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Kill, Refurb, Marry: World Showcase Counter Service Spots

Kill-Marry-RefurbIt’s time for another Kill, Refurb, Marry!  I’m excited about this month because we are talking about my favorite thing…FOOD!   Yes, that is a huge topic when looking at all of Walt Disney World, so we are narrowing it down to World Showcase Counter Service Spots.  Ooooh that’s a good one, right?!  I love World Showcase for its diversity and the food really is the best part…you know how I love the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 🙂  So let’s dive in!

Kill – Refreshment Port

I don’t understand the Refreshment Port.  It really seems to have no identity.  The current menu consists of chicken nuggets, a soft serve waffle cone, croissant doughnut, and various beverages.  That’s a little random…  If I was a newbie to WDW and walked past there, I would have no idea what they served.  To me, refreshments are cool and well, refreshing.  Chicken nuggets aren’t refreshing.  This spot would be much better utilized as a character meet  & greet area, or simply put some benches and tables down for people to rest their weary Epcot touring feet in the shade.


Refurb – Tied: La Cantina de San Angel and Liberty Inn

I had a tough time deciding which location I would want to refurb, so I decided to go with two.

First is La Cantina de San Angel.  Yes, I know it went through a refurb not too long ago, but I wish it would’ve been just a bit better.  The tacos are a great start, but they definitely leave something to be desired.  And really, nacho cheese on the nachos?  Come on…  Plus, those red chips really freak me out.  That color can’t be natural!  Give us simple carnitas, real cheese and basic yellow corn tortilla chips!  Give us a real taste of Mexico!


And then there is Liberty Inn.  This was a strong contender for Kill, but I think there is a real opportunity here to showcase some great American cuisine!  American food should not be defined by a chili-cheese dog, chicken nuggets and a burger.  Wouldn’t it be great if they could focus on local cuisine?!  Maybe a combination of the Florida Local from the Food & Wine Festival and The Smokehouse from Flower & Garden.  Sounds good right?  Or maybe a dish from various regions of the US.  There are so many options!

Marry – Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie

Now this is what all World Showcase Counter Service Spots should strive to be!  First, the exterior is so incredibly inviting.  You really escape into a small French village.


But when you enter the building, it is spacious and more importantly smells delicious.  There is a large variety of options from the basic croissant, to sandwiches, quiches, and the most delectable desserts. Good luck trying to pick just one thing!



And if all of that isn’t enough, you can head over to L’Artisan des Glaces next door for some artisan ice cream or sorbet.  You can even get an ice cream martini!!  It really is the perfect place to grab a snack and take a break.

So those are my choices…what about you?  What World Showcase Counter Service Spots would you Kill, Refurb & Marry??  Make sure to visit This Happy Place BlogMouse on the Mind and all of the other great blogs participating in Kill, Refurb, Marry today!

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18 Responses to Kill, Refurb, Marry: World Showcase Counter Service Spots

  1. Sooo I definitely had no idea that the nachos in Mexico didn’t come with cheese. Really?! That just doesn’t make sense at all.

    Totally agree about the French restaurant – the desserts are sooooo yummy! I had an eclair and creme brulee there one time…omg, heaven!

    I’m ready for some Food & Wine Festival fun later this year!

    • I mean there is a time and place for nacho cheese (like at the movies) but not when you are trying to represent Mexico!
      I can’t wait until Food & Wine either…it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

  2. I haven’t been to La Catina in over a year, but last time I was there (Jan ’13), my empanadas came only with non-colored tortilla chips (Yay!) but no pico de gallo (Boo! Though I could have asked…). Fortunately they have the self-serve sauces which helped! 🙂

  3. I had no idea the Refreshment Port even existed until we experienced Food and Wine and it had the Orange Dole Whip (NOT nearly as good as the pineapple btw). And even then, I thought it was a special event area. oops.
    Abby recently posted..NYCHalf Training: It’s Taper Time!My Profile

  4. I ALWAYS forget Refreshment Port exists. What a weird little spot for a Cronut knockoff…
    Katherine recently posted..Kill Refurb Marry: World Showcase Counter ServiceMy Profile

  5. The refreshment port definitely seems unnecessary. Good call. And I would love to see real cheese on the nachos!
    Becky @ Disney in your Day recently posted..Kill, Refurb, Marry: World Showcase Counter Service SpotsMy Profile

  6. I agree, Refreshment Port is weird- it’s an odd spot, with an awkward approach, and it reminds me of the snack stand at the local municipal pool. I did love, however, the pineapple fritter they served during F & W!
    KJ @PlustheMagic recently posted..Kill Refurb Marry: World Showcase Counter Service EditionMy Profile

  7. I am always so sad about the Mexico CS place. I love Mexican food – why can’t it at least be as good as the cheap little Mexican restaurant I used to go to in SC? What a shame.

    My husband went to DIsney for the first time with me as an adult; when we walked by the America pavilion for the first time and he realized there is no table service, just a counter service with fried food, we both laughed. How … American! Sad but true!
    Ashley @ Snow Cream and Syrup recently posted..Outer Spice – healthier food seasoning (review)My Profile

  8. I have gone to the Refreshment Port for coffee, but I totally agree… it should be something else. You can grab any of that stuff anywhere. Esp. after EATING WDW mentioned how Canada didn’t have a place and I think they should.

    Thanks for joining us this month! I still wish we could be in WDW having crappy nachos together.
    Estelle recently posted..MagicBands and BlipsMy Profile

  9. Refreshment Port might have had some purpose when it was a McDonalds (I think that is why they have the chicken nugget carry over, but different chicken nuggets), but now it is just a little random

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