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Friday Feast: Disney Post-Race Snacks

This is the first of my new Friday Feast series!  Every Friday I will be bringing you a food related topic, since food is one of my passions.  Here you’ll find restaurant reviews, sports nutrition, healthy recipes, and more!  I hope you enjoy!   

After both the Tangled Royal Family 5K and the Princess Half Marathon we were given a box of snacks.  It was funny to get a box that said “Your 13.1 mile royal quest was an inspiration to the entire kingdom” after finishing the 5K, but I guess Disney got a deal on the boxes. 😉

This was an interesting box of snacks and not exactly what I was expecting.  Let’s take a look inside, shall we?

Here we have some multi-seed crackers, hummus dip, dry roasted edamame, dried fruit & nut mix, and a small piece of dark chocolate.  Strange right?  In prior Disney races, I’ve received a bag with a bagel, a banana, some fruit chews and other more substantial goodies.  This was definitely lacking.

I really enjoyed the crackers, which were very flavorful and just salty enough.  I also liked the chocolate, but that’s kind of a no-brainer.  The rest of the box left something to be desired.  The hummus, which I tried on the crackers, had a very powerful sesame taste that I was not fond of.  Plus, when food items that are supposed to be refrigerated aren’t, it grosses me out a bit.  Edamame is not my favorite thing in the world in the first place and these were so hard they could break a tooth.  Not so good.  And last was the dried fruit and nut mix.  This was just alright.  I ended up just picking the almonds out of the bag because the raisins were insanely sweet and the peanuts were overly salty.

In the finish line tents, there were also piles of bananas (I took 3), fruit chews and Luna bars.  The Luna bar flavors were really good: Peanut Butter Cookie and Caramel Nut Brownie.  Yum!  I grabbed 2 of these, which were much more substantial than what was in the box.

I really missed the bagels and more hearty foods for after a race, especially a half marathon.  I really like the box idea as it’s much easier to transport, but it just needs to be packed better.  More carbs are needed with a good mix of protein, like peanut or almond butter.  The addition of dark chocolate was nice though, so I hope they keep that!

If you ran a race during Princess weekend, what did you think of the post race snacks?  What you will like them to offer in the future?

4 Responses to Friday Feast: Disney Post-Race Snacks

  1. I absolutely loved the snack boxes. I cannot tolerate plain bagels with nothing on them as they are just way to heavy for me to digest after a race.

    There actually was a good mix of carbs and proteins in this snack box. Edamame is high in protein and the crackers, snack mix and chocolate all contain carbs.

    I have heard that a lot of people didn’t like the snack boxes so I’m probably in the minority, but I hope they continue doing something different. Maybe they could offer a traditional box and an untraditional box.

    • I’m glad to hear that you liked it. If there was another protein option in there, I probably would’ve liked it. I just really don’t like edamame and that hummus was disgusting. I do appreciate that they were trying something different, but it just didn’t work for me. I like you’re idea of traditional and untraditional boxes, but that is probably highly unlikely.

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