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RAD Reads and Weekly Review: August 25, 2013

Well here we go!  The trip to Disneyland has officially began!  We are taking a few days to visit family in Colorado before heading out to California on Wednesday.  I’m a mixed bag of anxiety and emotions (read all about that here) and to be honest, I still feel like this isn’t really happening?  Am I REALLY going to Disneyland?  Whoa.  I think I’m ready.  I’ve done so much research to get ready for this trip that it would be sad if I wasn’t.  It’s just the fear of a new place and the unknown that is getting my nerves all razzled.

If you are coming out for the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend, please remember to come to my Disneyland Half Marathon RAD Meet-Up on Saturday, August 31st at noon!  Make sure to RSVP over on my Facebook page so I know how many are coming 🙂  Hope to see you there!

In case you missed it, here’s what’s new on Running at Disney this week:

And here’s what’s been happening over on RAD Living:

The RAD Reads are going to get pushed to next week because I’ve really gotten behind on all my blog reading this week trying to get ready for my trip.  But I have a few saved and will have a great bunch for you next week!

Weekly Review
I felt like I seriously killed it in the gym this week!  This was a testing week at my box and it’s always so fun to see you’re progress 🙂  I managed to get to the gym four times and while there cranked out 4 new PRs!  The 2 I’m most proud of are my 500m row time and my clean & jerk.  I was finally able to get the 500m row under 2 minutes to 1:58 and this was after a killer workout of dead lifts and burpees!  I know I can do better, but I’m super happy with that for now. And the clean & jerk…um, did I really lift 98# over my head?!?!  YUP!  My upper body strength has always been my weakness, so to be able to lift close to 100 pounds from the ground to overhead is quite amazing to me.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could do that.  It was only a year ago that the 10# dumbbells I was using in my basement seemed super heavy.  Not anymore… 🙂

Check out those calf muscles!

Check out those calf muscles!

Here are the rest of my workouts from this week and to view a complete list of WODs, visit my dailymile page.

Sunday: Rest
MondayCrossFit: Back Squats, Pull-ups, Thrusters & Row
TuesdayCrossFit: Hang Power Snatch, Power Clean, Dead Lifts & Burpees
Wednesday: Rest
ThursdayCrossFit: Shoulder Press, Push Ups, Air Dyne
FridayCrossFit: Squat Clean, Split Jerk, Front Squat, Sled Push
Saturday: Rest

This week will be full of walking and running.  CrossFit will be taking a back seat ( 🙁 ) for a week while I hike through the mountains, frolic through Disneyland and race through the streets of Anaheim.  What an adventure! Have a great week and remember to Be RAD!

CFM Gladiator Gauntlet – A Humbling Experience

Gladiator Gaunlet

This past Saturday was the Gladiator Gauntlet and it was tough…way tougher than I thought it would be.  I’ve been having mixed emotions about the event for the past few days because it challenged everything I feel like I’ve been working towards and made me feel weaker than I have in sometime.  But let’s start from the beginning…

Three of my CFM friends and I signed up for the Gauntlet a few weeks ago as the Honey Badgers…yeah we don’t give a f*ck.  We had been talking about getting customized shirts leading up the event, but nothing ever materialized.  So the day before, a few of us met at Dick’s Sporting Goods to try and find some matching outfits.  Clearly we like color since this is what we came up with…

HoneyBadger Uniform

Um…those are some short shorts…can’t you see the skepticism on my face?!?  WAY too short for me.  I was starting to chafe just walking around the house, so I couldn’t imagine what a 2.5 mile trail run would produce…yikes!  You can read more about my feelings on shorts here.  Needless to say, I decided to go with my tried and true Moving Comfort Fearless Bermudas for the event and Keira was nice enough to switch her neon striped socks for my black ones since my shorts were black.

Striped Socks

My Saucony Kinvara 4s were the perfect match!

Team Honey Badgers

Team Honey Badgers

We were in the 5th heat, which was set to go at 10:15 am so we had time to see some of the other teams go through parts of the course.  We didn’t know a lot of details about the race, but we did know there was mud, a river, a wall climb, air squats, burpees and a 2-person wheelbarrow.  The order was unknown…I hate unknowns!  We figured we’d finish in about 45 minutes…that seemed totally doable!

