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RAD Reads and Weekly Review: September 29, 2013

Ahhh this week.  I’ve spent a lot of time this week for myself.  Time to reflect, recoup and basically just check out.  What came out of that?  Well I’m not really sure, but it’s something that I think I need to do more often…

In case you missed it, here’s what I’ve been up to on Running at Disney this week:

And here’s what’s been happening over on RAD Living:

Now on to some long overdue RAD Reads!

Running & Fitness Posts
Gabby’s Gluten-Free competed in her first Strongman competition…seriously badass!

Journey of a Dreamer competed in the Gateway Garage Games.

Live, Run ,Grow volunteered at the the Madison Triathlon and got to work with some amazing para-triathletes.  Incredibly inspiring!

Skinny Runner has some great tips for getting back into marathon shape after taking some time off.

Back at Square Zero talks ice baths for beginners…brrrrrrr

Disney Posts
Dream Along With Holly took the all new Jungle Cruise Wall Experience!  Hysterical!

Eating WDW recaps the opening of the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival…can’t wait!  Sarah also reviews the Pork Carnitas Tacos at Siestas Cantina that I MUST go try.

This Happy Place Blog is making the most out of Food & Wine and also looking to branch out to other restaurants around the World.

Fiesta Fun Center takes a look back at the Polynesian Concierge from the mid-90s with some great photos.

Weekly Review
I’ve been struggling a bit this week with my diet.  I’m not sure that a strict Paleo diet is sustainable for me or I might possibly not be eating enough.  I’ve felt weak at the gym and on Friday I was having dizzy spells…I basically just felt hungry.  I’ve been eating around 1900 calories per day which given my body type and the amount of exercise I’m doing might not be enough.  Also, my body has been burning off more fat because I’ve been eating cleaner, so that is clearly having some sort of effect as well.

Paleo Burger

Paleo Burger

So on Friday night I decided to eat all the bad things…bread, cheese, potatoes and booze.  And let me tell you, I felt amazing afterwards!  Maybe I just need some grains in my life.  I’m going to try to stick with it for a while longer, but there will definitely be some cheats along the way.  I just need to listen to my body and give it what it needs, and sometimes that might be a nice piece of bread…sue me.

Here are all of my workouts from this week and to view a complete list of WODs, visit my dailymile page.

Sunday: Rest
Monday: CrossFit: Hang Squat Clean, OHS & T2B
Tuesday: CrossFit: Dead Lifts, CG Bench, Cleans & Pushups
Wednesday: CrossFit: Lurong WOD 3
Thursday: CrossFit: RDL, Hand Power Snatch & Amraps
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest

This week I’m headed back to Walt Disney World for The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler and to indulge in the Food & Wine Festival.  I’ll be in Epcot all day Friday filming some episodes of Travel With Rick (check out my episodes from last year here!) before having my RAD Meet Up at 2:00 pm.  So if you’re around, come say hi!

Have a great week and remember to Be RAD!

Friday Feast: Pre-Race Meal at Tortilla Joe’s

It’s no secret that I’m a Mexican food addict.  I could eat chips, salsa and guac everyday without getting tired of it.  Some might think that it is a strange cuisine for a pre-race meal, but it is my go to!  As seen by my pre-race recommendations for Walt Disney World, I’ve eaten at San Angel Inn prior to the WDW Marathon and Maya Grill prior to the 2013 Princess Half, both of which worked out very well!

So it’s probably no surprise that I went with Mexican prior to the 2013 Disneyland Half Marathon!  My friend Amanda (a fellow Mexican food junkie) has raved about Tortilla Jo’s in Downtown Disney ever since eating there of Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend and we knew that was going to be the place to go!

01 Tortilla-Jos

Tortilla Jo’s is part of the Patina Restaurant Group, which also runs one of my favorite spots in Walt Disney World, Tutto Gusto, as well as a few other Disney restaurants.  Since we had an early morning that day from the Disneyland 10K and knew we were hitting the sack early for the half marathon, an early dinner was in order.  B, Amanda and I headed over there around 4:45 pm and there was already a 20 minute wait…you should’ve seen it when we left!  The restaurant was massive and can probably hold over 400 people, so having it be that busy was a good sign 😉  I mean look at this menu…YUM!  Click the image for a larger version.



Once seated, we were brought some chips and salsa and we promptly ordered the table side guacamole we saw being prepared at the table next to us.  Now Tara Gidus advised against fats pre-race in the runDisney meet up earlier that week, but I just couldn’t pass up the guac.  Avocado is a healthy fat, right??

02 Tortilla-Jos-Chips

04 Tortilla-Jos-Guac

05 Tortilla-Jos-Guac

I also ordered another pre-race no-no…a margarita.  Look I had just ran a 10K that morning and it was still early enough in the day that it wouldn’t effect my sleep or the race.  What is Mexican food without a margarita??  Are my excuses convincing??

03 Tortilla-Jos-Margarita

Jo’s Super Gold Margarita

I didn’t want to order something too heavy for my meal and I definitely didn’t want to be weighed down with tons of dairy.  Jo’s Carnitas seemed to be the obvious choice.  Braised pork with some rice and beans for carbs…perfect!  Oh and was it oh so delicious!

Jo's Carnitas

Jo’s Carnitas

Crispy Pork Goodness!

Crispy Pork Goodness!

The pork came with freshly made corn tortillas and extra bonus, the waitress was nice enough to give me a few extra to bring back to the hotel for a morning snack.  You can bet that I loaded those up with some peanut butter the next morning 😉

Amanda ordered the same dish and B went with his favorite Enchiladas Suizas.  I didn’t try them, but they looked great and he said they were really good.  He particularly liked the corn that came with it which had a bit of a kick to it.

08 Tortilla-Jos-Enchiladas

We left there stuffed to the gills and very satisfied.  Probably one of the best Mexican dishes I’ve ever had.  Hey Patina Restaurant Group…can you PLEASE open one of these in Downtown Disney in Orlando so I can eat there more often??  That would rule!

Have you eaten at Tortilla Jo’s?  What is your go to pre-race meal?