracuse and we were patiently waiting for the fog to clear so it could come pick us up and take us to warmer climates.  Sigh…  After about 5 hours of waiting at the airport and frantic texts to Amanda who was waiting patiently to pick us up in Orlando, B and I finally got on the plane and headed south.

By the time we landed, grabbed a bite to eat, got to our hotel, unpacked and settled in, it was about 11:30 pm…MUCH later than I would’ve liked given that my alarm was set to go off at 3:30 am the next morning for the Enchanted 10K.  Luckily we had thought ahead and I had Amanda pick up my race packet earlier that day…phew!

We wearily rolled out of bed, got dressed in record time and headed over to Epcot for day 1 of the Glass Slipper Challenge.  Because we didn’t have time to stop at the store the night before, I didn’t have any food to fuel up with that morning and I was starving.  Thankfully there were food trucks!  I grabbed a banana and was good to go…I don’t know how that egg and cheese bagel would’ve sat during a 10K!

01 Enchanted 10K

03 Enchanted 10K

02 Enchanted 10K

We arrived very close to the start time so after inhaling the banana and making a quick pit stop, we headed into our corral.  I have to admit, I wasn’t feeling great about this race.  I had hoped to be better rested, but things don’t always go as planned.  So we decided that we were going to tackle the Inaugural Enchanted 10K with smiles on our faces no matter what!

All of a sudden, our corral was moving, fireworks were going off and the race had begun!

05 Enchanted 10K

The first half of the course was boooooooring.  These are always the most difficult miles for me as I get moving and all I kept thinking about was how I couldn’t wait to get into World Showcase.  However we did see Elsa from Frozen soon we left the starting line…

06 Enchanted 10K

And the sight of  thousands of runners pouring out of the Epcot toll booths was pretty cool…

07 Enchanted 10K

But that was about it until…

08 Enchanted 10K

Yay!  World Showcase Lagoon!  Can you see the humidity in the air?  Yowza

From here on, the race was a blast!  There were sights to see and characters everywhere.

09 Enchanted 10K

010 Enchanted 10K

011 Enchanted 10K

012 Enchanted 10K

I even snuck in a photo with my favorite character Marie without standing in line!  Amanda has all the tricks 😉

A quick tour around the Boardwalk and Crescent Lake made for very tempting pit stops…

013 Enchanted 10K

I said hi to a few friends, including my girl Cindy, in front of the Beach Club before heading back into Epcot and back out into the parking lot for the big finish.

014 Enchanted 10K

And like that we were done!  It started sprinkling very soon after we crossed the finish line, so we grabbed our medals and made a bee line for the car.

015 Enchanted 10K

This was my first 10K at Walt Disney World and I really do love the distance.  I’m so glad that they have added this to many of the race weekends.  It’s challenging and can be completed fairly quickly, but there really needs to be some sort of entertainment added to Epcot Center Drive…that long stretch was painfully boring.  Plus with the shorter distance, you still have a fair amount of energy left over to get some good park touring in after the race.  I headed over to Animal Kingdom for a few hours to say hi to some animals and get in some fun character time.



Later that day we headed to the Osceola County Fair to support Amanda’s daughter at the steer auction.  It was actually a really fun experience for this Northeast city girl!  The big bonus was that I got to hold her 2 week old goat!!  I look like a crazy person…


After the fair we went to Splitsville for dinner where the service was severely lacking, but the food was good.  We also stopped in the new Fit2Run store in Downtown Disney for some KT Tape.  That place is nice…definitely check it out next time you are in the area.

Day 1 of the Glass Slipper Challenge complete!  We headed to bed fairly early to get ready for day 2…my 3rd Princess Half Marathon!

Disclosure: I was invited to attend the entire weekend as media.  My hotel expenses were provided by Disney.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own and I am 100% obsessed with runDisney events.

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Friday Feast: Goodies from Vermont!

Over Memorial Day Weekend, B and I decided to take a much needed getaway to Vermont.  We’re lucky enough to be only 2-3 hours away (depending on where you go) so it was an easy choice for a relaxing weekend.  What made the decision easier was discovering the VT Cheese Trail and seeing all of the culinary goodness we could experience there….oh yeah!

The weather last weekend was terrible in VT, but we made the most out of it and found some fab eats  Check out this bounty…

We started the weekend with a trip to Fat Toad Farm where I met my best friend Truvy…obviously we still keep in touch!

VT Food_Sarah & Truvy

Besides having awesomely friendly goats, Fat Toad Farm makes the most amazing caramel on the planet!  The goat’s milk gives the caramel a slightly tangy flavor that is simply irresistible,  At their farm stand, you can sample all of the different flavors.  I’m privy to the original, but the Salted Bourbon is a close second!

