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RAD Recap for March 9, 2014

Registration for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon came and went in a flash didn’t it?!?  The event went on sale Tuesday at noon and quickly sold out in 24 hours, which is becoming very common with runDisney races these days.  Are you one of the lucky ones who will be running to the finish WINE this year?


More big news to come from Disney Sports this week with the Disney Fit Challenge!  I’m beyond excited about this competitive fitness event coming to the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in September.  I have already decided that I’m not going to run The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler this year, so I think I just might have to make a trip for this event.


Also this week, I’ve began coverage of Princess Half Marathon Weekend.  First, Sarah from Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free in WDW stopped by again to recap her 4th 5K of this runDisney season, the Cinderella Royal Family 5K!


And I began part 1 of my Glass Slipper Challenge coverage with the Disney Enchanted 10K.  Stay tuned for Part 2 this week!

015 Enchanted 10K

I’ve got a busy week coming up followed by what I’m sure will be a fun visit from my Mom.  We have a spa day planned, maybe an afternoon at the theater and a whole lot of relaxing.  Just what I need 🙂

Remember, if you have any stories you want to share here on RAD, I want to hear them!  Shoot me an email at and let me know if you are interested!  Have a great week!

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Cinderella Royal Family 5K Race Recap

Sarah Norris is back for her fourth and final 5K recap of this runDisney race season.  It’s been great to follow her journey since October when she ran her first 5K ever and to see how much she’s improved.  What makes this recap even better is that she shared this race with her family…wait til you see how her brother joined in on the Princess fun!


I can hardly believe that this is my last race recap for the 2013-2014 runDisney season. Thanks again to Sarah for all of her words of encouragement and for letting me share my race experiences with you all. It’s been an exciting year, and I’m already signed up for races in the 2014-2015 runDisney race season.

The Princess Half Marathon Weekend was an extra special one for me, as my family members were also running the race. Both my brother & my stepdad were running the Cinderella Royal Family 5K with me, and it was exciting to share the race experience with them. It was even more exciting to see them dress up…more on that later!

Like the Family Fun Run 5K during Marathon Weekend in January, the Royal Family 5K race course was at Epcot (in fact, the same course). Running through Epcot is a really cool race experience and this one proved to be no different.


Before the race, we had to head to the Fit for a Princess Expo at the Jostens Center to pick up our race bibs and shirts. Packet pickup for the race was in the HP Field House, as it has been for most of the races I’ve participated in this year and really easy to find. I also did the race pick-up for my stepdad and that was the first time I’ve ever done that. Disney really makes it easy, and I got his bib faster than you can say “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!” I was nervous to see what race corral I was in because my number was a little higher, but I was thankful to see that I scored corral B.


Once we got our bibs, we headed to the expo, and I have to say, Disney really pulls all the stops out for this one! I loved the photo ops with the handsome footmen and the red carpet that lined the path to the expo. Fit for a princess was certainly a fitting name for this expo!


This expo was really busy and packed with great vendors. I have to say that I think this race expo might have been the busiest of any that I have attended this race season. Kinda crazy! We made sure to pick up our t-shirts first (which were my favorite of the season) and then look at the official runDisney race merchandise. I loved the tutus that you could purchase. I always make sure to visit a few of my favorite vendors: Sparkle Athletic and Sparkly Soul. A girl’s gotta have some bling when she runs! I had originally planned a Merida themed costume but not all of my gear arrived in time, so I went with a purple sparkly outfit and needed to pick up a purple sparkle skirt and purple sparkly headband.

If you visit the expo, definitely take your time to wander. There is so much to see and do at them. And make sure to also check out some of the seminars. You can hear some great tips on running and nutrition from some of the world’s top experts including Jeff Galloway.

Once we finished exploring the expo and getting all of our official gear, we took the day to relax and chill. My brother and I hit the Animal Kingdom Park for a few hours and just took it easy. Dinner was low-key at the Mara, and I even saw runDisney announcer Carissa! Bedtime was early because I had a very unpleasant 4 a.m. wakeup call. One tip that I always tell people is to get their race gear around and ready for the race the night before. It helps so much when you wake up early and are groggy. I pretty much just throw on my clothes, down a protein shake and go.


