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RAD Recap for August 31, 2014

I want to start by congratulating everyone who ran one of the races over Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend!!  I’ve had a blast following along and have some great guest recaps coming up in the next few weeks, including one from Jenny who completed her first half marathon and runDisney race…CONGRATS!!


I’ve spent the past week with my favorite people at one of my favorite places, Disney’s Vero Beach Resort.  It was relaxing, fun and full of laughs.  This is a trip I look forward every year and I am so lucky to get to spend this quality time with my friends…I hope there will always be Days Like This 🙂



Before heading home, B and I spent a night in Walt Disney World at Bay Lake Tower.  If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen all of the fun I had in the Magic Kingdom for a few short hours, followed by dinner at California Grill and Wishes! from the Top of the World.  What a great day!




After we returned to Connecticut yesterday afternoon, we stopped by the grand opening of Black Hog Brewing Co. before heading home.  Our friends from Caseus in New Haven started this awesome brewery that focuses on craft beer using local ingredients.  My favorite was Granola Brown…YUM!


Hard to believe that this weekend is the unofficial end of summer, but there are a lot of fun events coming up in the fall.  runDisney races, the Disney Fit Challenge, Epcot International Food & Wine Festival just to name a few!  Oh boy!  What are you most excited about?  

Have a RAD week 🙂

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RAD Recap for July 6, 2014

Did everyone have a great 4th of July??  It was a bit soggy up here in the Northeast which meant no fireworks on the 4th.  So instead I decided to take a look at my favorite fireworks shows in WDW.

Illuminations- Fireworks-Disney-2

We were visiting my Dad in NJ and decided to drive around a bit instead of being cooped up in the house. We went up to the Mount Mitchell overlook in Atlantic Highlands, which is the highest coastal point south of Maine.  You can see NYC and Brooklyn from here…even on a crappy day, it’s gorgeous.


Thankfully, yesterday was GORGEOUS so B and I got in some pool time before heading home. Handstand practice anyone?


On the way home, we stopped in Brooklyn to visit B’s family and eat.  Brandy decided to join us at the table as well 🙂


Overall it’s been a great holiday weekend!  Did you do anything fun?

Earlier this week, I went on a tour of a Grand Villa at Disney’s Bay Lake Tower.  Seriously…can I just move in here?!?


Michele shared her transformation story and how she lost 255 pounds!! Incredible.


Danielle focused on the hips this week in her Yoga for Runners series.  I LOVE these stretches!

Lizard Pose

And runDisney revealed the all new glow-in-the-dark medals for The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler Weekend and one features the hitchhiking ghosts!


Coming up this week I have some big news to share tomorrow, Crystal is stopping by with her transformation story, I’ll be taking a look at the air-conditioned WDW attractions I would like to Kill, Refurb or Marry, and if that’s not enough…John is sharing his experience from Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend in his Anaheim Antics series!  It’ll be a fun week so make sure to stop by!

Also, this Wednesday the 2015 Princess Half Marathon Weekend goes on sale to Annual Passholders and DVC members.  You can find more details on your member pages and DVC members don’t forget your discount!!  Will you be registering??

Have a great week!

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RAD Recap for June 15, 2014

Today I’ve been decompressing from our big family barbecue yesterday.  B’s entire family (all 23 of them) came to visit from NY yesterday.  I don’t think we’ve ever had more than 8 people over before so this was quite interesting.  I was nervous, but it turned out to be a really great day!  The food was great, we had a lot of laughs and even some hula hoop contests!


This week I also recapped days 2 & 3 of the CrossFit Games Northeast Regional and took a look at the 2nd week of my CSA…it’s all about greens this time of year!


It’s been quite an exciting week in the world of runDisney!  First let’s start with Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend.  I knew this was going to sell out fast, but the rate it sold out is insane!  The Rebel Challenge (Star Wars 10K & Half Marathon) sold out in a record breaking 26 minutes with all of the other races not far behind.  And faster than you can say Wookie, the entire weekend was sold out in about 2 hours! Pretty incredible.  The big question is…Did you get in?!?


