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Friday Feast: Tower of Terror 10-Miler Post Race Snacks

Are you sick of hearing about the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler yet??  No?  Good!

After the finish line at runDisney races, runners enter an area full of food and drinks.  Generally there is water, Powerade, bananas galore and a box of snacks.  Each race seems to have something different.  We had hummus in the post-race snacks at the Princess Half Marathon.  Here’s what we got at the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler:

This was an interesting and more robust box than the Princess I thought.  Here we have:

  • Dried fruit & nut mix
  • Multi-Grain Crackers (love these!)
  • White cheddar cheese spread (??)
  • Snap Infusion tart candies
  • Cliff Bar
  • Almond Roca chocolate toffee
  • Wet-nap (nice addition!)

There were a lot of sweet options in this box!  Cliff Bars don’t sit well with me so I didn’t try this, but I can imagine that it was a sweet chocolate as most protein bars are.  Then there was the Almond Roca, which is chocolate toffee covered in almonds…this was super good!  I’m a big toffee fan, so a win for me.  I guess the Snap Infusion tart candies weren’t actually sweet, but they are a “supercandy” as stated on their website.  I don’t love tart candies, or any similar hard candy for that matter (strange I know!), so these didn’t do much for me.

The dried fruit & nut mix was the same brand from the Princess Half, which I didn’t love because I think the fruit is too sweet and the nuts too salty.  But again, I picked out the almonds and was happy with that.  Lastly, we have the crackers and cheese spread.  I LOVE the multi-grain crackers and always wish the bag was bigger, but I was skeptical of the cheese.  Unrefrigerated dairy products always skeeve me out a bit.  B was brave enough to try it and wasn’t a fan, calling it a “low quality Laughing Cow cheese.”  Hmmmm….

Cheese Spread

These boxes are great snacks, but after a long race I’m definitely looking for some more sustenance…like this:

The Real Post Race Goodness!

Yes, I know we will never get this after a race, so I greatly appreciate the food that is provided.  This is where the Disney difference comes in because snack boxes like this are not common in most local races.  So even though I might not love everything, good effort!

What did you think of the post race snacks?  What would you like to see in the boxes going forward?

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  1. our box looks fairly similiar and we also had that chocolate/toffee candy.. which both my sister-in-law and I thought was yum-o! I’m a cheese lover so I ate the cheese and B was right.. definitely a poor man’s laughing cow. It’s funny.. I’ve never thought about how they can keep those things unrefrigerated… but now that you mention it, it is sorta weird/gross…. I’d probably still eat it though. LOL.
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  2. We had pretty much the same stuff in the 5k box, I think the only difference was gummed instead of the tart candies. I loved those crackers, I’m seriously going to try to find them in the store, lol!

  3. […] It was hard not to fill up on all of this goodness!  That salami was delicious.  I’ve been trying to eat gluten free for the past few months, so of course I came equipped with my own crackers.  I’m loving these ones from Crunchmaster that I first found in a runDisney post-race snack box. […]

  4. […] One of the things I learned is that when you run the RunDisney races you get food boxes after the race. They’ve done a great job at making pretty much everything in the box gluten free. A lot is also dairy free too. I think it depends on the vendors who they work with that race season. To get a good look at the boxes, here’s an awesome review from the blog My Glass Sneakers and another great one from Running at Disney. […]

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