Getting to the race was easy but we got there a little later than we should have (around 5:15 a.m.). So, it was definitely packed at that point. Again, this felt like it was even more packed than the Family Fun Run 5K which is weird given how many people run those races. One of the fun parts about this race was the “flash mob” style dancing that was happening before the race. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to think about “Thriller” “The Fox (What does the Fox Say” the same way again!

Oh and remember that outfit I mentioned about my brother? Well, he was all sparkly and blinged out too! Check out this great photo with his sparkle skirt & headband (which he borrowed from me!)


Before we knew it, we had to rush to our corrals. My brother was in corral A and he was literally in his corral for about 10 minutes before they started staging. Corral B was released soon after, and I just love how festive the race start is. They shoot off fireworks during each heat and that’s just such a magical touch.

Having run this race course a month earlier, I had it in my head to PR this race. I really wanted to improve my time and pace. There were a lot of people walking, so navigating through everyone was challenging but manageable. I’ve learned a lot of strategies for making sure I have a clear path or where to run in case of crowding. The first mile is really the only crowded time and then it levels off. It also wasn’t raining this race (like the Family Fun Run 5K) so it made the experience a lot more enjoyable. It was a bit humid though!

My favorite part about the race is running through the World Showcase. It’s just so beautiful and relaxing. I admit, I didn’t stop at any character spots because there weren’t very many, and they weren’t that appealing to me. I really wish Disney would do more race entertainment at these smaller races. It seems like it wouldn’t be that hard given what they provide at the other races. I was pretty jealous after seeing what was at the 10K! (and yes, I’ll be running that next year!)

I pushed hard during this race, and I have to say it paid off. When I got to that finish line I was so excited to see that I had PR’d my race! I improved my pace time immensely (by 1 and ½ minutes from the previous race) and had beat my best race pace by 30 seconds. Pretty exciting! Of course, you can tell by my photos I ran hard!


Overall, I was really pleased with this race experience. Sure, I would have liked to see some extra atmosphere but having family and friends running the race made up for that. runDisney races are so much fun and this one was extra special. I can’t wait for the next season, planning my race costumes, and achieving some new running goals!


Sarah Norris is the owner of Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW. She began her firstrunDisney races in 2013 with the Happy Haunted 5K and has had the runDisney bug ever since. She writes about her experiences as a newer runner, as well as running with Crohn’s and a special diet.

Find Sarah here:  Website   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest




2014 Princess Half Marathon Race Weekend Info


Final race instructions are now available for Disney’s Princess Half Marathon!  It’s less than a week away princesses (and princes)…are you getting excited?!?  This was my first half marathon and therefore my favorite race weekend…I can’t wait!

New for this year is the addition of the Enchanted 10K and the Glass Slipper Challenge, which is running both the 10K and the half marathon.  Completing that will get you a 3 of these gorgeous medals! Yes, those will be mine!


The weekend starts with the Fit for a Princess Expo relocated back at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.  I am SO happy about this because last year’s expo was way too close for comfort!  The hours are as follows:

  • Thursday, February 20th: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Friday, February 21st: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Saturday, February 22nd: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

All race participants  MUST attend the expo to turn in signed waivers (click here to print your waiver) and pick-up race packets, which include your race bib with B-Tag timing devices, race shirt, and gEAR bag.  The gEAR bag also doubles as the bag to use for bag check during the race.  This is also where you will receive any commemorative items you may have purchased during registration.  Transportation will be provided to and from all Walt Disney World Resort Hotels 30 minutes prior to the Expo opening and 30 minutes after closing.

When you arrive at the expo, your first stop will be the HP Field House for Packet Pick Up.  5K pick up will be on the entry level and all other races will be on the lower level.  If you are unable to attend the expo, you can fill out a release waiver and give it to a friend to pick up your packet for you.  Release forms for all events can be found here.



After visiting the HP Field House, head over to the Jostens Center to visit with vendors and pick up your race shirts, visit with the vendors and listen to the speaker series.


The following are instructions for the Princess Half Marathon and include all of the information you will need about the race, transportation and other events around the weekend.

Here is all of the information you will need for Race Day.