More news from the West Coast this week was the big reveal of the 2014 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend medals. As Katherine pointed out that the ribbons for this year might be cooler than the medals themselves and I kind of have to agree…they are pretty rad!


In other happenings, Richard stopped by to share his transformation story, John was back with more Anaheim Antics and his recap of the Laguna Hills 10K, and I took a look at the Epcot pre-shows in a fun game of Kill, Refurb, Marry.  Do you have a favorite Epcot pre-show?  Here’s mine:

And last, but certainly not least, I want to wish all the dads out there a very Happy Father’s Day! Especially to my Dad…he’s pretty awesome and was the driving force behind my Disney obsession. Without that I never would’ve started on this Running at Disney journey and accomplished some of the most amazing things in my life.  Thanks Dad 🙂


Have a great week everyone!

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RAD Recap for March 23, 2014

Well I’m sad to say that my birthday week is coming to an end…it’s been quite a fun celebration this year 🙂  My week started with a visit from my Mom that was filled with great food and relaxation!  Throughout the week I took some time for myself and also had quite a few celebrations.  A fun thing about my birthday is that I share the day with my good friend Kat.  Needless to say we shared many drinks and cakes…


To end out a great week, my Dad and Stepmom visited this weekend for more good food and a lot of laughs.  I’m so grateful to have wonderful friends and family in my life to spend this time with and who love to eat as much as I do.  That really is what’s important in life, isn’t it?

This week on RAD, Hannah stopped by with some lessons she learned from the WDW Marathon this year.  She has so many great tips about listening to your body and making tough choices.


Also this week the Disney Fit Challenge went on sale and as you can imagine, I’m seriously excited about it.  I’ve made the decision to sit out of the The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler this year and to compete in the scaled division of this event.  Disney + Barbells = Awesome in my book!


Coming up this week is the on sale for the Inaugural Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend, which I’m pretty sure will sell out VERY quickly so be ready!  I’ll have all the details for you Tuesday morning.  Also coming up this week are some great travel tips for race day and a look at the ChEAR Squad at runDisney events!

As for me, I think I need a detox from the mass amounts of butter, cupcakes and wine I have consumed this week.  It’s been a blast, but I need to get myself back in gear.  Well maybe not quite yet…


Have a great week and make sure to check out some exciting news I’ll be sharing over on RAD Living this week.  It’s going to be life changing!

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Lessons Learned from the Walt Disney World Marathon

I’m super excited to have Hannah here on RAD today!  The 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon was her first full marathon and she is sharing her tips on traveling with family to race weekends and her struggles during the race.  Great takeaways for everyone!  But enough from me…I’ll let Hannah do the talking…


I fully intended to be writing a post about how awesome it was to complete my first marathon. How empowered I felt to have my family by my side cheering me on. And, about how we rocked it out in the park for the week following. At least I will get to tell you about the second two since I ended up pulling myself out of the race shortly after mile 16. But let’s rewind for a moment and get you all caught up.

Back in May 2013 I decided that I wanted to run the Walt Disney World Marathon 2014. When I told my husband he said he’d like to do it as well. So we both signed up.


As the date approached we talked with our families and invited them all along for the trip to Florida. My parents, my in-laws, my sister-in-law and our niece ultimately decided they would come down to watch us run.  I got to work putting together emails about Disney since my mother-in-law still refers to Magic Kingdom as “Disney” and openly declares that she “doesn’t like Disney, but loves Epcot.” I broke down each park into four emails — an intro email, two descriptive emails, and a conclusion email that included tips and tricks for that park. I also included a few general emails (transportation, resorts, packing, food, etc). I tried to space the emails out so they would arrive about once a week, but my schedule got a bit busy so some were grouped together.  I think the emails helped a little, but it still would have been easier if I had out-right planned everyone’s trip for them.


Despite the minimal hiccups, we were incredibly grateful that our parents, my husband’s sister, and our niece were there cheering us on. It really made the experience something special. We also enjoyed our time on vacation with them.

