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RAD Recap for October 12, 2014

Fall is beginning to peak here in Connecticut and the chilly temps are taking hold.  Sweatshirts and scarves are coming out of hiding and I am trying to remain positive about my cold nose and toes.  This weekend I was handed the Northeast Baton as part of The Northeast Bloggers Network.  This is a fun project where a different blogger takes over their Instagram account for a weekend to highlight the different areas in the Northeast that we are from.  It’s been a really fun project! Here is one of my favorite photos from the weekend…


This week I started my recap of the Disney Fit Challenge with a look at my anticipation leading up to the event, arriving at Walt Disney World and checking-in at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex the night before.  It’s a mixed bag of feelings.


Now let’s move on to some runDisney news!  This week the 2015-16 race schedule was released and there were noticeably a few things missing.  Theories are abuzz around the Internets but only time will tell what all the changes really have in store.

2015-16 runDisney Calendar

What race or races are you looking forward to running next year?

Hope you’ve been enjoying the coverage from The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler Weekend so far. This week’s posts on Running By Myself…Not Really and Fueling for the Big Drop were not only great recaps of the race, but provided many useful tips for running any Disney race.  Big thanks to Holly and Shannon for the great info!


While we’re on the topic of tips, John put together a great breakdown of running gear basics.  There has been a water bottle debate in the comments and I would love to hear your thoughts.

Lastly now that the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is in full swing, it was perfect that the them of this months Kill, Refurb, Marry was Festival Food Booths. Scotland was hands down my choice to marry…what’s yours??


This week I will have the rest of my recap of the Disney Fit Challenge up, as well as more coverage from Tower of Terror Weekend and Hannah will be checking in with her Mission to Marathon.  I know there were a TON of you running this weekend in races all over the country including the Hartford Marathon and the Chicago Marathon.  Hope you all had great races and I can’t wait to hear about them.

Have a RAD week!

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RAD Recap for September 14, 2014

This is always a crappy week for me.  13 years have gone by and that one day still continues to have such a strong impact in my life.  Each year gets better but it’s never easy.  Much love to all my family and friends out there who have supported me through the years <3


Moving on to the lighter topics of Disney news.  WTF is up with this Frozen attraction replacing Maelstrom business??  This is making me slightly irate!  I love Frozen….no seriously, it’s one of my favorite Disney movies ever.  Awkward Anna is like me in character form.  However, a character based ride like this does NOT belong in the World Showcase.  First, World Showcase is supposed to “showcase” (hence the name!) the culture of the countries…I’m pretty sure Arendelle is not a real place, so no.  Second, can you imagine the bottleneck traffic this is going to cause?!?!?!  Norway is not a large pavilion and Maelstrom even has queues that go out into the square.  Can you imagine this business?!?  Blech.  This belongs in Fantasyland, NOT World Showcase.

OK, clearly I need to move on from my frustrations because I could go on for days!  Let’s talk about the Disneyland Half Marathon!  This week I featured 2 great recaps of the 2014 Disneyland Half Marathon.  The first was from a back of the packer (like me!) who made some amazing friendships along the way.  And the second was from a first time runDisney runner AND half marathoner…so fun to see this race through her eyes!

feris wheel-2014-Disneyland-Half-Marathon

It’s hard to believe that it’s now less than two weeks until the Disney Fit Challenge.  I’m going a little crazy that the WODs haven’t been announced yet, but hopefully that will happen in the next few days.  In the meantime, to clearly NOT prepare, I’ve been indulging in some local food and drink.  Yesterday, B and I went on another super fun Taste of New Haven tour where we sampled food and drink from some of New Haven’s best establishments, as well as learned a lot about the city’s rich history along the way.  Oh and of course I had to take a photo with one of the locals…


Lastly, I want to hear from you.  First, what Disney Parks Transportation would you Kill, Refurb or Marry? Any idea on where the monorail falls in my picks?


Then, I want to know how how you stay fit on vacation.  My friend John LOVED the fitness centers at the Animal Kingdom Lodge during his most recent trip.  I want to know what you do!


I also want to know who is excited about the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival!  I know I sure am…it’s my favorite time of the year!!  I’ve been studying the DFB Guide to the 2014 International Food & Wine Festival in preparation for my trip in 2 weeks and it is making me SO excited for all the new stuff I can try this year.  Have you checked it out yet?


Make sure to come back this week as I will have more coverage of the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend and Hannah will have more tips from her Mission to Marathon series!  Oh and I might have some Food & Wine Festival tips…I just can’t help myself but talk about all the foodie awesomeness!!

Have a great week!

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RAD Recap for March 16, 2014

Does anyone else have spring fever?!?  Daylight Savings Time came just in time for me as I was about to go completely stir-crazy!  The longer days and the taste of warmer temps have definitely brightened my spirits, but also have gotten me out and about to exercise and enjoy CT!  Yesterday I went to a really fun Escape to Spring Expo where I took in the smells of spring and gorged myself at some killer food trucks.

I have continued to stuff my face all weekend with more great meals to start my birthday week! My mom is visiting for a few days so we are doing a lot of indulging along with relaxing…both of which are much needed.  We also pampered ourselves a bit with some haircuts on Friday…look, I got bangs!


I also started getting back into a routine at the gym which has felt great!  I feel energized and ready to kick my training back up again.  Even after deciding not to give it a go at in the CrossFit Open this year, I tried WOD 14.3 yesterday and did fairly well given my lack of training.  I got through the 20 deadlifts at 155# for a total of 75 reps.  I have definitely lost a lot of strength recently and I’m determined to get that back!


I finished my recap of the Glass Slipper Challenge this week with the Princess Half Marathon, which is always fun but this time it was a bit of an emotional journey.

