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Breakfast at Flo’s V8 Cafe in Disneyland

Mmmmm breakfast…one of my favorite meals of the day!  I particularly love when you can find different and unusual breakfast options.  So when I first saw the menu at Flo’s V8 Cafe, I knew I had to have breakfast there when I went out to the west coast for the Disneyland Half Marathon!

013 DL10K-Carsland

Nestled in the back of Carsland and overlooking the amazing Radiator Springs Racers, Flo’s V8 Cafe is like stepping back in time.  Back to the neon and nostalgia of the 1950s…it’s SO FUN!




I went in knowing what I was going to order.  Ever since the restaurant opened in June 2012, I knew what I was going to order…Chicken Tamale Breakfast please!  This is a chicken tamale with scrambled eggs, salsa verde and pico de gallo.  Right up my alley! The only problem with that dish is that I can’t eat eggs..sigh.

Oh well that was no problem!  They took the eggs out and let me substitute for a side.  WIN! Obviously I went with the amazing hash browns for my side…I mean, how could you not get that for your side?!?

As I was waiting my special order, I noticed the fun beers they had on tap for the later crowd.   Now I don’t like IPAs, but the Racer 5 IPA looks intriguing enough for me to try!


We waited a few extra minutes and got our meals…oh man!

The chicken tamale (sans eggs) with a side of potatoes was beyond amazing!  Honestly, I still dream about this dish…




B went with the more traditional breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns and a biscuit.  Oh man was that biscuit good!!


We grabbed a booth overlooking Radiator Springs Racers and went to town on this meal!


I have to say, even without the eggs, this is a meal I crave to this day!  That salsa verde is SO GOOD!!  Wait…did I already say that?! 😉

As a Walt Disney World regular, I can’t help but be sad that this is not an option over here.  That “California cuisine” needs to make it’s way east because it’s amazing!!

Have you eaten at Flo’s V8 Cafe for breakfast?  What is your favorite Disney breakfast?

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2014 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Race Recap

I’m so excited to have Kinnereth back for her second recap!  If you remember, she recapped the 2013 Wine & Dine Half Marathon with her fiance Andy and since Disneyland is her home park, I knew she had to do a Tink recap for me as well!  Take it away Kinnereth!


Hi RAD readers!  This is Kinnereth, I am happy to contribute a second time to Sarah’s blog.  I know that reading all the race recaps helps me before a race.  I like to know what to expect and how to prepare. I consider the Tinker Bell Half Marathon “my race”. My very good friend ran it with me.  It was a first for both of us when we ran in 2012.  We have since participated in many races together, including Tink each year.  It has been something we look forward to running and we try to beat our time each year. We drove down Saturday from Northern California with our fiancées, leaving at 2 am!  We arrived at the park at 7:30 am and watched the 10K finishers before trying to check-in to our hotel.  It was exciting to think the next day we would be running too!  Both of us felt a little twinge of “I wish I had signed up for the 10K as well”.  We hadn’t because there was no challenge offered and those registration fees add up quickly 😉 The expo didn’t open until 10 am on Saturday, so we headed over to Disney’s California Adventure park for a few hours.  We had lots of fun riding a few attractions before taking a break to pick up our race packets.


Thankfully the expo experience went very smoothly.  We quickly went downstairs at the Disneyland hotel to grab our bibs then headed back upstairs to get the goodies.  I loved the shirts they gave this year, much more silky material than previous races!  Plus they are a pretty magenta color.


We spent about an hour wandering around the expo, getting some KT tape questions answered and stocking up on Cliff Shot Blocks.  I was VERY tempted to buy the NB Cinderella shoes…  The only drawback to the expo was the lack of official merchandise left.  We were there shortly after it opened Saturday and we didn’t see much Coast to Coast merchandise and there were no “I did it” shirts left.  Definitely get to the expo early if you want to purchase souvenir merch.


After the expo we spent more time in Disneyland and ate some pasta at Pizza Port in the park.  Then it was early to bed for us 3:45 am was a very early wake up call come Sunday morning. We woke up, quickly dressed and headed across the street to the corrals.  I highly recommend staying close for the CA races, other hotels provide shuttles but I would think there are long lines.  We stayed at the Anabella Resort and were able to walk 2 min to the start line!!!  Both of us started in Corral C and we wanted to be up at the front to avoid as many crowds as possible.  It seemed like seconds before we were sprinkled with virtual pixie dust and we were off!

