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RAD Recap for June 15, 2014

Today I’ve been decompressing from our big family barbecue yesterday.  B’s entire family (all 23 of them) came to visit from NY yesterday.  I don’t think we’ve ever had more than 8 people over before so this was quite interesting.  I was nervous, but it turned out to be a really great day!  The food was great, we had a lot of laughs and even some hula hoop contests!


This week I also recapped days 2 & 3 of the CrossFit Games Northeast Regional and took a look at the 2nd week of my CSA…it’s all about greens this time of year!


It’s been quite an exciting week in the world of runDisney!  First let’s start with Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend.  I knew this was going to sell out fast, but the rate it sold out is insane!  The Rebel Challenge (Star Wars 10K & Half Marathon) sold out in a record breaking 26 minutes with all of the other races not far behind.  And faster than you can say Wookie, the entire weekend was sold out in about 2 hours! Pretty incredible.  The big question is…Did you get in?!?


More news from the West Coast this week was the big reveal of the 2014 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend medals. As Katherine pointed out that the ribbons for this year might be cooler than the medals themselves and I kind of have to agree…they are pretty rad!


In other happenings, Richard stopped by to share his transformation story, John was back with more Anaheim Antics and his recap of the Laguna Hills 10K, and I took a look at the Epcot pre-shows in a fun game of Kill, Refurb, Marry.  Do you have a favorite Epcot pre-show?  Here’s mine:

And last, but certainly not least, I want to wish all the dads out there a very Happy Father’s Day! Especially to my Dad…he’s pretty awesome and was the driving force behind my Disney obsession. Without that I never would’ve started on this Running at Disney journey and accomplished some of the most amazing things in my life.  Thanks Dad 🙂


Have a great week everyone!

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RAD Recap for June 1, 2014

I just spent an amazing weekend with my friends and among some of the fittest people in the Northeast. The 2014 CrossFit Games Northeast Regional competition was so much fun that I think I will have a fun hangover for the next few days!



Oh and I got this amazing shirt…how can you not LOVE things that vomit rainbows?!?


The news we’ve all been waiting for was announced this week when runDisney made the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend in Disneyland official.  Very exciting!

Photo Source: runDisney

Photo Source: runDisney

Also this week, Ilene stopped by with another inspiring Transformation Tuesday story of her 100+ pound weight loss and I took a stab at designing a new 10K course in Walt Disney World.  Check it out!

Coming up this week: more yoga for runners, Katie shares her inspiring story and maybe some daydreaming…come back to find out what that means 🙂

Have a great week!


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RAD Recap for May 25, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!  I can’t believe the summer is actually here…it’s so nice to finally have some warm weather.  I just love spring and summer here in New England.  My favorite thing (besides not having to wear shoes) is that local veggies are starting to come into season.  I signed up for the CSA at my local farm again this year and can’t wait for that to start.  But until then, I’m filling up on their asparagus!


So the big runDisney news/rumor this week came from a cast member at Disneyland Paris who posted a photo of a button he received after a cast member fun run that said to “Get Ready!” for the 1st Disneyland Paris Half Marathon in September 2015.  Since he posted those photos on Thursday, they have been taken down.  I’m assuming this was something that was not meant to be leaked since there hasn’t been any official word from runDisney.  I’ve also heard rumors about a Star Wars race coming, so hopefully there will be some big announcements coming soon.

In case you missed some of the other fun goings on this week, Cindy stopped by to share her story for Transformation Tuesday, I recapped my visit to the New York World’s Fair Anniversary (you know, where Carousel of Progress debuted!), and Jessica talked about running with Team Challenge for her family.  If you’re new to this blog, I suffer from Ulcerative Colits and Team Challenge is the endurance training team and fundraising program benefiting the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America.  I ran with them in 2012 and it was an amazing experience.  You can read about it here.

Later this week, I am heading up to Canton, MA to support the team from my gym, CrossFit Milford, and a few other local athletes competing in the Northeast Regionals of the CrossFit Games.  It is such a fun event! I had a blast last year and can’t wait for a weekend getaway with my girls!  You can follow all the shenanigans on my Instagram 🙂


Also coming up this week, Ilene will be sharing her story for Transformation Tuesday and I’m thinking of taking a trip out west this week…maybe to visit my favorite lounge that I’ve been missing lately.

Don’t forgot to enter my giveaway for a medal holder from Running on the Wall.  You can enter through Tuesday and I will be announcing the winner on Wednesday…don’t miss out!  Aren’t they cute??


Have a great week and remember to honor the Vets tomorrow. <3

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RAD Recap for March 23, 2014

Well I’m sad to say that my birthday week is coming to an end…it’s been quite a fun celebration this year 🙂  My week started with a visit from my Mom that was filled with great food and relaxation!  Throughout the week I took some time for myself and also had quite a few celebrations.  A fun thing about my birthday is that I share the day with my good friend Kat.  Needless to say we shared many drinks and cakes…


To end out a great week, my Dad and Stepmom visited this weekend for more good food and a lot of laughs.  I’m so grateful to have wonderful friends and family in my life to spend this time with and who love to eat as much as I do.  That really is what’s important in life, isn’t it?