VT Food_Fat ToadLater in the day Saturday, we visited the Harpoon Brewery for lunch and as a respite for the rain.  When we arrived, we were happy to see the plethora of various vendors in the area.  After lunch we explored the surrounding village and found some wonderful finds at the Sustainable Farmer.  Bourbon Maple Syrup anyone???

VT Food_Sustainable FarmerB has an obsession with honey, so he had to get some of this deliciousness and my love of mustard got the better of me once I sampled Fox Hollow Farm Mustard which is mixed with balsamic…yum!  Oh and obviously I couldn’t leave without trying some of their maple taffy!

A new addition to the area was a vodka distillery, Silo Vodka, that only opened a few weeks before we arrived.  The building was newly built and incredibly stunning.  I was happy to see that they did vodka tastings (right up my alley!), so we headed over for a taste.  I was a big fan of the slightly sweet vodka, but B on the other hand was not sold.  Needless to say, we walked away with a bottle 😉

VT Food_SiloDay two began with a trip to a few cheese farms.  The first was Plymouth Artisan Cheese which was located on the Coolidge State Historic Site.  They had a TON of samples which we tried…of course…and settled on the three following cheeses.  They are all incredibly delicious!

VT Food_Plymouth CheesePlymouth also has a great shop where we also picked up a few unique items…

VT Food_Plymouth StoreAfter Plymouth, we headed to Vermont Shepard which was just a small farm stand, overlooking a GIANT pasture of sheep whose milk makes their delicious cheese.  Looks perfect to me!  Here’s what we picked up at their farm stand:

VT Food_Vermont Shepard

That ricotta is no joke!  Well worth the drive to VT alone!

Our next stop was at the Putney Food Co-Op which was recommended to us by one of B’s co-workers.  Basically this was a small “health food” type store that also had what looked to be a great lunch area.  There was a huge line for sandwiches, so we just grabbed a loaf of fresh baked sourdough and picked up some dill chevre from the farmer’s market outside.

VT Food_Putney Co-op

Our last stop was at Grafton Village Cheese and The Retreat Farm in Brattleboro, basically so I could play with more goats.  The specialty store was great and we ate our way through all the samples!  But we had already bought a ton of cheese, so we decided to just get a few chocolates for dessert 🙂

VT Food_Grafton

Clearly it was quite the culinary tour of Vermont…and this is only what we brought home!

What’s your favorite food from Vermont?

RAD Reads and Weekly Review: May 26, 2013

I just got back from a super fun weekend getaway to Vermont!  I got to play with a lot of goats and eat a lot of cheese…perfect weekend in my book!  I’ll be posting quite a few recaps in the coming weeks from our trip, so hopefully you’ll enjoy that.  See I can actually enjoy vacations outside of Walt Disney World…shocking, I know!



Pretty quiet week here on RAD.  Work has been insane, I had a friend in from out of town and trying to get some workouts in has eaten up all my time.  But here are a few things incase you missed them:

Another update for The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler, the race is now 91% full!  This is the last long distance runDisney event that is still available for 2013, so get registered if you’re interested.  If not, you get still register for the full marathon in January or wait for the Princess Half Marathon in February…this opens for registration on Tuesday!

Even with my limited time, I did manage to catch up on some blogs while we were driving to and from VT, so here are some RAD Reads for ya!

Running & Fitness Posts
Live, Run, Grow celebrates her 2 year runniversary by sharing her running story and her motivation to keep running…get your tissues ready!

Back at Square Zero takes a look at the Photoshop Fallacy in todays media.  Let’s be real people!

Gabby’s Gluten-Free tackles the Weighty Issues and looks at strong vs lean.  Damn I love this girl!

Disney Posts
Eating WDW enjoys Disney’s Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show.  I haven’t seen this since probably the mid-80s and I think it’s time for a return visit!

This Happy Place Blog has 2 great posts this week!  First, Estelle makes a great case for brunch at WDW.  Then James shares what makes him a repeat offender in going back to WDW.

A Pinch of Pixie Dust shares 2 great hidden gems at WDW resorts.  One under the stairs at the Grand Floridian and one with two fireplaces at the Wilderness Lodge.

Zannaland spends 24 hours in the Magic Kingdom!  She’s quite the trooper 🙂

The Disney Food Blog has 56 Must-Read Disney Dining Secrets.  Clearly you MUST read them!

Weekly Review
As I mentioned earlier, my week has been quite chaotic.  For some reason, May is ALWAYS a very hectic month for me and I can never seem to come up for air!  I have a very large conference for work in the first week of June, so once that is over hopefully things will die down a bit.  I knew I was exhausted when I slept 10 hours each night we were in VT!

My workouts were a bit lackluster because of this.  I had a few early mornings and some late nights that got in the way of my training runs and CrossFit WODs.  Here’s what I did get in and as always, to view a complete list of WODs, visit my dailymile page.