019 Princess-Half-2014

Heather from I Love Characters! also stopped by this week to give a really fun recap of the Fit for a Princess Expo.  She got some rad photos and also made off with some great runDisney swag!


And in case you missed it, this week was time for another fun game of Kill, Marry, Refub where we looked at World Showcase Counter Service Spots…what do you think my picks were???


I’ve also been thinking about getting a GoPro Camera.  Does anyone out there have one? Do you love it? Hate it? After watching this super fun video from my friend Alli’s family vacation to WDW, I think this would be a GREAT way to capture my vacations and all of my runDisney experiences.

Well I’m off to enjoy my last night with my Mom and the beginning of my favorite week of the year…my birthday week!

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RAD Reads and Weekly Review: June 9, 2013

Well it’s been an exhausting week!  I had a regional conference for work that I was managing with the 5 other New England States this week, and I spent Tuesday – Thursday out at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods.  It was an exhausting few days full of long hours running around, schmoozing and stuffing tote bags.

Tote Bag Stuffing Hell

Tote Bag Stuffing Hell

But I did manage to have some fun along the way!  My room had an amazing view…



I had a few cocktails and some wonderful meals…

Grey Goose & Some Slots

Grey Goose & Some Slots

CraftSteak Deliciousness!

CraftSteak Deliciousness!

And I met some new friends…

LionNeedless to say, I’m still a bit exhausted, but I’ve been having some R&R with family, friends and the kitties this weekend…it’s just what I needed!

Such a tough life...

Such a tough life…

Somehow I managed to get a few posts together this week mainly consisting of runDisney news…here’s what you might have missed:

And now on to some RAD Reads!

Running & Fitness Posts
Mommy Run Fast has 6 important strength exercises for runners that you can do at home.  I definitely need to do more calf raises.

MizFit Online shares how she never felt stoppable even when she was at her unhealthiest and is using that message to encourage her daughter and all women.

Gabby’s Gluten-Free explains why she doesn’t want to be perfect…hell yeah sista!

Disney Posts
This Happy Place Blog has been taking a look at the Disney Cruise Line all week.  Here are some of the different places Estelle wants to visit while cruising.

Disney Every Day visits Cars Land and takes a ride on Radiator Springs Racers in Disney California Adventure.  This is getting me so excited for my Disneyland trip!!

The Bwana Blog reviews the all new Wilderness Explorers interactive game at Disney’s Animal Kingdom…can’t wait to try this!

Weekly Review
Well, I definitely didn’t keep up with my training this week.  The gym at the hotel didn’t open until 6:30 am and since I had to be on the floor by 7:30 am that wasn’t going to work.  But thanks to my new Fitbit Flex (full review coming this week!), I was able keep track of all the walking I did while at the conference!  Here’s how it went down and as always, to view a complete list of WODs, visit my dailymile page.

Sunday: 4.72 mile run
Monday: CrossFit: Squats all day long
Tuesday: 2.17 mile run (inc. 1 mile hill sprints) + 5 miles conference walking
Wednesday: 4.5 miles conference walking
Thursday: 3 miles conference walking
Friday: CrossFit: Deadlifts & Pushups
Saturday: Rest

Next Saturday, I’m participating in the Gladiator Gauntlet, a fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation being put on by my box CrossFit Milford.

Gladiator GaunletWe haven’t been given many details about the event, but I do know that teams of 4 have to “complete a 2.5 mile course through streams, woods, fields, up, over, under, obstacles and finish different mini WODs along the way.”  I’m expecting muddy burpees, log carrying and who knows what else…wish me luck!

Nemo Found the Northeast

When I usually think of Nemo, I think of this little guy:


Not this:


Last night, winter storm Nemo dropped over 30 inches of snow on the Connecticut shoreline and we woke up to a winter wonderland.  We also found ourselves completely snowed in and facing the daunting task of digging out!

The backyard

The backyard

The Back Door!

The Back Door!

Turtle is completely covered!

Turtle is completely covered!

Snow on the front of the house...

Snow on the front of the house…that drift is definitely over 4 feet!

B and I bundled up and began the dig out around 10:30 am.  It was quite the undertaking…

Broke out the winter gear

Broke out the winter gear

It's COLD!

It’s COLD!

The snow had just stopped, but the wind was killer!  It made shoveling difficult because everything you would do would just blow back in your face!  Plus the snow was thick, wet and heavy…the worst conditions for shoveling.  But I did have time for a little fun 🙂

Here's what B thinks of the snow...

Here’s what B thinks of the snow…

It was like sitting in a chair!

It was like sitting in a chair!

That's an impressive snow angel ;)

That’s an impressive snow angel 😉

We pulled out the snow blower for this one, but the snow was so deep that it was having difficulty cutting through it.  We had to do a combo of shoveling to break up the snow then snow blowing to get rid of it.

So deep!!

Too deep!!

I lasted about 2 hours out there.  We were able to make good headway down the pathway to the driveway, around the cars and out to the sidewalk.  It was quite the workout!  I’m so thankful for CrossFit today 🙂

Walkway tunnel

Walkway tunnel

I see a wheel!

I see a wheel!

There's Gretta!!

There’s Gretta!!

B continued on to clean the sidewalk with the snowblower and I went inside to make some adult hot chocolate and heat up leftover chocolate chili.  It’s a chocolate kind of day.  And yes, I said chocolate chili…look for the recipe in an upcoming Friday Feast 🙂

Hot Chocolate


Chocolate Chili...YUM!

Chocolate Chili…YUM!

So Nemo sure found us…with a vengeance   We’re still snowed in since the plows haven’t come by yet, but I’m fine with that.  I have my cats and the pellet stove to keep me cozy and warm!


Did Nemo find you?  How did you make out in the storm?