The course between miles 2 and 6 is in the parks and some parts are very narrow.  I liked the changes this year; instead of running into the park and to the right where Tomorrowland is, we ran left through the castle initially.  Some may not realize that the back of the castle is what you see on Main St. USA so I guess we were running the correct direction this year! Ha! It was about mile 3 that my friend had some tummy trouble.  She said she was going to just take it easy and enjoy the race and that I should go on ahead.  I was feeling great and hoping for a PR so I took off.  As I passed It’s A Small World the clock was striking 6:00 am and the characters were out.  I love this part of the race and I’m so happy that practically half of the race is in the parks. When we got out to the streets of Anaheim I was able to jog/run the whole 13.1, I took water about every other stop.  It seemed to me that there weren’t as many cheerleaders and bands as in years past.  I also noticed the new “Shhh… neighbors sleeping” signs.  I wonder if residents complained?


Miles 8 – 11 were more monotonous, we entered the back lot of DCA at mile 12 and I texted my fiancée that he should start looking for me. Plus, he is an expert photographer and managed to snap a pic as I flew ran by.


I was so happy when I crossed that finish line and got my text with my time!  PR by 6 minutes – the rest of the day I was grinning.


We waited for my friend to finish and by that time it was almost 8:30, so we figured we could head over to Disneyland park for opening at 9.  The Fantasyland rides become so crowded after the initial park opening and we wanted to ride Peter Pan and visit Tink with our medals.  We lined up for rope drop with many families who asked us what in the world was going on that morning!  We assume everyone at the park was there for the race, not so!

2014-Tink-Recap6   2014-Tink-Recap7

Despite a change of plans for her, we both love this race and we are so thankful that we can run it together each year.  See ya’ May 2015 Tink!

Sarah’s Note: I want to congratulate Kinnereth & Andy on their wedding next week!!  You two are a great couple and I wish you a lifetime of happiness!


I’m Kinnereth from sunny CA. Currently living and working in Napa with my fiancé, Andy (we’re getting married in 11 days!!!). I teach high school Spanish and work at a winery on the weekends. Both Andy & I love running Disney races, I’m also training for my first full marathon. I’ll be running the Napa Valley Marathon in March. Other than that our little Doxie keeps us busy.

2013 Dumbo Double Dare Recap Part I – Disneyland 10K

001 DL10K-Castle

I was really enjoying my first trip out to Disneyland, but after 2 days of park touring, then a long day at the runDisney meet up, the expo, park hopping and dinner on Friday, my legs were TIRED.  My feet felt a bit swollen and I was getting slightly nervous for the 2 days of running that were ahead of me.  I did almost 10 miles of walking that day alone!

002 DL10K - FitbitMy friend Danielle had told me about a great way she helps her tired feet before races.  Lie on the floor with your legs up the wall for about 10 minutes to let all the blood distribute back into your body.  It has a similar effect to compression socks.  So that’s what I did before bed and boy did that help!  This will be a go to for me before every race going forward!

003 DL10K-Tired-Feet

My alarm went off way too early, as it does for most Disney races, I went through my usual pre-race routine of tape, tea, body glide, etc… and headed downstairs to catch the bus.  I was staying at the Hilton Anaheim which is next to the Convention Center.  The ART (Anaheim Resort Transportation) was very convenient from here and all runners and spectators had complimentary service Friday – Sunday…score!

01 DL10K-On-BusI ran into my friend Liliane on the bus (check out her great recap of the weekend here!) and we walked over to the Disneyland Hotel to meet Amanda (read her awesome recap here).  On the way, we spotted these interesting shoes…was she running the 10K in those??

Photo is a bit blurry, but I believe those are Kanga Jumps...