This week on RAD, Hannah stopped by with some lessons she learned from the WDW Marathon this year.  She has so many great tips about listening to your body and making tough choices.


Also this week the Disney Fit Challenge went on sale and as you can imagine, I’m seriously excited about it.  I’ve made the decision to sit out of the The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler this year and to compete in the scaled division of this event.  Disney + Barbells = Awesome in my book!


Coming up this week is the on sale for the Inaugural Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend, which I’m pretty sure will sell out VERY quickly so be ready!  I’ll have all the details for you Tuesday morning.  Also coming up this week are some great travel tips for race day and a look at the ChEAR Squad at runDisney events!

As for me, I think I need a detox from the mass amounts of butter, cupcakes and wine I have consumed this week.  It’s been a blast, but I need to get myself back in gear.  Well maybe not quite yet…


Have a great week and make sure to check out some exciting news I’ll be sharing over on RAD Living this week.  It’s going to be life changing!

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Registration is Now Open for the Disney Fit Challenge!


Registration is now open for the first ever Disney Fit Challenge!

This is a a three-day competitive fitness event featuring age and skill divisions hosted at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex (WWOS) at Walt Disney World® Resort, September 26-28, 2014.  These CrossFit style workouts (WODs) will test your speed, strength, skill, endurance, balance and power.  Athletes will compete in 4 qualifying WODs on either Friday or Saturday and the leaders in each division will go on to compete in the finals on Sunday.  All athletes must be able to complete these following standard movements:

  • Push-ups
  • Air Squats
  • Weighted Squats
  • Wall Ball Shots
  • Lunges
  • Plyometric Movements
  • Dumbbell Presses
  • Sit-ups
  • Sprints
  • One mile run
  • Obstacles
  • Lift Conventional objects
  • Pushing or Pulling objects


You can register in one of the following divisions depending on your skill level.

Recreation Division
The Recreation Division is for athletes desiring a chance to test their fitness level against fellow competitors by seeing who can complete a variety of physical tasks the fastest. There will be general calisthenics, as well as strength tests of lifting and carrying heavy objects. This division will also test cardio-respiratory endurance through wind sprints or rowing or a combination of the two.   Recreation Division requires no experience in Olympic lifts or advanced gymnastic movements, as they will not be part of any event.

Scaled Division
The Scaled Division is for athletes that have experience performing high-intensity workouts that include Olympic lifts, Bodyweight movements and cardio-respiratory modalities.  In addition to the standard movements listed above, athletes may have to perform:

  • Olympic lifts (light to medium load)
  • Power lifts (light to medium load)
  • Knees-to-bars (females)
  • Toes-to-bar (males)
  • Pull-ups (males)

RX Division
The Rx Division is for athletes that can perform most benchmark workouts as prescribed in their box or gym. Athletes should be strong, excel in most gymnastic movements and have an ability to sustain a high tempo and pace while working through movements.  In addition to the movements required for the scaled division, athletes may have to perform:

  • Olympic lifts (med to heavy load)
  • Power lifts (med to heavy load)
  • Toes-to-bar
  • Pull-ups
  • Muscle-ups (males)
  • Handstand push-ups
  • Double-unders
  • Rope climbs

Elite Division
The Elite Division is for athletes that possess an elite combination of strength, speed and endurance. Athletes can expect Olympic and Power lifts, complex gymnastic movements such as handstand walks and muscle-ups, weighted pistols, and double-unders.  In addition to the movements required for the Rx division, athletes may have to perform:

  • Olympic lifts (heavy load)
  • Power lifts (heavy load)

Team Division
The Team Division will be comprised of three athletes of the same gender competing together. Teams will be able to partition movements and reps in most events. This will allow each team to strategize and take in to account each team members strength and weakness.   Teams will have the same movements as the Rx division.

All divisions will then be divided up by age group.  For those athletes that are 40+ as of the competition date, there will be a Masters Division and Masters Team Division with standard movements similar to the Rx Division.

Registration for the event is $175 for individuals and $525 per team.  You can use this link to register and select your division.

As many of you know, I have fallen in love with CrossFit in the past few years so this is right up my alley.  I have my finger on the trigger to register for the Scaled Division since I just don’t have a few of the basic moves for Rx down yet.  I rather ensure that I can complete each WOD then struggle through a couple of moves.  The weights will probably be light for me, but hey…maybe that will help me get to the finals on Sunday…YIKES!  Oh and the best part is that this is taking place during the opening weekend of the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival…the perfect treat for a day of WODs 🙂

Are you going to compete in the Disney Fit Challenge?

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