The waiting area was right in front of a large field where the wall climb was set up, so we were able to see those attempts and I was immediately terrified.  My upper body strength is severely lacking and I’ve never even attempted to jump a wall before…I’m going to look like a complete ass in front of my entire gym!  Lovely…

We were also able to see teams in the first few heats finish and they weren’t as dirty as I had expected, so that was comforting.  I had never attempted a trail run or mud run before this, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  All I know, I was worried about running in wet shoes.

I wanted to stretch a bit before heading out, so I decided to start with some lunge complexes.  I do these EVERYDAY at CFM, so how I managed to pull my right hip flexor/psoas while doing my first one is a mystery to me.  Now my fear of the Gauntlet was getting worse!  Having sustained this injury last year in my left leg, I knew this could be bad.  I didn’t want to say anything to my teammates right away because I was hoping it would work itself out with some targeting stretching and walking.  It helped a little, but I was still sore.  I decided to let them know, but that I should be ok.  Fingers crossed!

Ready to Go!

Ready to Go!

Our team was called and we were ready to go.  There were 3 other teams in our heat and after a very brief run down from our coach we were off and into the woods!  After a short trail run, we came to our first obstacle…air squats.  The team had to complete a total of 200 air squats while standing in a muddy stream.  Yay!  Wet shoes right off the bat!  We broke the squats up into 25 a piece for 2 rounds so we didn’t tire our legs out too quickly.  We blew through this pretty fast and were back off into the woods.

We came across a giant tree down across the path that we had to go over.  I gracefully slipped in my wet shoes as I was going down and landed right on my left shin.  This was going well.  It hurt like hell, but not bad enough that I couldn’t keep going.  I brushed it off and kept moving.  After probably half a mile, we came to a small field where our next obstacle was…burpees…ugh.  The team had to complete 100 burpees and while one person was doing them, the other 3 had told hold a plank.  This was where things started to unravel for me.  Burpees are hard, but after running a half mile faster than my usual pace, holding a plank, and being in wet slippery grass, these were daunting.  All I could think was…what did I get myself into.

The burpees took a while and we were the last team in our heat to finish.  The worst part was that a team from the heat behind us actually came into the area just as we were finishing…ahhh the pressure!  After we burpees, we had to run up a hill to that open field where the wall climb was.  I already felt like I had no gas left in the tank and there was NO WAY I was getting over those walls.  Ari was awesome and got on all fours so we could step up over the wall, but I couldn’t even do that (plus I didn’t want to break her!) so I just walked around the first wall.  We had to army crawl our way between the 2 walls, the second of which was higher than the first!  So clearly I walked around that as well.  The penalty for that was 5 additional sit-ups (25 were required) on the other side…oh I’ll gladly take the sit-ups.

Wall Climbs

Wall Climbs

I just wanted to stay lying in the grass, but nope we were back into the woods for more running, mud and water.  This area was very muddy and I walked through a lot of it.  Partly because I was tired and partly because I didn’t want to fall.  It was also around this time that my colitis decided to kick into gear and every time I ran, I felt like I had to go!  This just kept getting better!!

The next “obstacle” of sorts was a flooded out field where we had to trapse through water that was up to our knees out to a parked truck and then back.  My teammates made it to the truck and I was about 100m behind them as which point I just motioned for them to head back.  Here’s where all the self-doubt started really kicking into high gear.  I felt like I was slowing them down and I didn’t want to disappoint them!  They were working just as hard as I was, but I couldn’t keep up.  Aren’t I the marathon runner of the group?!?  What’s going on?!?

The next obstacle we came across was actually fun and refreshing.  As a team we had to cross a rapidly moving stream.  The water was about up to our waist and there were large rocks on the bottom which made the footing difficult.  So we all grabbed hands for balance and crossed…it was actually a nice break and we got a few laughs in.  But before I knew it we were off to the next obstacle and I was just praying for this to be over.