Photo is a bit blurry, but I believe those are Kangoo Jumps…odd

I found Amanda and we made our way over to the pre-race area to get some water and see what as going on over there.  Not much was happening so we decided to head to the corrals after meeting up with our other running buddy Sarah-Irene (Sid).  But there was no clear direction on where to go so we just followed the crowd…

03 DL10K-Start-Area

04 DL10K-Ready-to-RaceOh you want to go to the corrals??  So does everyone else.  It was like a heard of cattle trying to get to one tiny barn door.  I actually sat down for about 5 minutes because we just weren’t going anywhere.

04 DL10K-Traffic-to-CorralsThis was the first time runDisney has held a 5K and 10K race back-to-back, so it was expected that there would be some congestion.  I was actually surprised the transition ran as smoothly as it did.  However when we finally made it over to the corral area it the National Anthem had already started and the volunteers were just funneling us into any corral and we followed the crowd into D.

05 DL10K-CorralD

Which I’m really happy about because I ran into a bunch of my runDisney friends!  Check out the awesome costumes!

06 DL10K-Sarah-Pam


07 DL10K-Sarah-Kinnereth


08 DL10K-Dan

Daniel & the Cars Crew

Thanks for making me feel lame in my black running tank guys! 😉  Before I knew it we were at the starting line and the race had started!  We didn’t even here Carissa & Rudy count down our corral!

09 DL10K-Start-Line

runDisney Announcers Carissa & Rudy

runDisney Announcers Carissa & Rudy

I managed to start my watch and the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge had officially began!  Yikes!  What did I get myself into…  Oh look it’s Jillian & Kelly!

011 DL10K-Jillian-Kelly

Oh look it’s Daisy Duck!  Girl must have been HOT!

012 DL10K-DaisyDid I mention it was hot?  No?  Well it was HOT….Florida hot.  I was hopeful that this would be the one Disney race I would be able to run in cooler temperatures, but no such luck.  Bring on the humidity!

The first 2 miles were pretty uneventful as we ran past the convention center, my hotel and back up Harbor Boulevard towards the parks.  We entered Disney California Adventure through Carsland which is so gorgeous as the sun was rising.  Here we stopped for a quick character photo..basically because there was no line.  But I think this turned out to be one of my favorite race photos ever!

013 DL10K-CarslandSid & I stopped here for a quick bathroom break (LOVE Disney races for the real bathrooms!!!) and Amanda kept on going with the expectation that we would catch up.  As we were leaving Carsland, I noticed my friend Daniel sadly picking up one of his cone brethren that had been knocked over.  Perfect opportunity for a photo bomb!

014 DL10K-Photobomb

I look like a lunatic!

The course wound around Paradise Pier and all of the World of Color fountains were going.  Even though it was too light to see the color, it was a breathtaking sight!  Or was that just because I was running??

015 DL10K-Paradise-Pier

The course wound through Grizzly Peak, Condor Flats, into Hollywood Land and through a few backstage areas before heading to Disneyland Park.  I hadn’t been through many of these areas, so this was a great way to see the park for the first time.

016 DL10K-DCA

017 DL10K-Grizzly

018 DL10K-Hollywood

019 DL10K-Backstage

We had caught up with Amanda at this point and she had ran into Ashley from FiddleDeeMe who I was super excited to finally meet in person!  Girl had an awesome costume…she was one of Minnie’s Fly Girls!  I was happy to have the group back together as we entered into Disneyland…there’s nothing like running down Main Street USA with your friends.  🙂

020 DL10K-Entering-DL

Entering Disneyland

021 DL10K-Main-Street

Such a tiny castle!

After the hub, we entered Tomorrowland and were already at Mile 4!  This race was going by quickly!  From there we entered into more backstage areas where the Disneyland Railroad Steam Engine and the Monorail were waiting for us and honking their horns….super cool!

021 DL10K-Mile4

021 DL10K-Train

And look…animals!  They looked so tired and confused why they were out there, but it definitely made my morning.  Remember during the WDW Marathon when I hugged that goat and then smelled like goat?  Well I almost went in for a sheep hug but quickly flashed back to that moment and thought better of it.  So I just took their picture…cuties 🙂

022 DL10K-Animals


Sadly we had to leave the animals and keep moving.  We entered back into the park in Toontown and got a a great shot in front of It’s A Small World…I love the facade of the attraction here!