Sunday: 3 miles walking at CrossFit Games
Monday: CrossFit: Overhead Squats & 12 min Amrap
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: CrossFit: 2 Amraps
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest

Nothing to write home about, but I got some work in…  This week is going to be tough getting back into the swing of things after my food binge this weekend, but I’m going to give it my best!

Fun stuff coming up this week on RAD…Part 2 of my CrossFit Games recap, a look at my Dumbo Double Dare training plan, a look at all my VT food goodness and hopefully a few more things!  Have a great week 🙂

2013 Walt Disney World Marathon Race Recap – Part 1

So I left of in the days leading up to the marathon recovering from a cold and nervous as hell about this race.  Oh…did I fail to mention that?  Yeah, I was NERVOUS!

01 Marathon Tattoo

My alarm went off at the oh so lovely hour of 2:30 am and even though I only had 5 1/2 hours of sleep, I popped right up.  I didn’t sleep very well and I think I was running purely on adrenaline.  I stuck with my nutrition plan and made an english muffin with almond butter and a cup of green tea.  I also downed one last cup of Emergen-C and took some immune system booster vitamins.

I was happy I took the time the night before to lay out all of my clothes and the supplies that I would need to get ready.  It made getting ready much less stressful.  I taped up my legs and hip flexor with KT Tape, slathered on a ton of Body Glide (TMI?) and got dressed.  I made sure my fuel belts were stocked and recheck the bag of supplies I was having B bring me later in the race.  I was as ready as I was going to be…let’s do this!

Amanda & I ready to race!

My partner in crime Amanda & I ready to race!

I met up with a bunch of other media folks in the lobby of the hotel and we hitched a ride over to the Epcot parking lot.  We were given the unique opportunity to catch a glimpse of the starting line before any of the runners arrived.  It was so cool to see the event staff getting set up and ready for those 25,000 runners to arrive.  I’m a logistics geek…what can I say?  We were also able to watch many of the pre-race interviews (sadly I didn’t get to interview Joey Fatone 🙁 ) and see the wheelchair racers get set up.

An empty starting line...

An empty starting line…

The Road Ahead...

The road ahead…

OMG what am I about to do?!?!?!

OMG what am I about to do?!?!?!

Marathon Joe interviewing Bob Hitchcock of runDisney

Marathon Joe interviewing Bob Hitchcock of runDisney

I found Joey Fatone again!

Joey Fatone going for Goofy!

The runners started piling into the corrals and what was a ghost town one second was FULL the next.  This meant it was time to get going.  We were brought back to the starting corrals and patiently waited for the race to start.

Runners at the start line!

Runners at the start line!

In the corrals...ready to race!

In the corrals…ready to race!

Before I knew it, the National Anthem was being sung and the 20th Walt Disney World Marathon was minutes away from starting.  The most moving thing I saw during the day happened during the National Anthem.  Just behind me a man stoically raised an American flag and quietly stood there as the Anthem was being sung.  I have no idea if he was a war veteran or just a very patriotic citizen, but it was an amazing show of patriotism.  I was wondering what he did with the flag after the Anthem.  Did he run the entire marathon with it?!

10 National Anthem

Before I knew it Mickey began the countdown, the fireworks went off and the marathon was underway.  Please forgive the foul language in the following video…I couldn’t contain myself!

Mickey, Donald & Goofy counting us down!

Mickey, Donald & Goofy counting us down!

Before I got sick, my goal time to finish the race was 6 hours.  I knew that this might not be a possibility now, plus I knew the weather was going to slow me down a bit.  The forecast had been saying it was going to be in the low 80s with high humidity, which are less than ideal running conditions.  I decided to go at my steady 3 minute run/ 1 minute walk pace for as long as I could and then just go with the flow.  My goal on that day became to just finish.

The first 5 miles went by incredibly fast.  I kept a steady 13 minute per mile pace and I was feeling really good!  Call me crazy, but I actually enjoy that first stretch of World Drive after the first mile of the race.  It’s flat and a great place to really get your stride.  Oh and you have this great sight straight ahead, which always makes me run faster!  (I apologize in advance for any blurry photos and video…I was movin’!!)

Going through the Magic Kingdom toll booths just before mile 3.

Going through the Magic Kingdom toll booths just before mile 3.

I was so excited to see Jack & Sally near the TTC, but the line had at least 20 people and I didn’t want to waste that much time.  I decided that I wasn’t going to stop for character photos if the lines were long (most lines were very long!) because I knew I was going to need all of the time I could get on the back end.

Jack & Sally!

Jack & Sally!