This was the final real obstacle…2-person wheelbarrows.  This is when one person holds the other persons legs as they walk on their hands.  We had to go about 100m down and then back.  I was really worried about this and my lack of upper body strength.  I knew I could carry Ari, but could I walk on my arms?  We started by holding each other by the ankles, but it was tough to support that position and walk on your hands.  About halfway down the field, we noticed another team that was holding each other higher up on the thighs so we gave that a shot.  WAY easier and we ended up flying through the 2nd half.  Keep that in mind if you ever find yourself in a wheelbarrow situation!

Now it was down to the final stretch…a sprint back up that first hill we hit after the burpees, tag a coach, go back down and sprint back up to the finish.  I had to walk some of it…I just couldn’t and I LOVE hill sprints.  I can’t thank my teammates enough for their encouragement and Ari’s slaps on the butt to get me through that last hill.  I’ve got some awesome friends!

At the finish!

At the finish!

We finished in 42:58 which I was actually shocked by…it felt like we were out there forever!  I’m so proud of the whole team for getting through the race faster than we anticipated!  I was so excited to see B waiting for me at the finish line.  He rode his bike 15 miles to be there…he rules!  We hung out for a bit to see who the winners were and then headed for some much needed food and beer.

Post race beers!

Post race beers!

The Honey Badgers!!!

The Honey Badgers!!!

Oh and there might have been some cupcakes.  This place won Cupcake Wars…we had to try it!!

I will take ALL the things!

I will take ALL the things!

This was definitely one of the most difficult things I’ve done and it made me very frustrated because afterwards I just kept feeling like I could’ve done better!  I’ve completed 5 half marathons and 1 full marathon, how could I not keep up for 2.5 miles?!?!?!  I didn’t even TRY the wall climbs.  Really?!?  I couldn’t give it the ole college try?!?  It was incredibly disheartening and I was actually beating myself up about it for the rest of the weekend.  But I’ve come to realize that this was just a completely different experience and here’s why:

  1. Competing with a team is totally different!  I felt a lot of pressure to keep up with them and not let them down.  All of the girls on my team probably weigh at least 30-50 pounds less than I do, so running and burpees are just harder for me due to simple physics and I felt like I was just slowing everyone down.  I know we were out there to have fun, but it’s hard to get past that feeling.  They were incredibly supportive, but I still couldn’t help put that pressure on myself.  It’s much easier when you’re just competing against yourself.
  2. We ran the majority of the time.  I think I went out of the gate much faster than I should’ve instead of properly pacing myself (like I ALWAYS do!) and then instead of doing my typical run/walk pace, we strictly ran.  I’m really not used to this and it killed my endurance early on.
  3. The obstacles.  There is something to be said about doing strenuous exercises between runs…it’s DAMN HARD.  We do this often at our WODs in the gym, but usually for must shorter periods of time and often with rests in between.  To keep up that level of endurance for a long time is no joke.
  4. Uneven terrain.  Trails and mud force you to really pay a lot more attention to where your stepping and you can’t just run with your head held high and looking forward.  Surprisingly though, I didn’t find the wet shoes as horrible as I would’ve expected.  I think the fact that I chose lightweight, mesh sneakers helped with that.

I don’t think I went into the Gauntlet fully prepared for what lied ahead.  I was looking at it as more of a 2.5 mile fun run, which would be no big deal!  This was something completely different and I can’t beat myself up over it.  Needless to say it was a humbling experience and I did actually manage to have some fun along the way.  At least I now know what to expect for events like this in the future and will go in with realistic expectations!

Have you ever done a competition like this?  Do you like them?  Would you consider doing one in the future? 

RAD Reads and Weekly Review: June 16, 2013

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s out there!


But I have to give a special Father’s Day wish to MY DAD.  He is a huge RAD supporter and reads my blog everyday!  Hi Dad!  He’s always been incredibly supportive in everything I’ve do and he makes me cry just writing this…I’m such a Daddy’s girl 🙂  Oh and did I mention he’s an amazing dancer??