021 DL10K-Toontown

024 DL10K-Ladies

We headed into Fantasyland for my favorite part of any Disney race…a run through the castle!

Video fail as I was holding the camera upright, but you get the gist.  It’s definitely a much shorter run through and doesn’t have that great echo that Cinderella’s Castle does, but still pretty awesome!

025 DL10K-Sarah-Castle

From here we headed into Frontierland, through New Orleans Square and into Critter Country, another area I hadn’t been in yet!  The course went backstage again and out into Downtown Disney as were entered the home stretch.

My friend Cindy (my #1 running cheerleader!) had been texting me encouragement throughout the race.  During the WDW Marathon, she started texting me song lyrics to get me through some of those really hard miles.  It got my mind off the suck and helped me laugh along the way.  This has now become an awesome tradition that we keep up for every race I run and I always look forward to it.


She’s pretty awesome right?  I was so excited to see her at near the finish line cheering everyone on.  Cindy’s been battling an injury, but I hope to be running through Disney with her soon!

025 DL10K-Sarah-Cindy

And there it was…the finish line!  The first leg of the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge was done baby!

026 DL10K-Finish-Line

028 DL10K-Medal

029 DL10K-Wristbands

This was nowhere near my fastest race, but it was probably the funnest!  Funnest…is that a word??  The course was great since most of it was run through the parks and running with my awesome friends meant we were laughing the whole way.

027 DL10K-Garmin-Time

The one downfall of this race was the lack of water stops.  There were only 3 stops and none of them had Powerade.  Given the high heat and humidity, this was definitely not enough.  Cast members were actually pointing to water fountains in the parks so people could fill up their bottles.  By the end of the race, I was seriously thirsty and was thrilled to see Powerade in the finisher area.  Even though it was the yucky blue flavor, I downed one whole bottle and grabbed another to take with me.

030 DL10K-Post-Race-Snacks

After we were sufficiently hydrated, it was time to head back to the hotel for a shower and a nap.  Sid and I took off through Downtown Disney towards the buses and were able to see some of the last runners coming through.  It was great to cheer them on for that last stretch!

031 DL10K-DTD-Race-Course

We also passed the Mile 6 marker which I saw during the race and thought was super cute because it was set like the Mad Tea Party.  There was a line during the race so we didn’t stop for photos, but now that the race was over it was the perfect time for one!  And look who had the same idea as we did…Sean Astin!  Sid asked if he’d take his picture with us and he was totally down…super cool guy!

Tea with Sean!

Tea with Sean!

So that’s 2 races with a Sean Astin pic (first was Princess this year)…maybe this will be come a race tradition!

Overall this was a great way to start the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge.  This was my first 10k and I have to say that I really love the distance.  It still feels like a challenge, but it’s not as daunting as a half marathon.  I’m really excited that runDisney has added more 10Ks to their race weekends and I think it will be a great opportunity for new runners to take that next step before working into halves.

When I got back to the hotel, I showered and took a quick nap before heading back out to Downtown Disney for some lunch and my RAD Meet Up!  Big thanks to everyone who stopped by…I LOVE LOVE LOVE meeting all of you 🙂


After the meet up, B and I headed into Disneyland for a bit, but it was so hot that we decided to head back to the hotel and relax.  Disneyland is so different from WDW in that there are hardly any indoor areas to get away from the heat!  It was a sweat fest for sure!

Later that night we met Amanda for dinner at Tortilla Jo’s for our pre-half meal and headed back early so I could get a good night sleep.  Round 2 was fast approaching and I had another early wake up call!

Friday Feast: Craving Disneyland Counter Service & Cheribundi Giveaway Winner

Sadly, I’ve never been to Disneyland.  I grew up in the Northeast and Walt Disney World was always our home park.  I’m dying to visit, not just for the unique attractions or to walk in Walt’s footsteps, but for the food!  Shocking I know…me making food a priority, who would’ve thought?