The 5 mile marker was just outside of the Magic Kingdom and I crossed that at 1:07.  I was feeling awesome and was so excited to get into the park!  This was my favorite part of the Princess Half Marathon.  When you enter Main Street USA and see all of those people cheering from you, you can’t help but get a little emotional.  It’s quite amazing…

Entering the Magic Kingdom

Entering the Magic Kingdom

I was so excited to see the WDW Radio crew right ahead of me cheering like crazy!  My friend Suzannah saw me and called out my name…it is so amazing to see a familiar face, so thank you Suzannah for that!

WDW Radio Cheer Squad!

WDW Radio Cheer Squad!

As I turned that corner to see Cinderella’s Castle, I couldn’t help but smile.  They had kept the holiday lights on the castle just for the races…what a beautiful sight!  Further down Main Street, I also saw my friends Jillian and Kelly.  Jillian just ran her first half marathon the day before (congrats girl!) and it was so great to see her out there cheering all of us on 🙂

Running down Main Street USA!

Running down Main Street USA!

Look at that castle :)

Look at that castle 🙂

The course winds through a lot of the Magic Kingdom.  From the hub you head right through Tomorrowland and through New Fantasyland where there are a TON of character meet and greets!  Of course the best part of the Magic Kingdom is running through Cinderella’s Castle.  And what better way to do it than to be greeted by trumpeters!!

I just ran through the castle!!

I just ran through the castle!!

From there we wound through Liberty Square where I saw this guy with the best costume of the day…full on Snow White!

Yes, that's a dude

Yes, that’s a dude

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but the best thing about Disney races are the real bathrooms!  When you go through any of the parks, all of the bathrooms are open so make sure to make a pit stop here instead of at one of the Portalets.  My favorite restroom in the Magic Kingdom is the one between Frontierland and Adventureland.  It’s very large so you have less of a change of waiting in line.

The next few miles were fairly uneventful as we left the Magic Kingdom and headed toward the Walt Disney World Speedway.  The course did get very congested here as we were down to just one lane, so I had to stop and walk more frequently than I would’ve liked.  People were actually going on the other side of the cones, which was very dangerous because of oncoming traffic.  Don’t do this during a race…

The Speedway was a new element to the marathon for this year and was just after mile 8.  To get into the Speedway, there is a very steep downhill and uphill that proved to be a bit difficult for some runners.  But when we entered the track, we were greeting to the beautiful sight of the sun rising.

The sun rising above the WDW Speedway

The sun rising above the WDW Speedway

I’m not a big car person, so I didn’t think I would enjoy the Speedway all that much, but it was actually one of my favorite parts of the entire course!  It was a completely different experience from anywhere else I have run before.  All along the track vintage  and race cars were lined up and their owners were out there cheering…it was really cool!  As you could expect, various stars from the movie Cars made an appearance here as well!

Walt Disney World Speedway

Walt Disney World Speedway

Runners along the race track

Runners along the race track

Mile 9 came at the end of the race track and I knew we were now in for a long boring 3 miles up to Animal Kingdom.  The course goes up Bear Island Road which is pretty secluded (were we still on WDW property?!), but runDisney did a good job of placing various photo stops and entertainment along the way.  Santa’s reindeer and the toy soldiers were even out…they must be on their post Christmas vacation.  We also ran past the water treatment facility, which was just a gorgeous sight 😉

At this point in the day, the sun was starting to peak over the trees and the heat was creeping up.  We made the approach into Animal Kingdom and to my surprise there were a ton of animals out!  Now I’m a big animal lover and I have a small obsession with goats.  So of course I bee-lined for one of the goats and asked the handler to take my picture with him….he looked at me kind of funny due to my excitement and how I hugged the goat, but whatever…


I look totally crazy here

I immediately regretted this because now my hands smelled like goats.  Kind of gross when you want to wipe the sweat off of your face.  As soon as we entered the park, I stopped at the bathroom just outside Expedition Everest to wash my hands and splash some water on my face.

I made it to Everest!

I made it to Everest!

I had seen in prior marathons that runners have stopped to ride Expedition Everest during the race and I so wanted to do this!  This is one of my favorite attractions and where else can you ride a roller coaster during a marathon?!?  I was sad to see that the attraction wasn’t running yet so I had to just keep going 🙁  I know that is was open later in the day because I say ride photos.  But looking back, it’s probably a good thing that I didn’t ride because I’m not sure I could have gotten up afterwards!

Good Morning Animal Kingdom!

Good Morning Animal Kingdom!

As we exited Animal Kingdom, we reached mile 13.  I had reached the halfway point in the race in 3:08 and was really happy with that time.  It was a little over my original goal of 3 hours for the half and I was still feeling good at this point.  No major pain, no chafing, still had energy…yeah!  Oh how things were about to change…

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my Walt Disney World Marathon recap!! 


Disclosure: I was invited to attend the entire weekend as media.  My hotel expenses, meals and park admission were provided by Disney.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own and I am 100% obsessed with runDisney events.