Dancing with Dad

Well, it’s been a week of highs and lows around here.  I feel like I’ve been on an emotional and physical roller coaster since Monday.  To sum it up: I’ve had horrible WODs, fun WODs, bad confrontations with co-workers, many laughs with friends, comfort from B and the kids, and a tough trail/obstacle run.  Phew…I’m glad this one’s over!  Hopefully we can start Monday on some sort of high note.

Yesterday was the Gladiator Gauntlet that was put together by my box CrossFit Milford.  I was on a team with my girls Ari, Ashley & Keira and we had the BEST outfits of the day…seriously…

Team Honey Badgers

Team Honey Badgers!!

This was much harder than I thought it was going to be and I can’t thank my girls enough for pushing me through…I really couldn’t have done it without them.  I’ll have a full review this week so you can hear all of the gory fun details!

Hey did you hear that the Princess Half Marathon went on sale this week??  Well a bunch of crazy Princesses (myself included) sold out the Glass Slipper Challenge in only a few hours.  I’ve got all the details on Princess Weekend, along with some other fun posts on RAD this week, check them out:

And now on to some RAD Reads!

Running & Fitness Posts
Fit2Flex goes on a training run with the Track Shack MarathonFest training group and shows why running with a group is fun!

Journey of a Dreamer talks about the importance of finding your why and how she found hers.

Gabby’s Gluten-Free talks about goal setting and how small daily goals are more attainable than larger monthly or even yearly goals.

Carrots ‘N’ Cake has 5 CrossFit tip for beginners…don’t be scared!

PopFitLife recently became a Spartan!  This looks like a fun, yet muddy race!

Disney Posts
Mouse on the Mind continues the Imagineering Awesome series with the best idea ever…Scat Cat’s Beats, an Aristocats attraction!!!  Someone please make this happen…

A Pinch of Pixie Dust visits Fantasmic and makes me sad that I haven’t seen the show since 2007!

The Bwana Blog takes a look at the story behind the Maharajah Jungle Trek…my favorite area in all of WDW!

Eating WDW celebrates National Lobster Day by having the Lobster Roll at the Boardwalk Bakery and also showcases some of the other lobster dishes Disney has to offer!

Weekly Review
Hmmmm…how do I describe this week.  Crappy and fun all rolled into one??  Sigh…  Here’s how it went down and as always, to view a complete list of WODs, visit my dailymile page.

Sunday: Rest
Monday: CrossFit: Step Lunges & Hang Squat Cleans
Tuesday: CrossFit: DL, CG Bench, Shoulder to Overhead, HPC & Row
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: CrossFit: DL, Burpees, AD & Plank Walkouts
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Gladiator Gauntlet

Monday’s WOD was HORRIBLE.  It put me in a really bad state of feeling like I wasn’t good at anything.  On top of that, I could hardly walk for 3 days after due to all of thee step lunges!  Tuesday’s WOD was actually really fun and I would’ve down that 3 times over before doing Monday again.  I had to take Wednesday off because my legs were so sore and then I finished the week with another fun WOD on Thursday.  Sadly I didn’t get any runs in this week, but I was so run down this week, I couldn’t get out of bed to put in the time.  Back at it this week for sure!

So before the Gauntlet yesterday, I pulled my right hip flexor while we were stretching.  Yep…way to go Sarah…pull a muscle BEFORE the actual race.  Ugh.  Anyway, it’s still bothering me a bit, but I’ve been living in compression shorts, doing numerous stretches and icing like crazy.  It’s feeling better and I’m hoping it’s nothing major like last year’s hip injury.

Today I’m raising my glass to a better week, it has to be!  Let’s make this a good one folks!  What are your goals?

RAD Reads and Weekly Review: June 9, 2013

Well it’s been an exhausting week!  I had a regional conference for work that I was managing with the 5 other New England States this week, and I spent Tuesday – Thursday out at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods.  It was an exhausting few days full of long hours running around, schmoozing and stuffing tote bags.