I do have a few bits of advice if you are traveling with a large group of non-Disney travelers:

  1. Have face-to-face conversations early and often to gauge their planning if you are not doing it all yourself.
  2. Buy a guidebook or order maps for your travelers.
  3. Spend their first day at the park with them so they do not get overwhelmed.
  4. Remember to tell them how much you appreciate them being there.
  5. Breathe deeply, plan some time apart, and definitely don’t share rooms…you will need your own space.


So back to it being awesome to complete my first marathon. That didn’t happen. In 2013 I had set a personal goal to complete 13 running events and I was successful in doing so. Unfortunately, those 13 events included three half marathons very close together (Sept, Oct and Nov). At my September race (Disneyland Half) I started having an issue with my hip feeling tight. By October (Hershey Half) it was incredibly tight, but I had attributed it to the “colder-than-expected” weather and my muscles freezing up. By November (Philadelphia Marathon Weekend, Half Marathon), I couldn’t deny that there was something going on. So I took a break from running and just never got my groove back before the WDW Marathon.

I kept up with working with my trainer (TRX and weight-training) and completed a 6 week boot-camp class. I figured I’d be okay because I had kept up my cardio with the boot camp, had lost a few pounds, and more importantly, about 3 percent body fat (woohoo!). Apparently it wasn’t enough. By mile 9 or 10 of the marathon my hip was irritated but not enough to be a problem. Then, around mile 11 my knee started aching. Around 12.5 I knew I wasn’t going to finish the race without a real injury so I let my husband know my concerns and we parted ways around mile 13. Where I sat and cried for about 10 minutes.

Then my stubborn butt said “I’ve done this before, I need to do more.” So I got up and got to mile 14, and then to the medic stop after 14 where I took a tylenol and kept plowing on until 15…then 15.5, where I stopped again and talked to one of the bike medics. He told me there was another medic spot after mile 16 so I pushed on and figured I’d make a decision there. And, so I did. I bailed.  The stubborn side of me could have kept going, but the “smart” side decided it would be better to pull out and not risk getting hurt.

To answer the two questions I’ve been asked most — Yes, I will make another attempt at doing a marathon (if you know me, you wouldn’t even bother asking that) and No, I do not regret my decision to pull out. What I do regret is a big lesson learned — train for a marathon. Train seriously. Take it seriously. It’s not a joke. Yes, I can do a half with very little training and still finish and be fine the next day. A full marathon is a whole other beast. You have to take it for what it is.

I do want to say that I am incredibly proud of my husband who ended up finishing his first full marathon! And, grateful that he’s agreed to do another one with me if I want him to.



Just a few tid-bit tips if you’re thinking of taking on a race at the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend.

  1. Go the expo early. I, and every other person you’ll talk to, can’t stress this enough.
  2. Take a cell phone or some means of communication with you, and set up a meeting point for after the race. We had one cell phone because we intended to stay together. Unfortunately, I was mistaken in believing I would be able to contact our family members at the medic stop…nope. Not until I got back to the finish area could I reach out to anyone. They were all really concerned about where I was after Jon and I parted ways and then we had a hard time finding each other.
  3. Rest before the race and after. We spent the day before the marathon just hanging out at our resort and the night after we did some Downtown Disney walking, but no park. We intended to hit up Epcot, but weren’t feeling it at all.
  4. Walk after the race. Man was it hard to get back up after resting for a few hours (we zonked out for about 2 hours), but it is VERY important to get up and walk.
  5. The parks will be crowded during the marathon weekend so take time to do non-park stuff on the weekend and try to stay for a few days after to visit the parks when they will be less crowded.

Overall, we had great trip and I wish you the best of luck if you decide to try a trip like this or a marathon!


Hannah is an attorney from Hershey, Pennsylvania. She started running in 2011 while preparing for the Bar Exam as a means of helping her focus on her studying. Hannah completed her first half marathon in October 2011 at the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco. In 2013 she completed 13 running events including 5 half marathons, 2 10ks, 3 5ks and 3 fun races (2 color runs and a zombie run).  She enjoys setting goals and crossing things off of her “bucket list,” and she is strongly considering giving the Walt Disney World Marathon another shot in 2015! Follow Hannah at, where she blogs about her everyday goals and challenges.

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