Because of the Disneyland Half Marathon last weekend, I was doing a lot of research on the Disneyland Resort for my fantasy trip and of course found myself looking at menus from the various restaurants.  Yes, my top priorities on my visit (whenever that may be) will be to eat at Napa Rose and Carthay Circle, but I was excited to see all of the amazing counter service options available.  I tend to stay away from counter service in Walt Disney World because of all the generic and uninteresting food.  Sure you can find a few good choices at places like Tangerine Cafe in Morocco and the new Landscape of Flavors at the Art of Animation Resort, but for the most part you will find unhealthy options like burgers and hot dogs.  This is why I was surprised (and a little jealous) of the variety available in the parks at Disneyland.  Let’s look at some of my favorites.

Given my love of all things Mexican food, I’m going to start off at Rancho del Zocalo in Fronierland.  The first thing that stood out to me about this restaurant even before I looked at the menu was the beautifully themed restaurant itself.  El Zocalo means “town square” in Spanish, so the decor is made to look like a an open air market in a rural Mexican village.  The tile work, fountains and glass lighting fixtures are quite charming.  Seems like the perfect place to grab a margarita…oh wait, no alcohol in Disneyland Park.  Boo.  Anyway, the menu is quite impressive for theme park fare featuring Citrus Fire-Grilled Chicken, a Burrito Sonara with “fajita-style” beef or chicken, and various enchilada platters.  Of course, I would go for the Grilled Fish Tacos, one of my favorite all time dishes.  YUM!

Citrus Fire-Grilled Chicken at Rancho del Zocalo

Keeping with the Mexican theme, let’s move over to Disney California Adventure.  The obvious choice would be to go to Cucina Cucamonga, but their menu is very similar to Rancho del Zocalo without the ambiance.  I’m actually more interested in Flo’s V-8 Cafe in the new Cars Land.  Did you know that they have a Chicken Tamale Breakfast on the menu?!?  That sounds amazing…I LOVE Mexican breakfasts.  This is a chicken tamale topped with scrambled eggs, salsa verde and pico de gallo.  I need one of these stat.

Staying in DCA, let’s visit the Paradise Garden Grill in Paradise Pier.  This is a fairly new addition to the restaurants in the area and the menu offers a variety of fun Mediterranean skewers, including grilled steak, lemon-oregano chicken, ground beef (Kefta), and vegetables with tofu for vegetarians (finally!).  You can then choose your sauce to go with the skewer like Tzatziki or Chimichurri.  All skewers come with rice, cucumber salad and a pita.  I love that it is healthy and that you can customize your meal!

Chicken Skewer with Chimichurri
©Heather Sievers
The Disney Food Blog

Lastly, I want to head back to Disneyland Park for more meat on a stick at Bengal Barbecue.  Here they have chicken and beef skewers on the menu, but the most interesting one of all is the the Safari Skewer.  This is grilled asparagus wrapped in bacon.  Yes please!!  That looks and sounds so good, but really how is anything bad once it’s wrapped in bacon.  Everything is is great to just grab as a snack to walk around the park with, and with all the skewers under $4 you can’t go wrong!

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Skewer
©Lynette Johnson
The Disney Food Blog

So this leads me to wonder why Walt Disney World can’t offer the same unique counter service cuisine as Disneyland.  Is it because Disneyland is more of a “locals park” and they want more variety than the average WDW guest?  Is California really that far ahead of the curve when it comes to good food?  Is WDW just producing for the masses?  I can’t figure it out!  All I know is that it makes me sad to see all of these wonderful dishes available in Disneyland and not at Walt Disney World because I am CRAVING good, quick food.  I guess this is even more incentive for me to go out west!

Why do you think Walt Disney World doesn’t offer these kind of options in their quick service restaurants?


Giveaway Winner

There was a HUGE response for the case of Cheribundi tart cherry juice in last week’s Friday Feast!  I loved all of your comments and the Ginger Cherry and the Whey Cherry were the clear leaders for flavors that you all wanted to try.  I can’t argue with you there since those are my 2 favorites.  And now the anticipation is over…the winner is:

Andi S. from Indiana

Congratulations Andi!!  I know you are going to enjoy all of that delicious tart cherry juice from Cheribundi.  Make sure to come back after you tried them and let us know what you thought.

Thank you again for everyone who participated in the giveaway.  I hope to have many more coming your way soon, so stay tuned!