  • Host Resort Transportation  All Walt Disney World resorts, including Shades of Green and Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort, will have transportation available to bring participants to and from ALL events during Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend.
    • Bus transportation will be during the following times for the races:
      • Friday, February 21st, 3:30 am – 5:00 am and 7:00 am – 11:00 am
      • Saturday, February 22nd, 3:30 am – 5:00 am and 7:00 am – 10:00 am
      • Sunday, February 23rd, 3:00 am – 5:00 am and 7:00 am – 10:30 am
    • Runners must be on a bus by 4:00 am to ensure they make it into their corrals by the 5:00 am cut-off time.
    • Shuttle service will be suspended between 5:00 am and 7:00 am because of road closures, but will recommence for spectators after 7:00 am.  Traffic into the Epcot parking lot will also be suspended at this time and all cars will be routed to the Magic Kingdom Parking lot where spectators can take the monorail to Epcot.
    • After the race, buses will be set by resort in the Family Reunion Area to take all participants back to their resorts until 10:30 am.
    • Guests staying at monorail resorts will be able to take the monorail to and from Epcot for the races.
  • Driving Directions  If not staying at a host resort, participants will need to provide their own transportation to all events.  As usual, Disney says to EXPECT SIGNIFICANT DELAYS so make sure you leave yourself enough time.  Road closures will begin at 3:30 am, so you will want to try to arrive at Epcot before then.  If that isn’t possible, be sure to arrive at Epcot and be parked by 4:30 am since it is about a 20 minute walk to the starting corrals from the parking lot and you must be in there by 5:00 am.
  • Costumes This is one of the best parts of Disney races…the costumes!  Runners get so creative and it’s so fun to see.  Please note that runners are NOT allowed to wear a face mask of any kind and will be removed from the course if this is violated.  Who are you dressing up as?
  • Bag Check  Participants MUST use the clear bag provided at the expo to check any belongings during the race and affix the label with their bib number on the outside.  The bag check tents are located in the Family Reunion Area in the Epcot parking lot.  All bags must be checked prior to walking over to the start corrals. 
  • Start Corrals  Corrals for the 5K and 10K are in the the Epcot Center parking lot and the start corrals for the half marathon are located on Epcot Center Drive.  It takes about 20 minutes to walk to the half marathon starting corrals from the holding area, so you will want to head over there no later than 4:30 am.  Your corral will be listed on your race bib and you will only be granted access to that corral or one behind you.   You can find your corral placement by printing your waiver and finding the corresponding corral for your bib number.





For the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge, we had one bib for both the 10K and half marathon, so we were in the same corral for both.  I’m a little confused about the 10K corrals since it looks like they only go up to E, however the Glass Slipper Challenge corral assignment go up to P.  So either we’ll have 2 bibs or the 10K corrals will just be a free for all…

  • Race Bibs  Bibs must be centered on the front of your shirt.  Safety pins will be provided in your race packet at the expo.  Do not bend our fold your bib, as the ChronoTrack B-tag will be affixed to the back of the bib which will be used to track your time.  If your bib is not properly centered, damaged or covered, your time may not be recorded properly.  Your bib will also be used for the on course photographers, so make sure the number is clearly visible and smile for that camera 🙂
  • Pacing Requirements Remember, you must keep a minimum of 16-minutes per mile throughout the race or you will run the risk of being picked up and brought to the finish line.  Keep this in mind if you a planning to stop for character photos.  Those lines can get long and it’s easy to lose track of time.  Pace cyclists will be on the course to let you know if you have fallen behind.
  • Coast to Coast Race Challenge  Participants in the challenge will be given a wristband at the expo that must be worn during the race.  After completion, proceed to the Coast to Coast tent to claim your super awesome medal!  If you ran the Tinker Bell Half Marathon in January, you will be able to get the brand new PINK Coast to Coast medal!

Looking for the course maps?  Here you go!

Cinderella Royal Family 5K & Princess Enchanted 10K

10K 5K Courses Map

Princess Half Marathon


Notice a difference in the entrance to the Magic Kingdom?  It looks like we’ll be running through the main entrance instead of through backstage and onto Main Street.  That will be pretty awesome!

Kids Races


I LOVE how the Kids Races are in Epcot.  What an exciting 1-Mile Run to go through Future World!

Other events for the weekend include the Pasta in the Park Party and the Happily Ever After Party at Downtown Disney!  More information is available over on the runDisney website including the Official Program for the weekend. Also, check out my packing tips as you get ready for travel…sadly we don’t all have a Fairy Godmother to do that for us.

And make sure to check out my experience from the last 2 years at Princess Half Marathon Weekend…it’s a BLAST!



Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get all the latest from the race weekend and please make sure to say hi!!

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