Tote Bag Stuffing Hell

Tote Bag Stuffing Hell

But I did manage to have some fun along the way!  My room had an amazing view…



I had a few cocktails and some wonderful meals…

Grey Goose & Some Slots

Grey Goose & Some Slots

CraftSteak Deliciousness!

CraftSteak Deliciousness!

And I met some new friends…

LionNeedless to say, I’m still a bit exhausted, but I’ve been having some R&R with family, friends and the kitties this weekend…it’s just what I needed!

Such a tough life...

Such a tough life…

Somehow I managed to get a few posts together this week mainly consisting of runDisney news…here’s what you might have missed:

And now on to some RAD Reads!

Running & Fitness Posts
Mommy Run Fast has 6 important strength exercises for runners that you can do at home.  I definitely need to do more calf raises.

MizFit Online shares how she never felt stoppable even when she was at her unhealthiest and is using that message to encourage her daughter and all women.

Gabby’s Gluten-Free explains why she doesn’t want to be perfect…hell yeah sista!

Disney Posts
This Happy Place Blog has been taking a look at the Disney Cruise Line all week.  Here are some of the different places Estelle wants to visit while cruising.

Disney Every Day visits Cars Land and takes a ride on Radiator Springs Racers in Disney California Adventure.  This is getting me so excited for my Disneyland trip!!

The Bwana Blog reviews the all new Wilderness Explorers interactive game at Disney’s Animal Kingdom…can’t wait to try this!

Weekly Review
Well, I definitely didn’t keep up with my training this week.  The gym at the hotel didn’t open until 6:30 am and since I had to be on the floor by 7:30 am that wasn’t going to work.  But thanks to my new Fitbit Flex (full review coming this week!), I was able keep track of all the walking I did while at the conference!  Here’s how it went down and as always, to view a complete list of WODs, visit my dailymile page.

Sunday: 4.72 mile run
Monday: CrossFit: Squats all day long
Tuesday: 2.17 mile run (inc. 1 mile hill sprints) + 5 miles conference walking
Wednesday: 4.5 miles conference walking
Thursday: 3 miles conference walking
Friday: CrossFit: Deadlifts & Pushups
Saturday: Rest

Next Saturday, I’m participating in the Gladiator Gauntlet, a fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation being put on by my box CrossFit Milford.

Gladiator GaunletWe haven’t been given many details about the event, but I do know that teams of 4 have to “complete a 2.5 mile course through streams, woods, fields, up, over, under, obstacles and finish different mini WODs along the way.”  I’m expecting muddy burpees, log carrying and who knows what else…wish me luck!

Burpees = Bruised Knees

So raise your hand if you like burpees…  Anyone? Anyone?  Beuller?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.


If you’re not sure what a burpee is, here is the official description CrossFit description:

To perform a burpee with a pushup, you will begin in a squat position with hands on the floor in front of you (1). Kick your feet back, while simultaneously lowering yourself into the bottom portion of a pushup. Your arms will not be extended. (2). Immediately return your feet to the squat position, while simultaneously pushing “up” with your arms. You will perform a pushup as you return your feet to the squat position (3). Leap up as high as possible from the squat position (4). Repeat, moving as fast as possible.

And it looks like this:


Well it should look like that, but here’s what I feel like I look like doing burpees:


When in reality, I look like this:


Sarah Burpee2

I hate burpees.  Whenever I see them in a WOD, I want to run the other way.  But I end up sticking it out because they are SO good for you!  They use just about every muscle in your body and give you a killer workout.  But I have a dilemma…  Every time I do a lot of burpees, my knees look like this for about a week after:

Bruised KneesOuch!  I get seriously bruised knees!  I attribute this to my lack of upper body strength for the pushup part of the burpee and having to use my knees to push up off the ground.  Or maybe I just have really bad form.  Or maybe I need to drop a few pounds so I can be lighter on the drop down.  All I know, is that it hurts!

So what are your thoughts on burpees?  Do you get bruised knees from doing them?  Any tips? 

On a side note, while talking about burpees with my CrossFit pals yesterday, my friend Kat found this UH-Mazing video of a walrus exercising…enjoy 🙂

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