Fort Wilderness & Wilderness Lodge Resorts

One of the most beautifully themed resort on Walt Disney World property, the Wilderness Lodge also has one of the best running trails available.  The trail is surrounded by tall, mossy trees which will keep you cool on those warmer Florida days.  You can then continue on through the Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground, where depending on the year, you will be in for a treat with the various holiday decorations the guests put on their mobile homes.  You can easily get a 5 mile run in this area depending the various roads you take.  This is by far my favorite of all the trails.  Read my review here.

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  1. […] (source—You can get this map from the front desk at Wilderness Lodge.  Had to snag this from the Running At Disney blog because our map is a little worn!) […]

  2. I was wondering: is there an app that has this trail on it? Im not familiar with WL or FW and last time I tried to just go jogging out there, I got lost. 🙂 I found a boat ramp and went back to my resort via MK buses. I had this map but a print out doesn’t help a directionally-challenged person when she’s out running.

    • I don’t know of an app, but that would be cool!!
      You’re right, those trails can get very confusing…especially at FW. I would suggest maybe using something like Map My Run to map your run in advance and then follow those directions as you’re going.

  3. Is this trail mostly soft ground or concrete? My daughter is not supposed to run on concrete during her off season.

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