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  1. I am a Disney runner and have done several races. They sure do hook you in!

    I have a friend who is doing her first full marathon at Disney next year and I am considering the ChEAR squad package, the gold level. Have you or someone you know used this package and do you think it is worth the cost for the finish line location, versus just waiting near the finish line?

    • I actually have a post going up next week about the Platinum ChEAR Squad package so stay tuned for that!

      Personally, I feel that they are overpriced for what you get, but I really think it depends on the person. If it’s important for the person chEARing to have a seat and a clear view of the finish line, then it might be worth it. Watching everyone cross the finish line is quite an inspirational and emotional site.

  2. Ok so I think I posted my question in the wrong place. This site and my tablet aren’t getting along.
    Where can I order a dooney and bourke purse for the avengers race? No where on rundisneys site nor any of the emails I have received show where to order the purse. Ugh! Thanks for your help.

    • Hey Nicole!
      From what I’ve seen at the expos, the purses are available to purchase there. There is a special area to get them and that is usually noted on the expo map in the official event guide. I’m not sure if you are able to pre-order them anymore, but if you are it used to be found in the commemorative item area.
      Hope that helps!

  3. I am interested in running a disney world 5K in 2017
    can you tell me when and how to register.

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